Monday, May 17, 2010

Another uneventful weekend.

I did happen to get Zul'Aman done.  That means that all I am going to need for my Outland Raider Achievement is The Black Temple.  That might end up being the harder one being most everyone I hear says they do not like that one.  I need that one for rep from Ashtongue Deathsworn too, so that is the one I would want to do the most.

The ICC 25 continuation was crap this week.  Never got past uncle fester.  Thing is, I saw progress.  As long as I can see progress I have no issues what so ever with wiping.  Wipes are how we learn.  Thing is I have not done 10 man in weeks now.  I want to do 10 mans.  It is a good way to learn the fights and it is free frost badges.  Even if I do not need to buy anything with them any more they still get the saronites I can either sell or use to make gear for my alts.  Selling them would be a nice way to build up some cash.  They are still going for 1800 gold on my server and with 282 saved up with nothing to do, that is a lot of gold I am sitting on.

Just imagine how many I would have if I had been doing ICC 10 and VoA 10.  I've really been slacking lately.  I guess not needing them and more so only wanting them is why I am not doing them.  I would like to. 

While on my bank character yesterday I got the sudden urge to level it some.  I do not do much with it.  It is a maxed enchanter and a maxed scribe.  It was made for its skills and to me my bank character.  So leveling it has never been something I work on.  More so something I do if I am bored here and there.  Went from 70 to 72 yesterday in a short time playing it. 

It reminded me of why I never really liked playing a Death Knight.  Stupid easy.  While that is fun for a day like yesterday where I wanted to basically do nothing it really is not a fun class to play.  Put your 4 buttons here.  Hit them at random.  Watch things die. Never go below max health.  Woohoo.  Did they really need to make a character that takes less skill to faceroll DPS on?  It was perfect for what I was doing yesterday.  BSing on vent and doing a few quests.

Now I am left to think if I should buy epic flying for it.  I mean, it is a bank alt, I got flying and cold weather.  Do I really need to waste the gold on epic for a character that has no gathering skills and is not often used.  The only reason I see for epic flying is to make questing faster or gathering.  I am in no rush to level it and it does not gather.  I don't think I will waste money for a character that does not really need it.

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