Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dreamwalker Down

Finally got Dreamwalker down in ICC.  It was my first dreamwalker kill.  I think a couple of the people in my 10 man had downed it before but I had never downed it in a 10 man I was in.  It was nice to make some progression but kind of sucks that no one could use anything that dropped from it.

The guild leader is having some work issues that are going to keep him from being online for a while and the co-GM didn't feel like running last night being we did not have enough for two groups.  That meant that I had to play raid leader again.  I do not mind it so much but always feel a little nervous doing it.  Kind of like all decisions are on me and if I make the wrong choice and we fail it is all my fault.  Contrary to popular belief, even though I am a hunter I do not end up with the, it was all your fault, thing often.  I keep my huntard moments to a minimum if I can.

I was a little off at the beginning, trying to keep an eye more so on what was going on and not as much of an eye on my cooldowns for DPS.  I guess it is a skill to be the one that announces everything and still crank out the DPS.  I was still number one on the DPS charts but did not play to my maximum potential.

The few times that I needed to make a decision it seems I made the right one.  I choose to have a normal DPSer do the add tanking in the weekly on Deathwhisper.  It worked out well.  I choose to not collapse after the first blight on uncle fester which lead to a record time downing him. And I figured soloing healing dreamwalker would work.  That was more of a guess, I knew the other two would work.  I was pretty confident in those.  This one... well, not as confident.

We wiped the first time around but that was fine.  Second time around I put one person on suppressor duty.  They where to kill them and them only.  That seemed to be the difference.  It was a hectic fight but with no, or few suppressors on dreamwalker and the pally healer using my pet as a healing amplifier it went well.  The entire time I kept thinking, this is it, we are about to wipe and it never happened.  Everyone did an amazing job.  Everyone was low on life, bam, a timely heal came out.  Lay waste was about to rip us apart, bam, sucker was dead nearly instantly.  Everyone did everything they had to do and they did it well.  I was impressed.  7 bosses in 2 and 1/2 hours of raiding was not a bad night at all.

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