Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Have I hit a rut?

I am starting to think I am in a rut game in my game play.  I started an arena team to add some excitement to playing.  I went back to leveling the rogue that sat doing nothing for eight or nine months just to do something.  I actually went leveling my bank character some just for kicks.  All that and I am still as bored as sin.

I have not done ICC 10 or VoA 10 in a couple of weeks now.  Why?  I hate finding groups and defiantly do not want to lead one so I will not make my own.  None of my friends seemed to be making groups for them when I was available which means I did not do them.

I run my daily dungeon for my frosts every day even if I do not need them.  I really do not need much at all and when I do run something that has something I need it will either not drop or when it does I will lose the roll.  So basically, there is nothing left in the game for me at the moment.  Doing auction house is fun, when I am in the mood.  Farming for materials is fun, when I am in the mood.  Soloing is fun, when I am in the mood.  Achievement hunting is mostly tedious now being I have all the easy ones done.

Is this really the end?  Less then a year playing and I am bored with the game already?  I think it is just a rut.  I will be into the game again I am sure.  It is just that at the moment there does not feel like there is anything in the game for me to do.  Not saying nothing exists, it is just nothing that I am in the mood for.

I need to try and find a new way to create some of my own fun again.  Maybe RP.  Who knows?

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