Monday, May 3, 2010

Gearing up others?

Who hasn't helped someone gear up?  Or for that matter, who hasn't had others help them gear up?  It is part of the game.  Some people are further along then others.  What really matters is that people have some respect for the other people that play the game.  We recently had someone leave our guild because, "He didn't feel like gearing up others".

Lets examine that for a moment before I explain what happened after.  He did not want to gear up others?  I need to gear up.  I am lacking in gear big time lately being I can't seem to even roll anything double digits, nevertheless something large enough to win.  However, I still top the charts on DPS, I do the "little things" that most hunters would not even think to do for a second because it would hurt their DPS.  Like doing Rotface the other week when the tank that was kiting the ooze died I was instantly on the big ooze using my uber awesome kiting abilities.  Okay, I am exaggerating the uber awesome part, but I knew when it comes down to it Hunters are indeed capable kiters being they have the skills needed for it and while I am not in any way great at it, I was capable of doing it.  We ended up wiping anyway but the fact remains that someone stepped up.

So he left because he felt like "he didn't feel like gearing up others".  I am one of those others, I need gear and not to sound rude or anything but I damn well deserve to "get geared up" because I am decent at what I do and I help the team and I do everything within my own power to get better when I can.  But I can not beat 25 man content alone to get better gear.  Basically, whoever wins the roll just got helped by 24 people to gear up didn't they?

It is not just about me, we will move on, he has already been replaced with someone with 5 years experience in raiding.  The person that is replacing him is the original tank from my first guild.  He geared me up when I started.  He is what a team player is.  Sure, he is part of the reason we broke up that guild because he wanted to move along, but when he was there he had the right attitude.  If someone is willing to do all they can do then he had no problem helping them get better because helping them get better helps the team get better.  I don't care how great any one person thinks they are, they can not gear themselves up at the top level.  They need help.  So hearing "he didn't feel like gearing up others" really makes me a grumpy elf.

What makes this a kicker is the fact that he was the main tank.  The off tank would pass on stuff to "gear him up" because he was the main tank knowing that the second drop that comes he will get.  So we geared him up.  He didn't want to help others gear up when we all helped him gear up?  Selfish little fucking lowlife prick.  And that is the nicest way I can think of saying that.

Him, with his "gearing up" comment caused us to lose two decent up and coming players because he made them feel as if they were useless.  They were not undergeared either.  They were fine for ICC10 and close to ICC 25.  And with the solid DPS we have we can easily carry 2 or 3 4K-5K DPSers and not even sweat it.

He made people leave by being a prick, then left because he is a prick and then his friends followed because they agreed with him for being a prick.  One of those friends was the hunter that has won 2 marks and 3 other items in the last few weeks while I lose rolls left and right.  How was  he helping people gear up?  We geared his ass up and he left?  And I still whipped his ass on the DPS and total damage charts even if his gearscore was way higher then mine with all those upgrades.  Not to mention he was not capable of being a utility player.  He was one of those people that would have laughed if you asked him to kite.

I look at it this way.  Help people gear up and you help yourself.  But only if those people are team players, dedicated to success and willing to earn it.  Otherwise, you just get assholes that ride with you until you gear them up and then move along to another team that is more progressed.

Do you notice a trend here?  They are not leaving because they "do not want to gear up other people", they left because they wanted to have someone carry them to gear them up.

Odd that people that whine about carrying people moved to a group that is now going to have to carry them.  Some people are just so stupid it amazes me.  If you are going to complain about something at least make sure you are not the guilty party you are complaining about.

You might have read me bitching about not winning rolls and other people getting more gear and such but you do not see me going anywhere.  I know my time will come and I know as long as I do the best I can with what I have I can be an asset to my team.  That gives me the right to bitch.  They had no right to complain and they sure as shit had no right to leave because someone else might get some gear.  Someone else needing gear has to be the worst reason ever to leave a guild.

"I do not want to gear up other people" <-- Let me translate that for you.

"I am a complete and total prick and I only care about myself, I do not care if you need something, I won it last week and no longer need it so I am not going waste my time running it again so you can get it."

Maybe if he had not gotten all he needed it would still be around?  But like in real life, a user is a user and once they get what they needed from you they move on.

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