Thursday, May 6, 2010

Free and Easy Gear

I always say that gear is easy to get if you are willing to put in the effort.  Grinding heroics for T9 gear is not much of an issue.  It just takes time and if you happen to be DPS without a pocket tank or healer it can take a fair bit of time.

Thing is, if you put in the time and effort you can get all T9 no problem.  Add to that using your professions.  If you use your professions to their maximum abilities you can make a lot of money.  With that money you can easily fill out many of the other spots in your gear.  264 items in many cases.  So lots of 264 gear, a full T9 set, T9 trinket and a greatness card trinket and you are decked out.

There is one thing about that.  You actually need to work for it.  Sure, if you make the effort it is easy to get to but you have to make an effort and not just a stand there and do nothing, it is a work your ass off effort.  That gear set up does not even consider that you will be getting frost badges as well.  That would go toward later updates.  To gear up like I just mentioned you need to do work and much more importantly you need to succeed at it.

The more I PvP the more I realize how insanely easy it is to get PvP gear.  PvP gear that is actually better then the PvE gear I mentioned (for it's intended use).  The big difference, well, let me rephrase that, the HUGE difference is that you do not even need to succeed at PvP to get any of that gear.  You can suck more then anyone has ever sucked at sucking before and still find yourself decked out in full PvP gear.  And if you only suck mildly you can even find yourself in full T10 gear in still less effort then was required to get T9 PvE gear.

PvP just gives away the gear basically.  It is so much easier to build a PvP set then a PvE set.  Let us compare.

To get top end Enchants:
PvE: You need to grind Ebon Hand and Sons of Hodir to exalted
PvP: You need honor

To get that reputation/honor:
PvE: You need to actually complete quests and actually kill things that grant reputation
PvP: You just need to be near people in battlegrounds when they kill things and even more if they win

To gear T9 gear:
PvE: You need to grind heroics and down bosses
PvP: You need to grind battleground for honor

Failure results of those:
PvE: If you do not down bosses, you get nothing
PvP: If you do not win or kill anything you still get honor

To get T10 gear:
PvE: You need to grind frost emblems and without raiding that means only 2 per day
PvP: You need to get arena points and rating as well as honor

Failure results of those:
PvE:  If you do not finish the dungeons you do not get anything, if you miss a day you get nothing
PvP: Even if you lose in the arena you get arena points, even if you suck at the battleground as long as the rest of your team doesn't you get arena points, if you miss a day at battlegrounds you lose out on only 25 arena points but you lose nothing for missing a day at arena

Bottom line is this.  To get geared as PvE you need to actually DO things and SUCCEED at them.  To get better gear in PvP you just need to fail.  You never even need to be decent at PvP to get geared in all T10 PvP gear while you need to at least be good enough to not get kicked from groups to get T9 PvE gear.

The fact might remain completely true that you need to have a lot more skill to be a good PvP player but that does not change the fact that you don't actually need any of that skill to become a geared PvP player.  Anyone that fails that badly at PvE will get left behind and kicked from groups and will never get to max gear level.

So to all those PvP players that love to blast PvE players for having an easier route as they only have to deal with scripted encounters you need to remember something.  The PvE player needs to actually kill that scripted encounter to get the chance at getting something that he still needs to get lucky enough to see dropped and then lucky enough to win a roll for and if he is really bad he will never get that chance because the group would kick him.  In PvP you do not have to be any good at anything.  You can run around slapping your hands on the keyboard doing nothing and if anyone kills anything you get honor and if the other players win you get even more honor.

Getting geared for PvP takes no skill what so ever.
Getting geared for PvE takes at least enough skill to fake it.

And remember, that PvE player that needed skill will still be way undergeraed when compared to the PvP player that slapped his hands on the keyboard like a spastic monkey. The mildly skilled PvE player will find himself in full T9 with a little bit of effort.  The skill less PvP player will find himself in full T10 gear.

Gearing up for PvP is way to easy.  Not that I mind really, made the trip to PvPing for me a lot easier.  Sad part is that now that I am doing it more I feel I am behind the curve for my gear.  I am working on top level gear with low level skill as opposed to being a top level PvE player in low level gear all because I have not gotten lucky with rolls.  Makes me wish that I could by PvE gear with honor and arena points.  It would make gearing up so much easier.

So remember, when it comes to gear, PvP is easy and takes no skill or luck and PvE is hard and takes both skill and lots of luck.

 PvP: So easy a caveman can do it.

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