Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tips and Tricks: More money making hints

I've been a little off lately when it comes to playing.  Not wanting to do much of anything which means alt time for me.  I have my bank alt character, just like every good money maker should, or any good hoarder like me should.  When leveling I send everything to that character.  While getting my rogue from 26 to 46 a couple of weeks ago I sent everything I could to my bank alt.  Nothing extremely good really.  Just tons of junk.  Most of it that usually would end up vendored by most people.

This weekend, in another bout of boredom I decided it was time to clear out the mail box.  I broke things up into categories of sorts.  After doing that I went to work.  While doing the listing I do I learned a little bit more about money making.  It is always a learning experience.  I'll share what I learned with you.

I disenchanted everything except 1 rare world drop.  The drop was no where on the auction house so I did not really know what to charge for it.  Looking it up on wowhead suggested 50 gold.  I played it greedy and listed it for 200 gold.  It sold nearly instantly. 
Tip: If you are the only person listing a rare or epic world drop, even more so if it is a low level one.  Over price it.  Someone will buy it.

All the disenchanting gave low level stuff as you might guess, it all went on the market and sold quickly with only a 1 silver undercut on stacks of 20.  The things like great mystic essence I broke down into lesser mystic essence and sold like that, which increased the money made by a third. 
Tip: Remember to always check the prices of the essence and the prices of the broken down essence first.  Sometimes it is better to sell them broken up.
Tip: If the broken down essence are selling really fast.  Go buy some of the full ones that are cheap and break them up to sell.  People that are too lazy to check for themselves are your asset.  Use them to make money.

I took all the cloth I did not need and checked the prices on the market for both cloth and bolts.  In some cases the bolts were selling for three times what the cloth to make them cost.  Needless to say, for that cloth I sent it to my tailor to make bolts and listed the bolts instead of the cloth.
Tip: Always check both bolt and cloth costs.  Sometimes the bolts sell for so much more that it is worth buying up the cloth to make into bolts.

One of the other items I came across was a golden pearl.  That was worth enough on its own to be worth selling.  96 gold on my local auction house.  After seeing that I decided to do a scan of gems for some reason when something appeared to me.  Many BC gems that vendor for 3 gold get put on auction for 2 gold.  Yeah, I know, why would someone do that.  But our job is not to question, it is to profit.
Tip: Check for outdated items.  Many items that are not end game seem to get forgotten about and put on auction for less then they are worth.

All said and done, just from the junk I collected from one alt leveling for 2 days and sending everything to my bank character I was able to make 3200 gold.  Yes, that is 3200, I did not accidentally add a zero.  With only drops that a level 26 through level 46 I auctioned off everything and made 3200 gold.  Not to mention, I still have a lot of stuff that did not sell.

Needless to say I had an enchanter and a tailor to help with this.  While I only mentioned the greens and the cloth in here really you always need to make sure to never throw away any uncooked food.  You would be amazed at how much food sells for sometimes.  Stacks of some foods go for around 40 gold.  Not bad for what a level twenty-something that is probably throwing it away or vendoring it most of the time.

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