Wednesday, July 1, 2015

So Which Bonus Objectives Do You Do?

After your take the main quest to do the apexis daily in one labeled area of your choice given two options you are given another quest to complete two bonus objectives, of your own choice anywhere.  By now most people that have been playing around in T2 have done this process once or twice.  I know I have found my favorite areas to do my two bonus objectives, of course based on time taken to do them and I am sure others have.

Before I share my opinion on which two bonus objectives are the best I do wish to make a few comments on this whole process. 

I really dislike the fact I need to do the one objective and come back to turn it in before I can get the quest for the other two.  I would rather them change the other quest from saying two to saying three and letting me pick it up at the same time I pick up the one directed objective.  In the end I would still end up doing three, the initial one and the two additional ones, so changing it to three would not add more work but what it would do it make it so I do not need to return to base to pick up the follow up quest.  I think that would be an excellent quality of life change in my opinion.

Now on to which bonus objectives I think are the best one.  Remember, your mileage might vary based on the actions of people on your server or how busy your server is.  My spots work because it seems not many people on my server are doing these areas for some odd reason.

Iron Front:

The iron front is one hell of a quick bonus objective area.  With bandages you can pick up, banners you can click and an elite mob that offers up an astounding 10% completion along with fast spawning normal mobs, most of which are in battle with the NPCs there and already injured that still give you credit even if you only put one auto attack on them make this area a super fast zone to do the bonus objective.

I start by grabbing a few boxes for my bandages when I land at the flight path.  I then make a b-line to one of the elites, pulling all mobs that might aggro on me as I go.  I dismount, hit misdirect, spin and turn and hit barrage.  All the mobs trailing me, a few others, and the elite go to my pet.  I burn them down some and then use the bandages on the injured people there, and there are always a few, and click the banner, sometimes there are two,while my pet does what my pet does and then I turn to finish the elite.  Usually this puts me anywhere between 20-35% complete.

I repeat this process a couple of times and I am done on my hunter.  But this is not one of my favorite places because my hunter can blow through it, it is one of my favorite places because my alts, even extremely under geared alts can blow through it and basically that means it is a great area for anyone.

You land at a flight path that is right at the start of the area.  There are boxes for bandages right there and injured people all over at 4% completion each.  The banners are also 4% completion each.  The mobs in the area are in battle with the alliance and horde forces and are sometimes at very low life.  Even if they are at 10 health as long as you tag them you will get full completion credit for killing them.  All that and the ultimate kicker that if you see some hunter like me killing one of those elites I mentioned, throw a shot in.  Yes, you get a full 10% completion when I kill it.  You do not even need to kill it yourself.

All that awesome easiness and the fact there are a few rares that can appear there, two that need to be summoned and most people do not know how to do so, and you can get some of those fel corrupted apexis fragments you are looking for as well while doing the objective.

The iron front gets a 9 and a half star out of 10 for ease of completion from both my geared and ungeared characters.  It only loses a half point because it is one of the furthest away, but at least it has a flight point right there.

Bleeding Hallow:

The bleeding hallow area can be a little rough on an under geared character walking into it to get to the ultimate area I am going to suggest for this but when you get there it is great. 

On a geared character it is pretty much a non issue, just pull everything and mow it down, and this is one of the best places for that because even on a full server there are usually a full set of mobs up somewhere in there.  It seems to have the best respawn rate of all the bonus objective areas, at least in one place.

If you can make it all the way to the top you will see a large area with 7 or 8 of those blood orbs, each with one person guarding it.  The guards have very low life so even a lower geared player can kill them fast and then clicking the orbs gives 3 or 4% per click.  So kill guard, click orb, rinse and repeat and never ever worry about running out of spawns or orbs because in this spot, the highest spot in bleeding hallow, these babies respawn faster than you can kill and click.

If you do this one with a friend, have one kill and one click, as you share credit on clicks if you are in a group, this objective can take three minutes or less.  Even alone it does not take much longer, depending on your gear of course.  My hunter can one or two shot the orb guards whereas my rogue might take 4 or 5 globals to kill it.  Either way, it dies fast and completing the quest is really easy here.

The bleeding hallow gets an 8 out of 10 for an under geared character because you might get slowed down getting to the top but once you do it is great and a 10 out of 10 from a well geared character because even the mobs leading up to there are easy to kill for them.

What are your favorite bonus objective areas or spaces you have found that help make them faster and easier?


  1. I know that I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but you just nailed my daily routine in terms of bonus objectives. I pretty much always do those two as my extras.

    I start every day with killing the four mount mobs. I'm almost always in-game at the time of daily reset, so they are up and groups are forming.

    Then I do the first required killing zone of the day, hoping that it also crosses over with my "get claws" or "get blood" daily to further kill two birds with a single stone. (The 10 shards come as I travel along. I pretty much always have my ten from rare elites by the time the entire daily loop is finished.) And finally, I head to the Iron Front and from there ride to Bleeding Hollow.

    I can pretty much do all of this in an hour and two cups of coffee. The only thing that would improve it is if the turn-in for the initial area objective quest was a pop-up turn-in followed by a pop-up follow up quest for the two bonus area clears. That seems to me to be the best way to handle the frustrating problem of having to now return to King's Landing. And yes, it irks me, too.

    1. Great minds think alike. ;)

      I have a post on how to get the fragment quests done easier tomorrow. It is already written, just have to post it. It involves creative use of mechanics if you will, which means that blizzard will fix it, but I have enough fragments to do that quest for days to come already. It allows me to collect past the 10 I need for those days I do not have the time to rare hunt, as they are never up anyway.

    2. I have developed a bug with finishing the Iron Front. For the past several days, when I enter the zone, I get two progress bars to pop up and they remain 2% different from each other. When I finish one, I don't get credit for it and the second bar disappears. The first time that this happened, I put in a ticket and was told that it was a known issue and that there are several bugs they are working on surrounding bonus area completions. (My request for my 800 crystals was ignored.)

      After having this happen several times, I now avoid this area except to hunt rares. Too bad.

    3. It figures they would ignore your 800 crystals, they do not seem very nice that way.

      I have not had that one happen on any of my characters thankfully. I wonder what is causing it.

  2. I do all of them. 150k Apexis for a mount is SRS BNS.

    1. I am collecting them like crazy and not even doing all of them. 150K should not be hard in time I think. Wish I had the time to do them all each day but I barely have enough time to do the dailies on one character a day. 6.2 is hard core not for casual player sort of stuff.

  3. As someone undergeared I find Iron Harbour easiest. Picking up bombs to blow up cannon and using the turret guns can rack up progress quickly without messy pulls.

    And in Bleeding Hollow I found yesterday that I dont need to kill the mobs guarding the orbs. Just by destroying the orb, the mob despawned while attacking me. Maybe its a bug, but I could race around clicking orbs like crazy without getting killed

    1. I can't say whether or not that is intended, but I've had the same thing happen. If the orb clears before its attached mob dies, it despawns. However, you don't get credit for the mob kill, which is 1%.

      I always kill the mob first, but I can understand not doing so if gear is an issue.

    2. Yes, I think of Ironhold Harbour as a soft target.

      I seem to get rares more often In Iron Front and Ironhold Harbour than anywhere else - I've averaged two each per visit so far - so those are the two I'll always do among my three.

      I particularly enjoy lobbing the shells in Ironhold as well. ;)

      Thanks for the that trick of clicking the orbs in Bleeding Hollow. I'll try it next time I'm there!

    3. Yeah, iron harbor can be a good one but I find that they sometimes come in large packs making it dangerous sometimes for a lower geared character. But if it is a busy area that keeps that from happening, it is a great area too.

      I think those mobs are connected to it, so yes, when you click on the blood orb the guard that was on it disappears. I actually think that is intended, not sure of course, but seems intended, as if they are connected to it.

      As 2B said, killing the mob first mean more completion and they have low health, so I think it is worth killing them first.


      Funny thing is a lot of people do not think to click them. I often run in there and mobs are dead but all the orbs are still up. I am like "thank you" click and move on.

  4. On my server, the Bleeding Hollow is usually swarmed as it is a relatively small area where the orbs spawn and many will ninja the orbs as I am grouping and killing the npcs. Plus it really is not the most efficient area for grabbing any of the apexis fragements on my server. I find Kra'naak to be very efficient for my needs. I usually can kill 2 rares there, I can fish there for blight and I can collect 6 apexis fragments from the crystals that spawn in the area. I then just grab a chest when I go to the iron front and am done with the 10 fraqment quest. As mentioned, Iron Front is my other daily zone bonus as I can mine the area and grab some felblight.

    Alternatively, the harbor is very fast if you use the artillery shells that drop, jump on the cannon up on the northern ledge near the flight point and aim. I can collect 10 shells in a minute and kill war marchines and groups of npcs in a matter of seconds. There are 4 rares there that spawn but very few chests hidden around. I can be in and out of the harbor in 15 minutes at most. However, no felblight and as mentioned, few chests.

    1. Yeah, as I said, it depends on your server. If any of the spots is a hto spot on your server it usually makes it a worse place to do it. Competing for objectives is never a fun thing.

      Harbor does seem to be a favorite of many. Lots of things to click on which is always helpful.

    2. "...many will ninja the orbs as I am grouping and killing the npcs."

      This drives me crazy. Even when I'm on a weak soloing character (healer or some such) I never want to do this type of thing.

      I do think my servers are generally good, although CRZ means it can still happen.

    3. Drives me crazy too. I curse at the screen when I see people do that.

      I don't get how hard it is to be a decent person. If I see someone fighting on an orb I consider that or their orb and move long. Wish others would show the same common courtesy.

      I would pay, as in actual real cash, to be on a solo server when questing. There is something blizzard could sell that I would buy the shit out of.