Friday, April 23, 2010

Keyboard Turning and Intelligence

I think today must be a really grumpy day for me.  Most likely from my fail at life rolling last night.  More so because it is a slow day at work and I need something to do and being grumpy comes natural to me.

Once again a long discussion popped up on the wow forums about the likes of keyboard vs mouse turning which of course always ends up including clicking vs. keybinding.  First off, let me say I oft times use the term clicking when I "press" a button.  Like I start off all the time by clicking misdirect.  It is just a habit I got into and I always so it. 

When I say I start off by clicking misdirect I am actually pressing Shift and 1.  The macro I use will misdirect to my focus (which is always the main tank) and if the focus is dead or I have no focus then it will misdirect to my pet.  Basic and simple and a part of every hunters daily usage I am sure.  Or should I say I hope.

So I wonder if people really understand what they are saying when they call themselves a clicker.  I am a clicker, will always be a clicker and will not change.  I click the keys I need to do the job.  I wonder how many people that others blast for being a clicker are clicking keys and not clicking with their mouse?  Usage of words, more so on the internet, can get easily confused.

But back to the point.  People are calling the keyboard turners stupid, idiots, morons that don't know how to play.  First off, why is someone wrong for using the keys the game tells you to use?  The game teaches you to use the keys.  So if you use them to turn you are an idiot?  I don't get that.

More so my point is this:  Albert Einstein is widely considered one of the smartest people that ever lived.  Unlike the keyboard vs. mouse turning argument that fact is not really debated.  It is commonly accepted as a fact.  So I would like to use Mr. Einstein as an example to explain a simple common sense fact that it seems 99.9% of the WoW community (at least the ones that use the forums) don't seem to understand.  Oh wait, I should end this now, I used the words common sense.  As we all know in WoW and in life in general no one ever has common sense.  They should change it to uncommon sense because most people really have none.

On topic with Mr. Einstein.  He could not tie his own shoes.  Did you know that?  A basic simple thing that even the slowest of all of us had mastered before we even entered school.  How it is that a man that was so intelligent could not do something that most people take for granted as simple?  Well, some people, no matter their level of intelligence is, just can not do some things.

Perhaps the masses of the great uninformed should think before calling someone an idiot next time because they click or they keyboard turn.  Think (I know for most of the wow forum users this will be very hard but at least try) before you speak next time.

If someone has at least seriously tried to be a mouse turner or a keybinder and they failed at it then they just can not do it.  Kind of like how someone very smart could not tie their shoes.  The ability to mouse turn is not a sign of intelligence.  Stop trying to make the poor people that can't do it feel like idiots because you are trying to make yourself feel good being you can do it.  Your epeen does not really need that "I can keybind and mouse turn" boost. 

Not making macros means you are an idiot.  Whether you click them or bind them is based on your own personal skill level.  Some people can not bind and some people can not click.  Everyone can play how they are best able to play.  Everyone can also take a few seconds to copy and paste a macro to use it.  If you can not take the time to make a macro you are lazy and being lazy is being stupid.

Remember that next time when talking about things like turning and clicking.  People that can't do it might just not be able to do it, it does not mean they are stupid, it just means they do not have the skills required to do it and no amount of trying is going to make someone capable of doing something that they can not do.

I can sing in the shower every night and go sing at karaoke all the time but all that practice is not going to make me a better singer.  I've maxed my skill in singing and it is not ready for american idol yet and it never will be.  Contrary to popular belief... practice does not make perfect.

Tell them to try mouse turning, really try, like for a few weeks.  If they try and they can not do it, then they do not have the skills.  That does not make them stupid.

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