Friday, June 25, 2010

I Hate Stupid People

We recently had a new addition to the guild.  New additions are good and those first few days can make or break how you feel about them.  This new guy I had pegged even before he joined.  He signed up at the guild website just as all applicants need to.  His app was nothing special but nothing stand out either.  From reading that along you see it as, might be worth a shot to add him.

The day he submitted the app he messaged me in game.  Guess he saw my name as being in the guild.  He asked me about when the GL would be on so he could join.  I told him that his app would need to be accepted first before he would be sent an invite.  Told him who to contact once it is accepted and figured that was that.

No such luck.  I get another message from him a few minutes later.  Is he on an alt or something?  Can you tell him to accept my app?  I respond, give it some time, they read the apps and either approve or disapprove every other day or so.  To wait and then seek them out.

Then he messages me, I really want to get into an ICC 10 tonight and it says you start raiding at 7, can you get him to invite me so I can get into ICC 10 tonight.  I tell him once again that he needs to wait.  Things do not happen instantly.  Wait for them to get on and read the app and accept it before you worry about the invite. Then I add, nicely mind you, that we do not raid ICC 10 on Wednesdays, we do it on Tuesdays.  So even if he got into the guild tonight, he would still not be raiding ICC 10 as we use Wednesdays for the weekly.

He then starts in with tons of messages.  How many mages do you have?  What is their gear score?  How much DPS do they do?  Do you think I have a chance at being the #1 Mage?  Are they on yet to accept me?

Okay, by now I have come to a conclusion that this person is either 12 or mildly retarded, no disrespect to people with mental disabilities, but outside of 12 year olds no one else besides the mildly retarded would need the same things explained to them over and over and over and over again.

There is a third option there and that option is that he is just plain straight out stupid.  As it turns out he is older then 12 so it was not that option.  So he is either mentally lacking or flat out stupid.  I am starting to think flat out stupid.

So he joins a few days later, ask his 101 questions as you would expect seeing what he is like already and get everything explained to him.  Tuesdays and Fridays or Tuesdays and Mondays are the 10s, Thursdays and Saturday are the 25s and Wednesday is the weekly.  He asks a few times, we explain it a few times.

He never shows for the Saturday 25 man and we did need to fill some spots.  Okay, no biggie, he was new and not expected to be there so soon.  Sunday night however he is saying, hey lets do a 25.  Everyone says they are saved. 

We where doing some old world raiding and had a small group of about 7 people doing told 25 man stuff.  He sees us talking in chat about the raid and starts asking.  Hey invite me, I want in, invite me.  We tell him what we are doing and he says, screw that, lets do ICC 10.  We again explain we are all saved and Sunday nights we usually just mess around with old stuff or trying to get achievements.

Monday comes around and I am assembling my group from Tuesday so we can take a run at Sin.  We where missing our mage that was originally with us.  So he would have been more then welcome to come.  He was online just before I started setting up again asking, lets do ICC 10 over and over in guild chat.  We all said we are saved.  Someone was even so kind to point out to him that raids do not reset until Tuesday and if everyone was saved yesterday that are still saved today.

Seems that some of the people where finally starting to get the idea I did after just one conversation with this guy.  I still think he is 12 because no adult, even if mildly retarded, is that fucking stupid. 

After it finally starts to sink in that people are saved he starts asking about the other mages again.  About how much better geared they are and that he will never be able to get into the #1 team.  I explain to him that we are a team, one large group, we do not have an A team.  We work with peoples times to make the best 10s mans we can based on when people can get on and continue with them and of course, when capable, with appropriate class break down.

He doesn't get it.  The whole "team" concept does not click at all with him.  I say to him that if someone that needs gear can be on I usually drop out to let them have my spot.  I am only there to help the team, I do not need anything from there.  This is where the comment comes that bothered me some.  I would not run something if I didn't need anything from it.  Yeap, the whole "team" concept it completely lost on this one.

Tuesday comes around and of course Blizzard screws up another simple job making it takes hours longer then a monkey could have done it in.  We finally get into our server and it is about an hour before I normally go to bed.  Which means less then an hour before the end of raid time.  Of course anyone with even half a brain would even need to ask the question of it we were raiding tonight, the answer was no.  If you needed to ask you are an idiot.  Raids can start 30 minutes late, maybe even 60 minutes late but not 120 minutes late.

He asks, more then a few times, are we raiding tonight?  Lets start the ICC raid?  Did invites go out yet for the ICC raid? Everyone answers the same, it's to late or we will do it later blizzard ruined tonight's chance at raiding.  So of course what does that mean to him.  He says in guild chat that because we are not raiding ICC 10 this week he is going to pug it.  The Guild Leader points out that we are not that we are raiding ICC 10 this week, we are just not doing it tonight because the server was down.

This goes on for a while, the whole raiding days is explained to him all over again.  He finally gets the clue that just because we did not run as a guild on Tuesday does not mean we have not plans to.

Wednesday comes around.  There he is in Guild Chat again, anyone want to pug and ICC 10?  I point out that tonight is weekly night and 10 will be done on Friday.  He says, but I want to run ICC 10, I am going to pug a raid for it.  The guild leader tells him not to, guildies run with guild runs, we do not like people pugging when we are doing it as a team.  This, again, goes on for hours.  He does not grasp the concept.

Thursday comes and it is ICC 25 night.  You would figure the guy would be excited, the first time since he joined that he can actually raid with us.  About an hour before the raid he starts in again in guild chat about how he is assembling an ICC 10 run and needs some more spots filled.  AGAIN! Me, two others, the guild leader, the co leader all tell him.  You do not pug guild runs, you run with the guild on guild runs.  Fucking asshole still does not get it.

I was also smart ass enough to point out one minor detail he over looked.  Why the hell are you pugging an ICC 10 1 hour before the guild ICC 25 starts?  No answer.  You know why?  Because there is no answer for that level of total stupidity.

25 invites start going out and he is no where to be found.  Even though for the last hour all he did was talk about it.  We are 4 people short so go looking for some friends of the guild.  Fill two spots with them as two more guild members come on.  He is no where to be seen so he is not in the group.  We run 25, down the first few bosses and the bonus boss and set up the continuing run for Saturday.  5 bosses in 2 hours is not great, but not bad either.  As soon as we are done guess who comes online?

So are we doing ICC 25 tonight?  We just finished the run.  You knew when it was starting.  Oh, I forgot, anyone want to pug an ICC 10?

Yes, again, even though he has been told every day at least 6 times per day, that we do not pug the current end game stuff, we do that as a guild.  Some people are just too stupid to be allowed to play this game.  If I were the guild leader he would already have been kicked for being a total idiot.

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