Friday, April 23, 2010

They Love Me In That Tunnel

I got They Love Me In That Tunnel last night which came with The Diplomat when I did it.  Always nice to do double duty on the achievements.  I have no clue what made me want to go for that one the other day but it was not even half the grind I thought it would be.

I started killing our friendly neighborhood Furbolgs a bit the day before.  Did the circular grind around the deadwood area in Felwood.  They spawn back fast enough that even one shotting everything meant I did not need to wait long.  I kept going until I stopped getting rep from kills at revered and collected all the feathers.  When the night was over I went and turned all the feathers in and was half way through revered.  All that while talking on vent with people.  So it passed like nothing. 

Yesterday I went back to work on it and while again talking on vent it passed by quickly.  Had the 175 more feathers I needed in no time really.  I would say a total of 3 hours were needed to grind it up. Mind you, those 3 hours were also not a dedicated 3 hours.  I did not rush killing things and keep moving without stopping.  I talked, I browsed the web some, but I mostly killed the furbolgs.

I almost did not do that one at all.  I thought it would be one of those horrible ones where I needed to grind for 12 hours on a weekend and then some.  I am glad I decided to do it.  I wanted the new title and that was my 28th rep maxed out now.  Not to mention, that achievement has to be one of the best names for an achievement.  Do you ever think that the people that make these things up are just a little touched in the head some.

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