Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Public Service Announcement for DPS in LFR

"It is only the LFR" is not an excuse for being bad.

"It is only the LFR" works for some situations like 5 healing it instead of 6 healing it or going while missing two or three damage dealers.  You can make due because "it is only the LFR".

"It is only the LFR" is not an excuse for ignoring basic mechanics.

If you do not go to the bubble on the first boss, which in turn makes the healers work more, you are a bad damage dealer.  Yes, "it is only the LFR", but if everyone does exactly what you are doing it would make the LFR hard.  If everyone ignored mechanics like that it would make the LFR hard.  In other words, if everyone were you, it would make the LFR hard.  Hell, if everyone were you it would make the LFR impossible.

Now think about that for a minute. 

If everyone is you and it is impossible, that must mean you really suck.

If you are not capable of doing easy mechanics you are a bad player.  Plain and simple.  Sorry, there is no nice way to say it.

On the slime boss, if you do not switch to the slime, you are a bad player.

What is even worse is when the fight is over and you decide to brag about your DPS when you never got off the boss.  Do you understand what you are really doing when you brag about your DPS in a situation like that?  I would guess not.

You are bragging that you are a bad player.  Seriously, that is exactly what you are doing, you are screaming, hey, look how bad I am.

You are publicly declaring that you are horrible at what you do.  When you brag about your DPS on the slime boss the first thing anyone that knows better will do it hover over your numbers and when they see you never attacked a mana void and never attacked any slime you are saying to the world, look at how bad of a player I am.

Do not use the "it is only the LFR" line because again if everyone did exactly what you just did that would mean a wipe 99 out of 100 times in the LFR.

To have the right to brag you have to look at it like this.

If everyone did exactly what I did would we have downed the boss nice and super easy like it should be in the LFR?  If the answer is yes, and you where top dog, then you have the right to brag.

Guess what?  You still should not brag even if that is the case.

What are you bragging about really?  You are bragging that you can follow super simple mechanics that are not tightly tuned to the point where if you make even the slightest mistake it would mean a wipe.  They are super simple for a reason, so everyone will be able to do them.

They are watered down to the point that even the worst player in the world should be able to do them.  So even if you do them you are basically bragging that you are at least as capable as a monkey.  Ah, congrats I guess.

Yes, it is nice to be able to say you did the best but if that is really what you are seeking then why not try to do the best while doing it as it is supposed to be done.

I might be alone in this coming statement but this is how I look at people in the LFR.

If you can not do the mechanics in the LFR version of the fight there is no way in hell you can do them in the real fight and it would take an act of god, a miracle, before you would ever have a prayer of doing them in heroic mode.

I don't care if you have heroic gear.  If you can not do simple mechanics in the LFR I will automatically label you as a horrible player that got carried for that gear.

Actions speak louder then words and if you can not follow mechanics in the LFR it speaks volumes about you, about how bad of a player you are, and it says that any piece of gear you own was something you where carried for and nothing, not one single thing, one single achievement you have ever gotten was earned by your own ability.

So if you want to really shine as a damage dealer in the LFR then do it the right way.

1) Top the damage done meters.
2) Obey the mechanics
3) Stay low on the damage received meters.

Then sit back and take pride in the fact that you did well.  You do not need to tell people you did well.  Anyone that would actually give a crap probably already looked at all those factors and knows.

If you really seek the accolades of others seek them from your friends or guild mates while laughing at the person that did 28K while never leaving the slime boss while you did more damage done, 36K and took less damage while switching to the mana void and slimes ever time.

Trust me.  There is no better feeling in the game then knowing you did the job well and right.

Be a good damage dealer and stop saying "it is only the LFR."

Do the right thing.

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