Friday, May 10, 2013

Oops! I Didn't Mean to do That.

Have you ever had one of those fat finger moments?  You know what I am talking about.  Hitting the wrong key and screwing up?  Or have you ever used one of your abilities expecting it to work out one way but it didn't quite work as planned?  Or ever have something happen and you are not exactly sure how or why it did?  Sometimes it is something that just hurt you, sometimes it is something that hurts the whole group.  I don't care what anyone says, we have all done it at one moment or another.  Some of us more than others however. 

Dude, Where's my Mount?

Ever accidentally dismounted mid air?  I will say this one has never happened to me thankfully but I have someone in my guild that this happens to all the time.  Not only has it happened to them but it has happened with hilarious results.

While assembling for a raid and hanging out around stormwind a friend was flying around while waiting when suddenly she found her mount had disappeared.  Don't worry, I'll pop my parachute.  Lucky thing she is an engineer right?  No parachute?  Oh crap, splat.

Then, 2 seconds after the body hit the ground and become street pizza, the parachute pops open, attached to a dead body.

Is that a double oops moment?  Losing the mount and having parachute lag.  Not sure, but it was funny to see a dead body with a parachute on it.

Go Ahead Without Me, I'll Catch the Next Boat.

This is one that has to have happened to every hunter.  Disengage moments are common and not even as a fat finger moment, sometimes as an I meant to do that moment, just did not mean for it to turn out as it did.

One time on the vanessa fight in the deadmines I disengaged off the boat.  Oops.  I've disengaged off of a lot of things.  Some times by accident when I did mean to hit it and other times where I was like, I didn't hit that, did I?

How about those big heal moments in a raid where you decide to hit deterrence to help the healers out and hit disengage instead.  So while trying to make the healers life easier, you just made it harder because you are no longer stacked for healing.  Yeap, I've died that way.  Oops.

Where Did the Floor Go?

Kologarn and Magmaw, two completely different fights, one insanely similar result.  First time tanking it, charge in, plummet to my death.  Are you kidding me, the floor does not go all the way to the boss?

I've died to them both tanking them, luckily enough I was smarter as melee because I learned from my tanking mistakes.  I guess it is all that getting hit in the head as a tank that made me do something stupid like that.  Perhaps it is the habit of charging into mobs when pulling that made my fingers drift to the key and hit it subconsciously.

I knew if I got too close I would die.  I know that could happen.  Yet I still hit the charge without even thinking about it as a natural reaction to the pull.  Oops.

Rogues Like it From Behind... Sometimes.

Shadowstep suffers from the same issues that charge does.  It becomes something you just do naturally.  It is part of what you do.  So it is only natural that you hit it when you think you need it right?

Some bosses don't have backs.  Some bosses have death back there, instant death.  I've died that way.

It isn't just shadowstep that leads to rogue oops moments, killing spree introduced me to a new oops this expansion that I never experienced before.  Elegon and killing spree do not go well together when you are killing a pillar.

It is a long fall down.

Did you know there is a button you can click on down here?

Best shadowstep moment of all time I had recently while farming leather.  I was mowing down mobs and tabbing from one to the next when I tabbed to one that was not in melee.  Reaction was, shadowstep, problem was, it was not one of the mobs I was attacking, it was a bird flying by.  Worse yet, it was a bird flying by that happened to be flying over the edge of a cliff.  I went behind it, hit it, plummeted to my death.  Oops.  Freaking birds.

We Needed That Right?

Hero on trash, hero while waiting for the pull, hero for just about any moment when it serves absolutely no purpose what so ever.  We have all been there, we have all seen it, and some of us have even done it.

I've popped hero on trash.  I've pooped hero while looking though things at the auction house.  I've popped hero while attempting to type in chat.  I popped hero so often and at so many bad times that I do not have it bound any more.  Neither is time warp on my mages.  If we need it, I will click it with my mouse.  No more key binds for hero.

I even changed the binds around to make it something I could not accidentally activate.  But guess what?  Oops.  Somehow I did.  So it will remain the rest of its life as an unbound ability.

I Believe I Can Fly.

Hellfire Peninsula, dreaming glory, land on mountain, pick, mount, splat.  Oops.  Tigers can't fly.  Who has been there?  It's okay, you can admit it.  It only happened to me once but it did happen.  Now I have a habit of hitting the space bar every time I mount up before I move.  Just to make sure the mount lifts into the air first before I attempt to fly off on a tiger again.

I Might Have Misjudged That Jump.

Ever try to take a short cut and jump off the side of an area to get into the water and not quite make the water?  Or perhaps hit the shallow end and still go splat?

Been there, done that, and thanks to two new glyphs I do it a little more often than I used to.  My shaman casting waterwalking automatically when in ghost wolf form has made me spend a few coins on repair.  As has my warlock glyph that gives my class mount water walking.

Both are very useful to have, both can be very deadly if you forget about them.  I've forgot about them both multiple time.  Oops.

You Can Have Him Back, Please.

Oddly enough for someone that likes consistency on their characters my taunt on my tanks is not consistent at all.  I keep it bound to a different key on each tank.  While I rarely have issues with it sometimes I kind of fat finger it and taunt when I did not intend to.

Taunt, taunt, taunt.  What, I have him.  No you don't I accidentally took him. Oops.

I tend to have this happen most often on my druid, the only one of my tanks that actually has their taunt on the number binds.  One to be precise.  Not sure why, never found somewhere else I was comfortable with it on my druid so it sits there.  And I have fat fingered it because of that more times than I would like to admit.

I really need to find a better place for it


We have all had our moments, be it fat fingers or misjudgements, or using abilities that did not quite work out as you had expected them too.  Please feel free to share some of your oops moments.  It's okay, this is like a support group, we all did it, we won't laugh at you.  Okay, maybe we will laugh at you, but that is only because it is funny.  And admit it, even if you made the mistake, looking back, isn't it kind of funny.

I could play my disengage greatest hits and go on and on about all the oops moment I have had with that, as I am sure everyone that has ever played a hunter can.


  1. Fat-fingering:

    Monk Flying Serpent Kick (had a few significant oops moments with that, once or twice when it just didn't work properly (wouldn't land me), more often when I just hit it by accident with bad results)

    Mis-judged Jumps:

    Add the Azure Water Strider to your "water is hard" list, that's become my go-to ground mount for most toons but the transition to it was more painful than I expected. DK Path of Frost as well.

    Jumping off the peak where Primordius spawns toward the Alliance quest givers on the Alliance and reverting back while in mid-air. That hasn't happened lately, either I've aimed better or they've hotfixed it to keep you buffed until you land, but had a few of those happen previously.

    Never had a mid-air dismount but I've occasionally tried flying off something in a zone that doesn't actually allow flight while using a dual-mode mount.


    I think you mean Killing Spree, not Slice & Dice. I was going to mention that as well, when I'm running my rogue on a new boss without an accessible back (Ultraxion, Ragnaros, Magmaw, etc) I'll take advantage of the first wipe call to try it out and see what happens. Blizz usually patches those fights at some point but you can never count on it working at release.

    All of my Disengage stories have to do with it NOT working in scenarios that I've built around it being available... I have it bound to my toon-wide "oh shit" button (`) so typically if I'm pressing that button, whatever ends up happening will be better than whatever's currently happening. That it doesn't work when out of combat has caused me problems a few times, though. While trying to grab Ban'thalos (?) in Hyjal, before learning about the tree technique, I was flying, dismounting, hitting him in mid-air and disengaging before hitting the ground... in theory. Doesn't work well when you don't actually manage to get a shot off before falling out of range of the mob. WTB a glyph to allow out-of-combat Disengage.

    Oops, How'd That Happen?:

    Pet on Aggressive in the old days would fall into this category... I occasionally miss having that but I don't think LFR would be possible if it still existed. It's hard enough getting hunters to turn off Growl, having them pull entire rooms would be worse.

    Speaking of pulling whole rooms, the previous incarnation of Boomkin Starfall... the 40yd one that would hit anything, whether you're in combat with it or not... that (I learned far too long after I started playing my Boomkin, didn't immediately recognize the cause of the "WTF, who's pulling all the trash?") is centred on the Boomkin, even while moving, not on the spot where it's originally cast... so, yeah. I didn't have it glyphed to increase the damage by 10%, I had it glyphed to decrease the radius by 20yds. I'm still scared to use it and I think they fixed it a while ago.

    Numerous wipes on Atramedes with myself and another Disc priest 2-healing it... we'd be spamming Prayer of Healing but yet folks in group 2 just weren't getting consistently healed... by about attempt 5 we both actually read the tooltip and noticed that PoH is PARTY-BASED... and both of us had the Tank, in group 1, who took the bulk of the damage that fight, generally targeted and just assumed it would heal the folks in group 2 as well.

    Good topic. :)

    1. I forgot about doing some flying kicks off some steep cliffs on more than one occasion. lol Defiantly been there.

      Yes, I meant killing spree, fixed it. Thanks.

      Aggressive pets and starfalling boomkins were always great fun for a fast clear but it surely was an oh shit moment the first time I saw a boomkin bring the entire room.

  2. When I used to be an enhance shaman back in Wrath, my Bloodlust button was right next to my Earth Shock button. Wrath enhance rotation was like being a mad typist, so my pugs often blew Bloodlust at weird times!

    Later, my rogue raided Firelands in Cataclysm. The portal between the entrance of the raid and the later bosses (Staghelm and Ragnaros) could not be entered while mounted. Unfortunately, with so many guildies hopping through the portal at the same time, the buff icons were a little unpredictable and trying to right click the mount debuff often cost me my flask buff. Bear in mind, this was the time of Cataclysm where the guild would provide a cauldron and so I had to learn to carry my own flasks...

    1. I was enhancement back in wrath too so I know where you are coming from. Most don't miss that mess, I do, I loved it back then. I think that is when I first started my oops hero moments.

  3. My most recent big screw up is hitting Lay of Hands on Dorumu. That is a big no-no as I solo tank it. If I have forbearance then I can't cleanse my stacks, I can't cleanse my stacks we wipe - simple as. It's just it is so instinctive, nearly dead, pop Lay on Hands. I've had to unbind it and remove it from my bars for that fight. I don't trust myself. Same for Horridon, I can't ever press Lay on Hands, that is a bad bad button to press on those fights.

    When I first got my Razer naga gaming mouse I was forever hitting taunt instead of interrupt by accident. No big deal if it's currently attacking me, but big deal when I was dps or when you have to taunt swap and so I can't have it at that time. I've since changed how I hit the button and *touch wood* that hasn't happened in a long time.

    My fingers often hit the wrong buttons though and hit the ones next to it. I say often, it only usually happens on characters I don't play that much. I hardly ever do it on my pally tank but I do it several times every encounter on my dk. I keep hitting pestilence (on 4) when I mean rune strike (on 3) or death strike (on 5) I don't know why I do that, it's very irritating.


    Anyway can I ask an off topic question? I'm levelling my hunter, it's 87 right now, and I was wondering what spec you'd recommend. I'm Beast Mastery right now, I think I changed to that spec when I started levelling to 90 to play with the new pets, I went and picked up a corehound, but I was survival in cata.

    I'm not a very good hunter mostly because I've never really played it. I'd like to get better and so I also wondered if you could tell me what the ideal recount breakdown would be, or where I could find that information? What I mean by that is when I see what percentage each attack is as part of my dps. Right now my top spot by some margin is auto attack at 30% so clearly I'm doing something terribly wrong. What should be my top ability?

    You don't have to answer, especially as it's off topic. When I think hunter I think of you so yeah just wondered if you had any advice I guess. I've pored over the icy veins guide and tried to understand and implement it but that's about it so far.

    1. My paladin tank did that twice last night and then we hear on vent, crap, I can't clear my stacks. lol

      BM is good to stick with. Pets can take more damage and put out more damage which makes questing a lot easier. They can kill while you collect. Just make sure you have glyph of misdirection and use it. As well, that is needed less with BM as your pet will hold aggro better when BM.

      In BM auto attack will be one of your top damage dealers. Your pet is the killing machine, not you. Pop your serpent sting up, use arcane to dump focus, cobra to build it up and make sure you hit every pet related ability whenever it is off cooldown.

      Do not stack rapid fire with BW and let a 5 stack of FF stay on the pet if you are going to BW within the next few seconds. You can consume the FF after the BW is over.

      But more on to the question. It is not unheard of for 30% or more of the hunters damage to be from autoshot.

      Look at my post the other day. Autoshot does more DPS then most classes can in the LFR.

    2. Oh thank you! You are very kind. Seriously thank you :)

      I guess I was thinking about auto attack from a paladin perspective where that is bad, it's like "I'm just not hitting my buttons" bad. I did see that post and wasn't surprised by the general LFR skill level and rather assumed you were doing a little more than what you said. After all auto attack only works if you target the mobs which trash wise/add wise is beyond most LFR people.

      Anyway seriously thank you. I really appreciate it. I don't generally play dps and I don't like to suck. I was worried about the numbers. Think I was doing 21k in LFD at 87. I remember doing more than that on my kitty druid in Cata. The plan is to get to 90 and then find every hunter resource I can get my hands on. Guides tend to assume 90 and talk about the 90 talent which I don't have otherwise. Did this with my lock, thought I was doing decently enough, just got to 480 and queued for Throne LFR. Suddenly my numbers which were twice as high in heroics and MSV LFR plummeted and I became one of the 40k you complain about. Perhaps it was because I was trying to do it properly, my friend told me that if you just focus on the boss then your numbers are better, whereas I was doing adds. Anyway I won't queue for that now anyway till I stop sucking, or possibly anyway given my loathing for LFR.

      Got off point, point is thank you so much. I think I'm comb through your old posts looking for hunter stories now :)

  4. My 10 man is working through ToT. Those stupid bridges with the wind blowing across them? Our warlock will put up a gateway halfway across the help the tank pull back to our group waiting on the stairs. After we clear the trash, we can use it to get further across the bridge, keeping an eye on those blue floaty guys. All make sense? Good. Every time we tackle this dungeon, someone uses the gateway right into a blue circle and is hurled from the bridge. Its really very comical at this point. "Who will it be this week?"

    1. That is great. Almost sounds like what I was always doing in HoF. I would use it on the third boss and always ended up going right into a tornado. I gave up and just stopped using it, never had any problems again.

      Or accidentally clicking it, as I mouse turn and run I am often clicking both keys on the screen. I've accidentally went backwards. I've accidentally lost aggro as a tank. I hate those things sometimes.

      If I was in your raid, I am sure it would be me that it kills next week. :P

  5. On my hunter, I have Disengage bound to ` (like the first reply, ` is my "oh shit!" button across all my characters), and Kill Shot is bound to 1. There have been plenty of times where I hit 1 and accidentally grazed `, and disengaged instead of killing, or doing both.

    Last night, I disengaged off the Lumber Mill in Arathi Basin. Guy I was trying to kill probably couldn't believe his luck. Just had to laugh, while waiting to res ...

    1. I did that a few times too. I am sure every hunter has. I do the jump, turn disengage in situations like that. Sometimes, lets just say, I don't quite turn enough.

  6. I used to have Disengage bound to `, but too many accidental keystrokes when going for 1. My disengage is Shift+S now (super-go-backwards).

    But I've disengaged off many things (Lich King, Blackhorn, Deathwing, the platforms between the bridges in ToT, etc).

    One place I like to use Disengage is to get away from the snails leading up to Ji-Kun. Disengage will perfectly pop me across to the other pathway. Also on Megeara, when we need to stack for the short enrage, to get out of group quick when the enrage is over. The bonus 5% heal is always nice too.

    Really really really like the idea of a glyph that lets Disengage work out of combat. Mages can blink at any time, we should be able to disengage at any time.

    Speaking of Blink, I've blinked off things before. One that gets me a lot is in Shatt at the AH, the AH and mailbox are just a little more than a blink apart but if you don't get the right angle, you blink to where the walkway paths up to the mailbox and fall... Not deadly but annoying.

    On my warlock, I often try to hit the button that I have bound to blink on my mage... that tends to screw me up.

    A recent "oops" was that I fell off Lei Shen's platform in LFR during the last phase with the varying wind that blows you around. Luckily, the boss was down to the last few percent and the few people left alive finished him off (I think I was still top or one of the top dps even though I died... that's LFR for ya though). I looked down and thought "I'm really close to the ... shit! I fell off!"

    I've dismounted in mid-air many times. It's bound to my mouse next to my auto-run button... sometimes I'll hit the wrong one by mistake.

    Never tried to make a tiger fly though. I use GoGoMount to randomly select different mounts (I have over 150 mounts) and it will automatically mount a flying mount if flight is allowed in that area.

    I used to accidentally hit Deterrence but I've moved the key-bind so that doesn't happen anymore. Annoying to be hitting my buttons and have nothing happen... oh, Deterrence... can't attack. Always thought it was annoying that our big defensive CD prevents us from attacking.

    I'll accidentally Scatter Shot bosses from time to time... not the most effective use of a key press...

  7. My recent favorite disengage was with Elegon. "6 seconds until the floor disappears."

    No problem, *disengage*, how did I end up with my back aimed at the control box that starts the encounter?

    I bounced right back onto the floor as it disappeared. *facepalm*

    My other "oops" habit is because my main is a feral druid. I'm very used to instant flight and turning into a cat that can survive longer falls.

    I tend to land by aiming in the right direction and shifting into cat mode mid-flight and using the momentum to land me right where I want to be. However, my shaman, mage, hunter, paladin, etc cannot handle the same height falls and landing like that has ended up with me splattered on a few occasions.

    Or the, "oh, I'll just jump off this cliff and mount in mid-flight. ... Darn, I forgot flying mounts take time to turn on." *splat*

    1. I have had things like that happen more than once. With disengage and with running. Kiting something and run into something stupid that blocked me and not notice it. But disengaging into stuff is a classic one. I've often disengaged on a hill with my back to the up part and went... nowhere.

  8. Some PVP classics:

    Throwing a blind into a target which *just* has been dotted by your partner. (Total waste of a blind, it just goes away on next tick.)

    The reverse happens as well.

    Worse: CC'ing an already CC'd target, with both CCs on the same diminishing return.

    Even worse: cycloning a wrong target! In arenas, this frequently means cycloning a target that is about being bursted (!), and simultaneously NOT cycloning a target that can save the one being bursted (!). Talk about a facepalm moment.

    Still worse yet: accidentally leaving a queue for the arena or rated BG instead of joining. Total facepalm through and through. :-)

    1. I have done stuff like that a million times. Even dotting up my own CC with a serpent sting. Oops. But I chalk that up to being bad at PvP more than an oops. lol

  9. First WoW character ever - a Druid, leveled as resto. Running Sunken Temple with real life friends (thankfully all of them real good players) - when I suddenly had a bad lag attack cause my cast was going on and on and on.... until the loading screen popped and suddenly I was in Moonglade.

    When I told my friends on Teamspeak two of them died from laughing, and one inquired if I used the spell so often that I needed it keybound. It took some time to get back (at that time only Warlocks could port).....

    Rauxis, chosen of CAT

    1. Why would you have that keybound is a good question. That is one awesome oops.

  10. The first time I need to jump somewhere - I tend to have mixed results.

    Also, I find it's best not to do cooperative activities when half asleep :)

    1. I think I learned the half asleep one a long time ago. Gladly I have not had many of those moments but I know more than a few that have. lol

  11. Hmm, lots of embrassing moments. Such as hunter's mark something that I had hunter's marked. Jump shots and I fall off the side of a mountian or a bridge. Losing situation awareness and dis-engaging into mobs, mis-directing to the wrong team mate (i.e. not the tank, but a healer), hitting the dang caps lick instead of the tab key to switch targets.... I can go on for hours. Aye, a laff every minute. LOL.

    stay frosty...

    1. hmmm, that's "caps lock" not "caps lick" - something totally not right....

    2. I MDed to the healer not once, not twice, but three times before I noticed it in a random when the LFD was first released.

      They were group leader and I thought that symbol was for tank, not leader. Oops. I explained myself and apologized as soon as I noticed it.

      The healer said he was about the yell at the tank for being a bad tank. I said, yell at the hunter for being a bad hunter. We all had a good laugh about it.

      We all make mistakes.

    3. My tiny guild of 5 raiders was invited to go to old world 10 man ZA with some members of another guild with an actual raid team for a bear run. We'd cleared a few times and were close to making the bear time... but one week, on the bear boss, I managed to BoP the tank. Insta-wipe, no bear for us that week. It was humiliating.

      I dismount myself all of the time, mid-air. My Cleanse button is T, which I apparently hit randomly while I'm flying a lot. Lucky I'm a paladin and can bubble before I hit the ground.

      To help with my random mid-air dismounting problems, I decided to use the minor glyph that makes you slow fall when you have Avenging Wrath (wings) up. To date, I have not once managed to actually use it properly to save my life. I have, however, managed to have wings up at exactly the wrong moment on every single boss with a knockback, so that instead of being knocked 5y back and running back in, I end up lazily floating 3/4 of the way across the map, behind furniture, under stairs...