Monday, April 26, 2010

More yummy achievements

Boredom does bring us to do strange things sometimes.  Was not sure what to do with this weekend being there were no raids going on as many people had real life commitments to attend to.  So out I went to finish off some stuff I was capable of soloing easy but kept putting off because I always got lost.  Namely Lower Blackrock Spire, Blackrock Depths, and Sunken Temple.  Yeap, never did them at all.

The only reason I never did them is because 1) before the random thing no one ever did dungeons and finding groups was near impossible and 2) even if I hit 80 and they became easy I would get lost while trying to find my way through them and just lose interest or someone else would pop up.
I had been in all of them many times to do quests so it is not like I did not know "some" of the layout on them but I did not know all of it.  LBRS was easier then I thought it would be to find my way through.  Seems all the previous times I was just to lazy to finish it because I got bored of walking all over the place.  Once I made it all the way through I realized that I had been so close to the end before and never finished it.  BTW, I always kill everything even if I do not have to.  I am a loot whore all the way. Love getting things to sell and send to y enchanter to disenchant.  That is why it takes me a while.  I kill and loot everything.

BRD was a little harder.  Finding my way that is, not in doing it.  Nothing there could hurt me.  Heck, if I did not want the loot I could have just put my pet on aggressive and ran through the whole place never even firing a shot.  If a pet kills something I do not get loot, so can't let that happen.  I spent in my WoW lifetime about 20 hours in BRD and never found my way to the last boss.  Even though I finished it now I still have never found my way to the last boss.  I cheated and jumped in the lava and worked my way around.  I really wanted to make it through the way I was supposed to but I was getting frustrated and just wanted to finish it.  One day I want to go in there with someone that knows the way and have them show me just to see it.

The one room before the last boss with the 10,000 dwarfs in it was interesting to say the least.  Makes me wonder how anyone ever did that at level. I ran in and went around in circles packing them all up with my pet on passive and then dropped a volley.  Numbers all over the place.  It was a sight of beauty watching 100s of dwarfs biting the dust in a sea of damage.  Then I turned around and they were all back.  Every last one of them.  Uh?  Wow, doing this at level must have been an adventure.  There is probably a sign up in the iron dwarf hideout with my picture up and the words "Wanted for Dwarven Genocide" on it.  For the fun of it I did that a few times.  It was enjoyable.

I did what I always do, and I should have learned this already, do not go right to the last boss.  Clear the room.  After have 50 trees attack me in Dire Maul I should have known better.  But I never learn.  I killed the boss nice and quick and the whole room came to me.  Again, one volley and they all went down.  It is so fun to see that. That was a lot of looting to do afterwards.

On to ST, looked up the pattern online to do the activations.  Evey thing when fine and the guide I found told me exactly what to do.  One thing I never figured out however was how to get to the dragon area.  It said how to walk to there but running around I never figured it out so I just jumped.  No biggie.  I killed all the dragons first.  See, maybe I can learn and went one to kill the boss.  Nothing really eventful here.  One thing that is annoying was I noticed that one quest I did there a long time ago was just before the end.  If I had stayed there for another few minutes I could have finished that one way back when.

Now with my shiny new Classic Dungeonmaster achievement it was time to move on.  A pug for Karazhan was going on so I joined it being I had never done that one before.  Was a cake walk with 6 80s and a few lower levels.  I still do not have the key.  So after that I went on to start the quests to get the key.  Almost done with it.  Of course I soloed the dungeons to get the fragments.  Some I even got some rep for, so I ran them a few times.  Yeap, still need two more for the 30 rep achievement so that was worth it.

All in all it was a good achievement weekend for me.  Not to mention I grabbed Within Our Grasp, The Sword in the Skull and of course one more for the Classic Dungeonmaster Razorfen Downs.

I think I am going to start running out of things I can do soon.  Or, let me rephrase that, things I want to do soon.  Oh well, will enjoy doing it while I can.  Over 6000 achievement points now.  It looks nice.

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