Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I finally got some loot.

It was only a matter of time before I got something.  Now all I need to do is win something.  One of the raid members won the roll after I had rolled my highest number to date.  I was second and he was kind enough to pass to me being I was second.  I was not expecting it.  If I were not second I would not have taken it.  It if were something huge I would have not taken it.  I want to actually win to get something.  The guy who passed to me won two items last week and one item this week already when that happened.  He was just being nice.  I appreciate it.

It made my week to finally get something even if it was from rolling second.  I told him so too and thanked him for his kindness.  I guess what they say is true.  Sometimes being nice is a good thing and comes back to you.  Earlier in the week he was trying to get the things together to get the crafted 264 boots.  I gave him the 12 eternal earths for free.  Not to mention a flask for free during the raid.  One good turn deserves another.  It restores my faith in humanity.

I would still like to actually win a roll one of these days.  In a way it is almost getting fun losing.  Not fun fun but funny fun.  Every time something drops that I can roll on I joke it is my time and I roll like crap.  Rolled a 24 on the bow last night.  One of the other hunters said I am getting closer.  Only 2 more people need to get it before I can have one.  When the one guy passed to me and I got the wrists I joked that my luck had been so bad that I would have taken a hand me down tanking piece if it would mean I got something.

Like I mentioned before I am still new to the game compared to most that I run with.  So this dry spell is really wearing on me some.  Seven weeks running so far without one decent roll.  Well, decent enough this time around to be the second highest so I could get something passed to me.

With my luck the way it has been, taking a pity piece of gear was my only chance of getting something.  The time will come when my luck returns and I will most likely be on fire for a while.  That is the way it works.  Maybe if I get lucky that will happen the the lich kings crossbow drops on 25.  Being I do not see that happening for a while it gives me time to get a new pair of dice.

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