Thursday, April 15, 2010

Maybe I should change my name to TheRudeElf.

Yesterday one of the Hunters in my guild asked me where I got my boots.  I said a leather worker made them.  I wear the Rock Steady Threads which are an ICC pattern.  I made sure to get them as soon as I was able to. For an MM hunter they are awesome.

The guy that asked seems to always ask me questions and I am always glad to help with advice.  I am no sage hunter, I still have tons to learn, but I figure I do read a lot and maybe he does not have the time for that so I will share my knowledge.  For some reason he copied my spec exactly, even after asking me what I thought would be best and I told him to stay Survival.  He is famous for his comments to everyone, not just me, "Your alt is better geared then my main", "Your alt does more DPS then my main.", and other stuff like that.

So he comes back saying "It would take 5 Primordial Saronite to make those, screw that, I am not getting them."  I did not mean to be rude at all, I mean to be helpful.  I think for a second and lots of rude comments come to mind and all of them are dismissed as I know I am not the type to actually say them.  When the right words come to mind.

"For a MM hunter those boots are the BiS outside of Heroic content.  Do not complain about your gear score or DPS any more if you are not willing to make at least a little effort to get the best gear you have access to."

I did not intend that to come off as rude, and it sure sounded it, at least in my own mind.  A few moments of silence in guild chat when someone comes out and says.  "Wow, that is the greatest thing I have ever heard"

I said, "I did not mean to sound rude, was just pointing out that they are the best you can get. Sorry."  The guy said, "It's okay" and logged off and another guy said, "It was not rude, you are right."

I few people followed in on that note but I did not see the other guy on again all night.  He is one of our most active and dedicated raiders, so he is an asset in most cases, even if he does not want to make the effort to get himself geared up and I always have to give him flasks because he never brings his own.  He is one of those, if I do not get it from a drop I won't have it, people.  Those types never make the effort.  Me, I went out of my way to get those boots as soon as I was able to.  Spent a lot to, and it was worth it.  They will last me a very long time.

Maybe I need to learn to get the point across better without coming off as so rude in the process.  The guy is young (maybe 13-14) and is always asking me how to get better.  (Not like he ever listens to anything I say) So it seems he looks up to me in a sense.  I really do hope I did not offend him.  I do not like being rude like that, even more so to a team mate.  It just seemed to tick me off some that he did not even want to make an effort.  Maybe if he said, "I will never be able to save up for that." I would have taken it differently then wholeheartedly dismissing them because they are not worth it for that price.

It is not like it is a rare drop, or a drop in content you are not capable of doing.  It is a craftable item.  It is something you can grind and make gold to buy.  It is something that is super easy to get if you put a little bit of effort into it.

Why should your guild put the effort into helping you get gear when you wont help yourself get any?

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