Monday, April 5, 2010

Moving on.

So it seems my time at my guild is over.  All in all, besides being sad some about it, I think it might turn out to be a good thing.  Raids where getting few and far between and while we always did seem to get one solid go in per week, waiting around for the other two sucked.  Why would no one make it to continue a raid they already started?  Your guess is as good as mine.

So with four options in mind, I know there were three but a forth one popped up unexpectedly, I decided to start breaking things down.  I move along knowing that if I had it all to do over again I would not change a thing.  The guild I was in was prefect for me, was full of great people and taught me how to raid basically while never once feeling stressed over it or making me feel inferior because I was new to the game.
The first nameless guild I will mention I will call "The Big Boys".  The Big Boys are exactly that.  While I feel I could fit in there nicely, they do have hunters that are better then I am so I am not needed as much.  Add to that the fact that they are serious raiders and I do not know if I can meet those standards.  We all have off days and I know I have raided a few times when I was off.  I would not want to feel pressured to be on the top of my game at all points or I might lose a raid place.  I play for fun and not to be stressed.  I have a feeling that my fun would feel like work if I wanted to join The Big Boys.  Over all, they are still a top choice, not really ruled out.

The second set of guys I am going to call "The Upstarts".  The Upstarts are all great players.  They go quick, they go serious and they go often.  They can get a tribute chest without even worrying that they might wipe once, never-the-less five times.  They all know what they are doing and they are good enough at explaining it to make someone like me fly through the same content looking like I had done it 100 times too when I have not.  The raid leader was excellent.  He told people what they needed to do and did not bog them down with lots and lots of information.  I think that is a huge key to their success.

The Upstarts are a collection of some of the best players I've seen from all around.  A mix of people that came from other places.  So it does not seem like the type of place that will end up being a stable environment.  Not to mention, I've seen their raid leader running raids in trade saying they were looking for people but people where not allowed to roll on items being it was a guild run.  Sure, if I joined The Upstarts I would be a guild member but I can't help but look at things from the other end as well.  How would I feel if I helped them down a boss and did not get a chance to win something?  I am letting myself get locked out of that raid for a week and not even allowed to get an upgrade I need?  That is wrong on so many levels.

The third group I was thinking about I will call the "Home Wreckers".  The Home Wreckers are the WoW version of that girl at the bar that only hits of men that are married.  We all know men are weak in the knees for a pretty girl that shows interest, add alcohol and now what you have is a guy that does not want to cheat but he does.  The Home Wrecker takes great pride in doing it even if they know it was wrong.  I like the Home Wreckers because I have ran with one of their raid leaders many times and they were always smooth runs.  He gets things done and is respected.  However, that does not mean that their whole guild is like that.  Maybe if that guy was in his own guild it would be enough to convince me but having the others around puts a kink into it for me.

A lot of my crew is in the Home Wreckers which is surely a point of interest for me.  What turns me off is that they put the hard press on my guild mates to join them while they were already in my guild.  I do not poach people from other guilds and I do not like people that poach people from guilds.  They poached from us, which puts them on the bad end of the guild spectrum in my mind.

Not to mention, they have one of those stupid loot rules too.  The raid leader decides on who to give the loot to.  What is that shit?  So he can make sure all his friends are uber geared first?  They always say they give it to the people that deserve it.  Sure, they deserve it because they are part of the inner circle with the raid leader.  This is even worse then the previous group.  The previous group at least told you that you can not role if you were an outsider.  This group will not even let their own group roll.

I see no reason why everyone in the group can not have rights to something.  Lets say during a run there is me and another hunter.  I pull 7500 and the other hunter pulls 5000.  They give the drop to him because "he needs it more".  Meanwhile, he is wearing the same gear as me and somehow "he needs it more"?  How does he need it more?  In equal gear I did 50% more damage then him.  He needs to learn his role better, he does not need loot.  If you are ever going to make loot rules where you give it to people that "need it more" then make those rules the right way.  The guy that shows up prepared every raid.  The guy that does not take a break between every pull.  The guy that does not need you to explain the boss fight 10 times and still won't understand it.  The guy that has proved he can get the most out of his gear.  Things like that.  In this case, you give that upgrade to Mr. 5000 and he will get a 100 DPS increase, yet if you give it to me I get 150 DPS increase.  How did "he need it more" when in the end it would help the team more if I got it?  How about this... just fucking roll for it. I have no problem losing a roll on something, but to have some asshole raid leader just give it to him because he "needs it more" when he doesn't pisses me off to no end.

Sorry I went on a rant there, but those loot rules annoy the crap out of me.  You all down the boss together, you all have a fair shot at the loot.  But back to the Home Wreckers.  I think I would also feel uncomfortable there knowing that it is because of them that my guild broke up.  Time heals all wounds, so before considering them I have to let time heal that one.  Hopefully in that time they will come up with some better loot rules.

So those where my three choices.  It had seemed that I was going to try for The Big Boys and just have to deal with the fact that my game would become a job, a job of getting better fast.  Until this past week when a new guild popped up.  Older players who had experience.  Serious but not so much so.  A mild sense of humor and the best of all, the same exact raid times that I am used to.  It seems like a bigger version of my guild.  I am not sure if I will stay there but for now, that seems to be where I am heading.  Amazing that they just came out of nowhere.  Then again, that is how things happen.  I joined my group the same way.  Ran a random with four of their members that needed a ranged DPS for a dungeon.  When the run was over one of them made a comment that I was one of the best hunters he ever saw.  I like being complimented but there is no way in hell I would ever become one of the best hunters.  I'll settle for competent... that is hard enough some days.

Tonight I make my move and I am going to miss my old guild.  Keeping my Druid and Priest there however.  That way I can keep in touch with such a great group of people even if most of them are gone now too.

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