Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Now 6/12 on ICC 25

We finally downed Rotface and Festergut in 25 man.  It was about time.  We have a few stragglers still hanging on that if they were replaced with better people we would have done it sooner.  Thing is, I like working as a team and helping those people get better so we can do it together.  There is something to say about earning things over being given things.

We earned those wins.  Took 3 tries each to get them down but now there are 24 more people that can say they have done it and know how to do it.  One had already done it before.  It was a hard fought battle and those are the best ones.  It is fun to steamroll over things sometimes but it is a lot more satisfying to actually have to work hard to get something done.

I pulled 10K DPS, while it was number one over all I know I can do a great deal better.  Sometimes I think I am just not progressing as well as I could be.  I still think I am suffering for a serious bout of wow burnout.  I've been playing for a year now and have yet to take a day off.  Sure, a couple of times I only logged in for about 30-45 minutes and left, but I was still there.

After we downed them I got a whisper from the person that was number two on the DPS list, another hunter of course, us hunters rule, saying that they thought it was time to move on.  Yeap, another person leaving and more importantly another good person leaving.

Their reason, just like the others that left before him, he did not feel like carrying others through content.  So he was going to leave for a group of people that have already done it, so it does not have to feel like he is doing all the work.

I still think that is the ultimate double standard.  Leaving a group because you feel like you carried people to win that battle for another group that does that battle all the time.  So you are leaving so you can get carried by someone else?  How can you be so against someone being carried when you want to be carried yourself?

Oh well, that is the way it goes.  I am sure with my DPS output and understanding and readiness for the battles that I could get a spot doing 12/12 heroic in ICC 25.  However, I would feel like I was being carried and I don't want to be carried.  I guess there are two types of people.  Those that want to be carried and those that like to help others.  I guess I am the one that likes to help others.

I can see his point however.  There is no reason, in ICC25 with the 20% buff that anyone fully buffed should be pulling less then 7K DPS.  Sadly, even with all that, we still have at least 3 under 5K DPS.

The way I look at it is this... if they keep coming with us, they keep showing on time, they keep putting their best foot forward, their DPS will get better.  They are already doing the important part.  Showing up on time and prepared.  That is a quality that you need more then DPS.  You can get better at DPS in time.  If you are always late and never prepared, that just means you are undependable and lazy.  No helping that.

I think I should make a post on the guild forums about people carrying others.  More so as a motivational things then as a bitch slap to the person that left.  But I think, what use is it t guilt trip people that do not want to help others because they prefer to go somewhere else where they can be carried.

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