Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gear, Refer a Friend and Off Topic

I finally got my first piece of Sanctified Gear last night.  Once again it was as a hand me down of course, I still can not win a roll for the life of me.  It was in a VoA 25 run and there was only one other hunter there.  Right off the bat my odds where better.  The 264 gloves dropped and I rolled a huge 32.  For me that is a big roll.  I then get a whisper from the other hunter.  Usually this is where I always get the "I really need it can you let me just have it" message.  I get that all the time, even from people with better gear then me.  He just said Congrats and he did not even roll.  I asked him why he did not roll.  He said, I have it already.  So once again I get my upgrade only because someone else did not need it.

Kind of interesting that the hunter that did not even need the piece of gear I had did about half the DPS that I did.  Makes me really wonder how he ended up getting better gear then me when he is not even competent at what he does.

A friend of mine is going to join me in a Refer-a-Friend so I can get the cool rocket mount.  I really wanted that.  Also wanted to be able to level a couple more characters for profession purposes and the triple leveling speed with the ability to summon each other will really make leveling a snap.  Not to mention, once you hit 60 they might as well just award you 80 because 60 to 80 is a joke anyway.  It takes longer to get from 48-58 so you can move along to outlands then it takes to get from 60 to 80.  We are going to roll characters on my main server and also roll ones on a RP server.  I am looking forward to the RP server one.  It is something I have not dabbled into in a long time.

Now for a moment of Off Topic:
I am from New York so I am of course excited that the Super Bowl will be at Giants stadium.  I already told my boss I will not be here the monday after that Super Bowl.  I am going, there is no way to stop that from happening.  I do not care if the ticket costs me 10,000.  I am so there. 

All the morning papers say things like New York wins Super Bowl or Greatest City gets Greatest Game.  That is nice and all, but I should send these people a map and ask them to circle where Giants Stadium is.  If these dimwits can find it they will realize that Giants Stadium is in New Jersey.  So with that said, New York did not get the Super Bowl, New Jersey did.  I really wish the newspapers would have added one word to all their articles to make it more accurate.  New York Area wins Super Bowl.  Now that is correct.

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