Friday, May 24, 2013

A Gnome and a Tauren Walk Into a Bar...

The Gnome turns the to Tauren and starts crying into his drink feeling sorry for himself, "Everything I build blows up.  Whenever I go out people are always trying to kick me.  I am the butt of every short joke you can imagine.  When out adventuring with friends I need mountain climbing gear to get over pebbles my mates step over, I almost drown in lakes they walk right through and I'm tired of never being taken serious like I am the comic relief."
"It could be worse." The Tauren says.

"Worse?  What could be worse then the hell I have to live with on a daily basis?"

The Tauren says, "You could have to go through life named Holy Cow."

The Gnome takes a second to think and says, "You win."


Wasn't exactly sure of a title for today's post so I figured I would make up a joke and start it that way.  Hope my joke wasn't too bad.  Just bad enough to be good. 

Sometimes wow can be downright silly and that is a good thing.  We all need a break from the serious, from the grinding, from the raiding, from the mundane.  Silly is good.

I've always been a fan of transformation toys.  My first transformation toy was Dartol's Rod of Transformation.  I loved that thing, still do.  It is no longer in game but I still have it.  I am quite glad that it was not one of the fun things that lost the battle of bag space over the years.  There are many things no longer in game I wish I still had but alas they are gone.

For anyone that wants that little toy there is at least something to replace it, even if it is not half as awesome as the rod being you can use the rod every minute and it lasts for three, meaning it is one of the very few transformations in game you can have 24/7.  It's replacement, Stave of Fur and Claw, lasts 3 minutes as well but with a one hour cooldown sadly.  Glad I have the original one.

There are many transformation items in the game and someone on wowhead posted a comment with many of them, you can see it on the link from the rod or stave.  I won't rehash what was already said and done but I will share some of my other favorites.

Ai-Li's Skymirror allow you to look like anyone for 10 minutes.  It has a one hour cooldown but healing as a bear or shooting arrows as a tree is pretty fun sometimes.  If the cooldown was shorter I would surely enjoy it more but as it, it is one of my favorite transformation toys currently

Potion of Illusion is another thing that has the same function as the skymirror and you can use it over and over to keep being someone else, but the 2 minute duration can mean you need to keep a crap load of them on you if you want to be someone else all the time.  At least this one you can keep being a different someone else every two minutes.

Leyara's Locket from the molten front quest line is another one of my favorites but its short 5 minute duration and long 1 hour cooldown made it works it way into my bank bags after we were no longer doing the fitting raid for the transformation, firelands.  But I do break it out from time to time.

The Vrykul drinking horn from archeology is one of those transformation things that has managed to stay in my bags for a very long time all thanks to its 1 second cooldown.  It is not really much of a transformation, you get a new Vrykul inspired helm and get a little bigger but it can be a lot of fun when used with other transformations to change from it making you a little bigger to making you freaking huge.

When used with Mr. Smite's brass compass, burgy blackheart's handsome hat and drinking some fras siabi's bigger beer and you can get downright huge when you mount up on your largest mount.   The first item comes from a mists rare, second item from a cata rare and the beer from ICC after the forth boss role play is done the guy that sells it will open shop there.

Lots of fun things to do, just to be a bit silly in game.  And if you are willing to let your inner role player hang out some, you can enjoy it a lot more than just being someone else.

All toys are not about transformations.  There are many different ones.  I like the trinket that gives me a super huge sword that follows me around for a bit that I got in ungoro.  Sadly I do not recall the name right now.  There are of course pets, but then there are the pets that are not exactly pets.  Nomi from this expansion is like that.  You can summon her (I think it is a her) and she will follow you around all day long like a pet.

There are more than a few items like that and if you wanted to you could get them all and have an entire entourage following you everywhere you go.  As a hunter, you can call your pet, your stampede, and your crows and walk around, at least for a short time, with 40+ things following you.  I know, I know, but I did say this was all about silly stuff right?

I often talk about what we consider "serious" things in game but that doesn't mean that I don't like to have a little fun from time to time and they do sure offer us a lot of toys and transformations and other gadgets that allow us to be silly.

What are some of your favorite toys?


  1. I always keep an Orb of the Sindorei on my toons for the occasional obnoxious /charge and /roar moments.

    Otherwise, 2 stacks of Potion of Illusion, Vrykul Horn, and AI-Li's Skymirror are all mandatory for raids.

    To be extremely obnoxious, I like to spam last year's Christmas gift on people (the Foot Ball) against their will =P

    1. I ditched those to bank status right away. Don't think I even tested the footballs.

      Would love to see them add a toy box. I know I need one.

    2. that would be nice, a void storage for the toys. I usually ditch them as I need the bank slots.

      stay frosty...

    3. Me too and sadly I have thrown away some I wish I had not and there is no way to get them again.

  2. "I wanna grow a beard". Nomi is a boy :)

    If you hover over his love bar it says "With each lesson you give him, he becomes increasingly skilled."

    1. That just makes it even scarier. A girl that wants to grow a beard? What are they teaching these panda young ones.

      Now that you mention it, yeah I have heard that. I guess that sound of the voice is what I was going off.

      I'll still call Nomi a she. A she with weird desires to grow up and be the bearded lady in a side show.

    2. nah, Nomi is a young male panda person. Gosh this is sort of scary. Didnt we have this conversation a few days ago? No, wait, that was over on Tomes blog.

    3. That panda gets around doesn't it?

    4. reminds me of the joke where the traveling Night Elf's mount throws a shoe and ....

    5. Kills three gnomes in the process?