Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cleaning House

I was not really in the mood to do anything last night game wise.  Soloed a 70 dungeon to work on some reputation, did my daily dungeon for some frost badges I don't really even need any more and lost wintergrasp like we usually do.  After that I was thinking of calling it an early night.  Nothing much I felt like doing.  That is until I checked my mail on my bank alt and noticed some of it was getting close to being deleted and it was full again. How do I collect all that crap?
I had so many stacks for Frostweave Cloth and Netherweave Cloth that I had been saving up for when I finally leveled up my tailor some so I could use it to level the skill.  Thing is I only level my tailor through PvP, no questing or anything, and ever since they changed the PvP to a random dungeon sort of thing there is no daily PvP quest any more for low levels.  That was my main source of leveling.  So I've put that on the back burner. 

My level 26 priest is sitting at 225/225 Tailoring and 225/225 Enchanting and I can not get it any further until I get to level 35.  So that cloth was just stacking up with no future use in sight.  So instead of mailing it back and forth every 28 or so days between her and my bank character I decided to sell it.  Getting it is easy enough should I need it again and I can always rebuy it if worst comes to worst.  Most likely for a cheaper price than I sold it for being I am willing to wait to buy them as that character is not my main.  Leveling it's skills is really no rush.

I have so many other things that I am saving on my bank character for some future use.  Mostly items that I will need for quests in the future.  I figure it will make my life easier when I get a character to Stranglethorn Vale and have to collect all those pages for the Green Hills of Stranglethorn.  It will be free experience because I have them all already.  But looking at it, that takes up 15 spots in my bank for nothing really.  I have to start thinking that those 15 spots are better used to house something I can make money with instead of those pages.  Sure, when I get to needing them it will be nice to have them instantly but over all, even if I paid a gold each for them from someone else it would only cost me 15 gold.  Those 15 spaces can be used to hold 1500 gold worth of items or more even.  I would be so much better off having 15 stacks of Abyss Crystals instead of 15 pages of the Green Hills.

After reading something on the Greedy Goblins page I had questioned my saving of things.  He makes a lot of valid points on saving junk and I agree with him but I am just having a problem getting rid of things I know I might need at some point.  Thing is I have to make the decision.  Is my bank character a catch all for all my junk I might need to level other characters or is it there to make me money.  As of now, and as it has been since I made it, it is both.  I am thinking of making a second bank character and designating one for junk and one for making money.

The main problem with that is where do you draw the line on which is which.  When I was leveling my druid and decided to make it jewelcrafting my leveling was a breeze.  For the most part those stacks and stacks of Malachite and Tigerseye were fantastic when I needed to level up with them.  It saved me wasting money on the auction house buying them but over all they are near worthless otherwise.  Perspective.  That is what it is all about. 

I remember when I first started and I got a Malachite drop off a mob I was so excited.  I thought that I was going to be rich.  A low level with this fantastic item.  I could sell it and buy bags.  I looked it up online and while it really was not worth a lot it was worth more then I had on me at the time.  So it was something good.  Now, even if everyone on the auction house is over charging for it I can get as many as I want for 1G each at worst.  Now I look at it as junk. 

So why do I still save it?  I save it in case I want to level another jewelcrafter?  I save it in case I need my jewelcrafter to make something for one of my leveling characters?  I should just sell it.  Like I mentioned, now it is cheap enough to buy it if I need it to make something for one of my characters.  And if I ever level another Jewelcrafter I will level it with mining even if I change the mining later but that will get me enough of it along the way.

That is what I need to do.  Those things that were once worth saving but no longer are need to be removed.  I need to stop saving things that are easily attainable or cheap enough that buying them would not really make a difference.  Saving a few hundred Scarlet Rubies makes sense as they are 40G each on my server and all the other gems of that type are under 8G, most are 3-4G.  So if I am to level another jewelcrafter I can buy the others, but save the high priced ones of that tier.

There are a few things however that I feel a need to save.  Like certain spider web items.  Even the low level ones goes for 5G a piece which is insane.  Sadly, when I was leveling my first character and I did not know better I remember vendoring so many of them.  Wish I knew.  Would have made it so much easier on me gold wise when I was leveling if I was smart enough to sell them at auction instead of vendoring them. 

The thing I hate about them is that they only stack to 10.  They need to change that.  What is worse?  Large Fang.  I needed a them when leveling my jewelcrafter.  Since learning that I save them when I get them now.  I have 50 at the moment, more then enough should I need to level jewelcrafting again.  Thing is they only stack to 5.  So instead of taking up 3 spots like it should it takes up 10 spots.  They sell for about 10G on my server so they are worth saving.  But then again, if I sell them now I can always buy them back later I guess.  It just takes up so much space for nothing.

If I could wish for one upgrade it would be to make everything stack like arrows.  In stacks of 1000.  Also, make recipes stack if they are the same one.  I have 6 Pattern: Living Leggings that take up 6 spaces.  There is no reason they should take up 6 spaces.  They are 6 of the same thing.  Even armor should be stackable.  If you have 12 of the same pair of gloves (not enchanted or gemed or altered in any way) they should stack.  Anything that is the same should stack and it should stack to 1000 at least.  If they did that my overflow problem would be solved... for now.  I would just end up collecting even more junk after that I am sure.

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