Friday, April 30, 2010

Drops = Luck

With the Cataclysm changes looming and raiding becoming a choice of 10 or 25 it is effectively cutting our chances for drops in half.  We can only run the top raid once per week instead of twice.  The reasoning behind this is to make it take longer for people to gear up so the game does not go stale for the most active of people between updates.  Okay, if that were actually the point then I might understand it.

Looting needs to change.  It is now the 4th week in a row that my Thursday night 25 run saw nothing drop for me.  As for nothing that does not mean nothing I won, I mean nothing that was worth rolling on.  Not one thing unless I wanted to roll on a one handed axe which I didn't.  Gearing up is about luck, not about running both 10 mans and 25 mans.

I am active, maybe not hardcore but active for sure and I have not seen an upgrade in a month.  It is not like I do not need anything.  The bow I could use dropped once and I lost the roll.  Over all however that is all I have really needed that dropped.  The legs never dropped, I ended up buying the sarontie and getting the crafted ones.  The wrists never dropped, the ring never dropped and I have still yet to see Deathbringer's Will drop even once.  Now that alone proves my "luck" part.  If it ever does drop they will be at lest 18 people I can see rolling on it.  So not only do you have to be lucky enough to see it drop, you have to be lucky enough to win the roll.

Blizzard is worried about people gearing up to fast and they want to take away one of our raiding options because of it.  I wonder where they get this idea that people are gearing up to fast.  Some people might get lucky and when they run there are lots of drops that they can use.  Some people might get lucky and win every roll they make for the item.  But those people are lucky.  I repeat, lucky.  They are gearing up fast.  Three new pieces this week, three new pieces next week, three new pieces the week after and add in winning rolls in VoA 10 and 25 and bam, they have all new gear, every piece of their set in 3 weeks or less and a few of them upgrades a few times in that process.

Then there is someone like me.  The one item I have seen in a month that dropped for me I lost the roll on.  The few items I rolled for them even if they were not great for me I lost.  The two marks I saw drop I lost.  Now add to the fact there are 5 hunters in my group and then add to the fact there are 9 over all that would roll on the marks that means that at the rate I am going Cataclysm is going to be out before I ever get an upgrade.

Someone should tell Blizzard that they need to add MORE raids and not take away raids.  Gearing up is a fucking bitch.  It is not easy, it is all luck.  Blizzard needs to remove the luck factor to gearing up.  People that come to one raid a month get three drops in one run and people that are in every raid get none?  Do not make me have to wait even longer to get gear because someone else got lucky enough to win rolls and lucky enough to have things to roll on drop.

Perhaps Blizzard should make everything require frost badges to buy or something similar.  Award the people that worked for their gear instead of awarding people that got lucky with drops and lucky with rolls.  Make high end things like Deathbringer's Will cost 250 Frosts.  That way, sure, I might have to work a month to get it but at least when I finally get it I will have it.  As it is now when it finally drops I will have to roll against 18 others and hope to be lucky. Based on basic math here, that mean at the absolute minimum I will have to wait 18 months to get that one piece.  Hey Blizzard, that is NOT what I call gearing up to fast.

Gear should not be about luck.  Luck is fun for rare drops and fun for the things in the open world but luck should never play into the top tier of gear in the game.  You should earn gear and not luck your way into it.  Each week passes and each week I get sicker of raiding.  At least let one piece of mail drop.  One full month and not one piece of mail drops in a group with 5 hunters.  I am sick and tired of it.  Why even play if you never have a chance to get anything.  I don't even get the chance to be unlucky because nothing drops for me to try my luck with.

Blizzards really needs to rethink things.  Taking out raids is not the answer.  Make everyone get something and have to save it up to buy the items they want.  Sure, they will only be able to afford one every 2 weeks and it will take them a long time to build up their set but at least they will be able to build up their set.  Unlike me who just wastes my fucking time every week raiding to get nothing.  Not even anything to roll on.  Nothing.  It is like I am raiding to gear everyone else up.  I'm a nice guy and do not mind helping people but I would really like to at least have something to roll on once in a while.  This game is wasting my time and I am really starting to dislike the whole raiding aspect.

BTW, as a kick in the shins, lots of stuff dropped last night that no one needed and we ended up disenchanting or someone taking just for the sake they might use it some day even if it does not fit their set up.  More proof that it is all luck and blizzard really has no intelligent system for designing things.  Instead of dropping something that 18 people could have rolled on or something that 5 hunters could have rolled on it dropped gear that not even one person in the raid could use.  See, all luck and bad luck at that.

Get your act together Blizzard.  Do not limit raids because some very lucky people gear up to fast.  Realign things to everyone can gear up at a fair and decent level and not just the lucky people.

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