Monday, April 19, 2010


For some reason I decided that this weekend I would do the hard press to get as much done for my Loremaster Achievement as possible.  I had finished the Outlands and Northrend parts a while ago.  Having flying made doing those a less painful task. Doing the old world ones was not as easy, not by a long shot.

I wanted to do it before Cataclysm comes out just in case they change it.  It takes a lot of time and running around and can be mighty stressful with some drops for quests being about as rare as anything in the game, it seems at least.  So Friday I started my quest to complete all the quests.  Got myself the 3000 Quests Completed done on Friday night.  Saturday I got on early and started working toward it.  I went to Dunkin Donuts and got 4 24 ounce coffees knowing that I was going to be at it a long time.

12 hours and 9 24 ounce coffees later I knew a break would be coming up as it was almost time for my Saturday raid.  I was really close when the raid started to form.  So close I dropped the raid and told them to invite me back when they were ready.  I wanted to try and squeeze in the last few quests for Kalimdor. As it turns out, some people were not on in time so we had to wait.  That extra 30 minutes gave me the time I needed and I got Kali done just before raid time.

Only one more left and a lazy Sunday to do it.  I figure it would get done.  One thing I did not count on was sleeping so damn much.  Woke up later then I normally do, much later.  So I figured I might not be able to get EK done today.  Not to mention, I was out of ideas on where to go.  I had some quests in dungeons but I ran enough dungeons recently and needed a break. If worst came to worst and I needed to do them I would wait until next week to do them.  There are only so many times you can run the same dungeon in one weekend and bad quest management at the start meant I was going to the same dungeons 3 and 4 times. 

I downloaded everyquest which I saw suggested a few times and got some help from that.  One random item to be found that lead to a nice small quest line that is easy to overlook.  Realizing that turning in cloth to Stormwind and Ironforge counts and a few low level quests near the Dwarf starting area later and tada, Eastern Kingdom was mine.

So it took only one weekend of some serious dedication to game play to cover about 500 quests I needed.  Not even a lot of time considering the amount of quests I did.  After getting my Loremaster Achievement I went to the mailbox to get my brand spanking new Loremaster's Colors and put them on so I can strut around a little in my new colors and my new title when I get another achievement I did not even expect.  Ten Tabards.  What a nice surprise that was for the end of a weekends long trek through the old world.  I can't wait until we can fly there, although I do not need it there any more.  No reason to ever return there now except to use the auction house.

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