Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How the Deathwing Fight Should Have Been.

A friend that stopped playing at the beginning of cataclysm recently came back and asked what the deathwing fight was like.  After a short explanation about how the fight goes he asked me, "so do we ever fight deathwing?" and I was left to answer, "no, we don't".

The idea of having deathwing being two fights was kind of nice but why could they have not made it more?  With all the wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff going on I think that the entire dragon soul event could have been done so much better.

It could have been just as it was for the first four bosses and then added a chunk of new content after that before we finished it up as we know it.

When arriving at the top of the temple again after the fight at the EoE we could have went back in time to attempt to stop deathwing at multiple points in time and fought him in different stages like in his humanoid body, where we would have actually had the chance to fight him and not his corruption, his tentacles and his chin.

Deathwing was two fights, but what if he where 4 or 5 or even 6.

We could have had one fight where we needed to save him from being totally absorbed by an old god, where he escapes when we kill all the old gods minions trying to infest him.  A fight where we are basically assisting him in trying to save himself.  Of course he would have still been infected so to speak, but the fight would end when we beat the big baddie he was fighting.  For story line purposes, we succeeded in defending him because if we had not he would have been that much more powerful later.

We could have had another fight where we needed to fight him back from the oceans with the help of neptulon as he tried to sway neptulon to assist him like he did with rag.  Once we fight him off and break his hold on neptulon it would give some closure to the story of what happened to neptulon in a way.  Neptulon was being held by the old god as it waited for deathwing to come sway him.

We could have had a fight where we actually got to fight Ozumat while he interrupted us trying to follow deathwing after his escape from the previous battle where we freed neptulon.

We could have went into the wibbly wobbly timey whimy thing again and encountered a future without deathwing where there is an old god ruling in his place.  We would have to defeat the old god before we could return to a previous moment where we could try to set things right again so deathwing will be there for us to defeat, again, instead of the old god. (yes, taking a few pages from the heroics)

After that epic old god fight there could have been fight we go back to a time where the other aspects and thrall cornered deathwing and killed him leaving the old god to take his place and in a wild turn of events we need to fight the aspects and thrall, just to stop them from killing him.  We would get a nice cut scene explaining what could have been if we let them kill him and explain to them that after they kill deathwing they will lose their powers and if they do that, at that time, there is no one to take up the mantle yet to fight the old god.

This would bring us to the next phase of the raid where the aspects now know they will lose their powers so they ask us to assist them in each taking out their greatest nemesis's before they will never be able to do so again.

We would go on a series of battles to fight big baddies that even the aspects could not handle.  Each battle, for each aspect, would have to be epic in its own way and teach us a little about that aspect and their realm of power in the world.  A great place to build some lore and have some fun.

Once we had finished assisting the aspects they will once again agree to help us take down deathwing even knowing they will lose their immortality and powers.

The we can move to the top of wyrmwrest and instead of fighting a slew of dragons we would fight, yet once again, deathwing in humaoid form.  Just as he is about to die, he would turn into the dragon and fly away giving us his speech about dragons and such and unleashing the dragon we now know as patchwork 2.0. 

Basically from that point on we can leave it as is and chase him after we beat the dragon fighting the last of his cultists on the ship and then landing on his back and then fighting the last left of him before he finishes the channeling of cataclym.

Once we are done jumping up and down with all our excitement and see the end cinematic we will be thrown into another battle, a battle with the old god that possessed deathwing and has been the bane behind this whole thing in an epic battle where he tries to possess thrall, being we killed his other vessel, and we need to stop him from doing that, while keeping all four weakened aspects alive at the same time.

Now that would have been a lot more exciting in my opinion.  We also would have got to do the one thing my friend was upset never happened, we would have been able to actually beat deathwing and not just his corruptions, his tentacles and his chin.

Not to mention, it would have been one hell of a huge raid and I would love that personally.

Well, it might not be perfect, it might not fit all the lore, but that sure seems like it would have been more fun.  For me at least.


  1. What a great bunch of ideas. I would have loved to experience any of them. The Spine of Deathwing turned out to be a concept that was amazing on paper, and unbelievably boring once we really got in there.

    1. It sure sounded good when I first read about it and it was even fun downing it the first time but it did become one of the most annoying fights ever.

  2. you sir, need to get hired at blizz. im mightve acctually cared about raiding ds instead of feeling so lackluster about it

    1. Thanks, but they look for quick and easy, not fan boy fun. :P