Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Watch your aggro

So many times I've zoned into my random dungeon and been told "watch your aggro".  Mind you, it is not all that often, but enough times to take notice of it.  It seems that people see someone all decked out in T10 and somewhere along the lines they think that person does not know how to play. 

While I would be the first to admit that getting gear is easy as sin now and with that moving from the gear you get to T10 is more a matter of putting in the effort and not really having skill but people need to give the benefit of the doubt and not immediately jump on someone they see that is over geared for a heroic and assume that they are the standard elitist prick.

Most of the time if I make a mistake in a heroic is it because I am over geared.  Not an over geared prick but an over geared person that does not pay as much attention as I should.  I've zoned out mentally a few times.  It can get mind numbing.  Once I even forgot to move out of the void zone thing in Gundrak and took some damage.  Sure, I was never in danger of it killing me and I thanked the healer for healing me and said I am sorry.  But outside of the stupid brain fart like that once in a blue moon I still do the same thing in dungeons I do in raids.

I give the tank some time to grab aggro, I use MD all the time and I FD if I somehow draw aggro.  These things are no longer something I would consider a "skill" being it is just part of what I do.  The more runs I make the more I realize that they are in fact a "skill".  While I do get the jerk tank that will say watch your aggro the second they see me it is more a case of them being the elitist then them thinking I am.

You see, they are thinking "I am so great and this over geared huntard is going to pull aggro and make me look bad" so they have to make sure they say something.  So that way when I do the right thing they can say, "See, you did good because I told you to watch your aggro."  They want to take credit for me not pulling aggro and set that up at the start by saying to watch it.  Either that, or if I do get aggro at any point it is now completely my fault and not something they did.  They can say, "See, I told you to watch your aggro, noob huntard." 

So when you get a tank that starts off a run saying watch your aggro it is most likely an elitist prick that is just trying to make himself look great.  By him saying watch your aggro he looks good to those around him if you do not grab aggro or if you do.  It is win/win for him because he is a total prick.

Maybe the only reason this bothers me is because I always make sure to watch my aggro no matter who I am running with.  Be it tanks geared in quest greens and some blues or guys in full T10.5.  I take the same precautions when running with them even if it is not needed.

Another way to look at it is all the dungeons I have run with Locks and Mages going full force at a pack of mobs when the tank charges before the tank can even grab any aggro at all.  I swear I have never, and I do repeat never, ran with a mage that did not need to ice barrier to save himself at least once a run.  The only time I ever come close to problems, unless the tank sucks, is on a boss where the battle lasts more then 10 seconds (boss fights).  I might need to FD to dump aggro if I start getting close being my MD is not available again yet.  So perhaps it could be a tank that is used to running with moronic huntards and mage aggro magnets.

And yes, I did go there saying "unless the tank sucks".  When I am soloing dungeons or big mobs and I can send my pet in and not grab aggro from him while in my MM spec that means I know what I am doing.  I do not care if you are in quest greens and I am in T10, you should be holding them after 4 seconds of me doing huge shots helping you get aggro and then sitting back and auto shooting.  If my auto shooting can still grab the mob from you with that huge of an aggro lead and it doesn't grab the aggro from my pet and his huge 500 DPS then you have to consider another line of work.  You are not a tank.

I think the next time a tank tells me to watch my aggro I am going to forget where my MD and FD buttons are and keep pulling off of him just for the fun of it.  Then when he asks me to stop doing that I will explain to him that I am only watching my aggro because he told me too and I usually do not watch it because I know how to use MD and FD and aggro is never an issue.  For me to watch it, I need to make it an issue.  So if he wants me to watch my aggro I have to keep pulling the mobs off him so I can see it.

Or maybe I should just tell him to watch his aggro.  Because if he is watching his aggro I will never have to worry about mine anyway.

I would not do either of those however because I am not a prick.  Well, okay, I am a prick sometimes but not in that sense.  I am always nice and polite in dungeons even if I know I will never see these people again.  Not because I am trying to make myself look good or anything but just because that is who I am. 

I think that is why I am a horrible tank.  I am too polite to say "watch your aggro" to anyone.  I think of it this way.  If they want to die, let them.  That is not my problem.  Or maybe the reason I do not say "watch your aggro" is because I am not an elitist prick and I give everyone the benefit of the doubt before I open my mouth.

As the old saying goes... "It's better to let someone think you are an idiot than to open your mouth and prove it."  Saying "watch your aggro" before it has been an issue just proves you are an idiot.

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