Monday, May 24, 2010

No Tanking in the LFD

With the advent of the Looking For Dungeon it has made doing the daily dungeon a breeze.  Even as a DPS, which sometimes means a 20 minutes wait, it is so much easier to get them done.  Before you had to wait forever spamming trade and hoping that someone picked you up to go with them and hoping that it would not be a horrible group.  So LFD was a god send in that sense.

Another thing that came with the LFD system is people, DPS actually, not wanting to wait and entering the query as a Tank or Healer.  Tank seems to happen more then healer however.  Last night I got in to see a 36K pally marked as a tank, it was Violet Hold so of course this was going to be a cake walk.  Well, it would have been a cake walk if he was actually a tank.

I don't mean a DPS that queried as a tank either.  This guy had the right aura up, all tank gear on and the cookie cutter tank spec.  He was gemmed correctly for a tank and enchanted correctly for a tank.  So the guy apparently did some reading on what it takes to be the tank.  Sad part is he seems to have stopped readin after learning about gear, gems, enchants and spec.  He had no clue how to tank.

Every time a portal would spawn he would end up standing behind me.  Me!  The hunter that stands in the back about as far back as I can get.  Yeap, he was always behind me.  A warrior that was there switched to defensive stance and began to pick up the targets as they came out of the portal.  He was good it seemed, did not really need to switch to tank spec even, the stance was enough.

When the pally saw him doing this he seemed to get the idea that he was supposed to be doing that the DPS warrior was doing now and they went fighting over aggro on every spawn.  I was at a total loss and had no clue who to MD too.  So I just didn't.

Me, The Boomkin, the Shaman healer, the warrior and the pally just went the rest of the dungeon in a game of whoever has the most aggro wins.  We all went all out balls to the wall.  By the time it was done you could realize we never really had a tank, at least not a proper one that wanted to tank like a tank should.  We where 5 DPS, or 4 DPS and a healer on the boss encounters.

They called me a DPS freak at the end, pulled over 8K DPS.  The boomkin had over 5K, the warrior and the pally both had over 4K and the healer had 2.2K.  Hell, my pet pulled over 1K DPS in there.  We had a wall of 20K DPS going at all times.  Nothing lived longer then 3 seconds, so who had aggro was never an issue, things died to fast.  The healer only needed to heal as we were running to the next spawn.

Now that was a fun dungeon.  But the first 4 or 5 pulls were pure stress until we adapted to it.  Funny thing is, no one commented that the tank was not tanking.  We all just went about our day and got the job done.

For what could have turned out to be a complete disaster it went well.  I wish more people would go along with the flow instead of complaining about everything in the dungeons.  One 12 year old and that dungeon would have turned out completely different.

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