Friday, June 25, 2010

Link Gearscore and Achievement

When the week resets I always start mt Tuesday out with looking for VoA spam.  I want to get those 10s and 25s out of the way as fast as possible.  I can not tell you the number of times I have forgot to do them completely.  Add to the fact alliance suck balls at PvP and I am alliance it is not like we have VoA often enough for me to pick up a group whenever.  I've gone days without seeing us have WG so when I see we have it I do VoA as soon as possible.

I really do not need much of anything in any VoA.  I do it for the frosts more then anything.  I want to get the mount drop as well.  So that is a motivator to do it.  I can always use the T10 PvP gear and the T10 Sanc legs, not like I would ever use them.  All of those things would be nice to have but none of them are required.

I have personal rules when I look to join a pug and one of them is that whole Gear Score craze thing and the ever classic Achievement thing.  If someone posts in trade, LF more for VoA pst with GS. I completely ignore it.

Back when I first hit 80, before GS was the rage, I still had problems getting into raid.  Back then the raid leader actually "looked" at your gear.  Amazing as it might sound, they looked and said it was not enough.  So it took forever to gear up being I would spend 3 hours spamming to end up raiding for 1 hour.  Maybe that would mean 1 raid a week.  So if I bitched about gear score then it might back sense.  The thing is, now I am geared well, I have the achievements for tons of stuff and many people in the pug assembly line that is trade already know me because they have ran with me.  Sometimes they invite me even without me looking for it.  You know what?  I still do not support the whole GS crazy.

I will go all old school if I am assembling a raid.  I will look at the person.  If they have all the right gear, it is all gemmed correctly, it is all enchanted correctly and their spec does not look like a monkey was just choosing where to put the talent points I will run with them.  Sure, there are times that I will tell someone they are undergeared.  I am not going to invite the average player with 200s into an ICC25 but I will look and see that they have 200s.  I will not take the word of some GS app.  Sure, I know people are clearing ICC in all blues, I read about it.  Those are highly skilled people. I figure the average player is... well, average.  So to preform up to what would be expected it is not possible in 200 gear.

I hate people that ask for GS and ask for achievements.  Achievements, which was the big thing before GS came out makes even less sense.  So being I do not have the achievement for clearing something means I can not do it?  Wow, if that is not completely retarded I do not know what is.  Maybe I did it on an alt, maybe I did it on 10 but not 25, maybe I just never got around to doing it.  I never cleared Ulduar, that does not mean I am unable to.  Just means that no guilds run that any more and none have since the time I first hit 80.  So unless someone throws a old school raiding event for things like that I will never clear it.  I have great gear now, good experience now and lead the DPS charts all the time in close to everything I do but because I do not have an Ulduar achievement I can not get into a raid for it?  That is one thing GS is better for.  People would just see my GS and not even give a shit if I have done it before.  They know I should be capable of helping them blow through it.

Now, as to what made me think about this, VoA, I have to interesting stories about that, this one come from one of them.  Only one person was doing VoA 25 spam so I was tempted to mesasge him.  However, his stupid pst with GS part turned me off.  I would have never ran with him.  I ended up running with him anyway because some guildy of mine was in the group and invited me.

Thing I wish some people would realize is that not everyone with a high GS is a GS jerk.  I have a high GS even if I can not tell you what it is.  I do not care.  I know many people that are like that.  They will not even talk to anyone that asks for GS.  Maybe, by asking people to tell you their gear score you are losing many possible good raiders?  I know you lose me if you ask for it

My theory is this...
"If someone has to tell you their gear score they either suck and got carried and that gear score is all they can offer to the raid or they have a very small sense of worth and telling people their gear score makes them feel better."

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