Thursday, May 27, 2010

Crunching Some Numbers

With my new piece of upgraded gear I figured I would check out how things looked over the female dwarf.  With my current gear and all the best possible buffs in an ideal fight without movement I should be getting 8764.22 DPS.

Now, either there is something wrong with the DPS analyzer over at female dwarf or I am getting really lucky with the RNG.  I know why I am getting more DPS in ICC, because of the buff.  But I am topping 11K on some low to no movement fights and 10K is normally not out of the question.  The thing is, on the run the other day through Naxx, before I got the upgrade I might add, I did 10,400 on Patchwork.  That was with minimal buffs too.  

Now, being female dwarf is so far off I am lead to believe one of three things.  One being there is something wrong with how the DPS is being figured out over there or I am extremely lucky with the random number generator or I am supremely skilled.  Being I am not that good of a hunter and the RNG hates me (yes, that is a fact, it hates me) it leaves only one option.  Something is not figuring correctly over at female dwarf.

If I remember correctly, my DPS based on the site was a lot higher.  I did not really change anything.  I did not log out in my PvP gear.  I think there must be something I am missing. 

I am also starting to wonder, seeing people post recounts, how are hunters doing 14,000 DPS and 15,000 DPS in the same gear I am in when female dwarf says they should only be getting 8764.22 DPS in all the best buff in a no move fight with no lag.

It is too early to try and look into this further.  I hate mornings.

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