Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4 and out.

Nope, not talking about football, I am talking about ICC.  Another Tuesday run and the same old same old again.  We down the first 4 bosses and we call it.  We are doing the first four faster and faster, this time took only about 45 minutes.  Soon we will be down to the point where downing the first four will be about the same time as a long heroic.  I just hate that we always stop there.  I want to keep going.  Not sure about anyone else of course, but it always seems someone needs to go after we down the first four.

Makes me wonder if they are leaving because they have to or because they do not want to take the chance at wiping.  If people want to do progression then they need to learn that wiping is a part of it.  Sure, a few have never stepped into the other fights, most have not actually and there are people like myself that have never passed them before.  I am not worried, they are all easy fights really.  I've read what needs to be read and I've watched the videos.  All simple mechanics that should take no more then 4 or 5 wipes to get down to a science even for the most average group of players.

Makes me think that some of the people in the group do not know what progression is and are not really willing to put forward the effort to, well, progress.  I do hope the raid leaders take note of the people that drop so quickly when we get to the next wave of bosses.  No offense to them really, but I do not want them in my group.  Even if they are awesome players they are useless players in my mind.  If they are not willing to wipe a few times so everyone can learn the fight and would rather be the one person that does not know it and get carried by everyone else that made the effort, well then they do not deserve a place in my raid.

Sure, they might have actually had things to do.  But it seems amazing that three raids in a row, all going awesome, all going quick, all going easy as sin with no deaths and all ending when we get to new content most of us have not finished yet.  Makes me think those people are faking having to leave because they do not want to wipe.  I hope they stop that crap.  I want to get further into the game and not just go to the same spot every time.  At this rate we will be downing the first 4 in 20 minutes soon.  Might as well run a heroic if that is all we are going to spend on raiding.

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