Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tips and Tricks: How NOT to fill out a guild application.

I might get into a detailed tips and tricks about how to apply to a guild soon but this is more so about how NOT to apply to one.  My guild recently received an application that was too humorous not to share. Below are just some of the answers I want to share.

How did you hear about us?
(No shit Sherlock, can you try and tell us from where, we know you are applying to a wow guild so you heard about us in wow.  Moron)

If you are in a guild why are you leaving?
(I will take that to mean you are not currently in a guild.  Might have been nice if you mentioned why you left your last one, but okay.)

Have you ever been in a raiding guild before?
(Now I understand why no reason for leaving, you have never been in one)

Tell us about your raiding experience if you have any.  Please be detailed.
(No you do not want to tell us or no you do not have any experience?)

Do you have any end game alts or alts worth mentioning?
(Okay, so you are new, nothing wrong with that.)

What can you provide for the guild, why should we have you with us?
Great, Geared and Experienced.
(I am amazed, more then a one word answer this time.  Either you are a complete and total moron or you really did not want to fill out an application and did this on purpose to get turned down.)

Isn't it amazing how he is not only great and geared but also experienced.  How experienced can someone actually be when they have never been in a raiding guild... or for that matter never even been in a PUG raid?

People, and their stupidity amaze me.  Sure, we all have to break in somewhere but when you have no experience at all to mention (and we did ask you to mention it and you said you had none) do not try and call yourself experienced.

If this person ever filled out a real life application to anything with the same gusto he filled out this one he will never find a job.  Have a nice life living in mom and dads basement for the rest of your life, McDonald's would not even hire you.

So the tip here is, do not be like this person.  Make some effort, use more then one word answers and do not contradict yourself in your own application.

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