Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- Today I am mostly thinking about achievements.

- I was looking over some of my alts and seeing who I've done things on and who I didn't.

- It is funny how you can see what alts I was using at different times based on achievements.

- My paladin has absolutely zero wrath dungeon achievements.

- Not even one normal done.

- I do have nearly every raid in wrath done with her.

- Oddly enough my paladin shows as having never beaten hodir.

- My paladin has the achievement for beating all keepers, which includes hodir.

- My paladin has a slew of achievements from hodir like coolest friends, buffed all winter, cheese the freeze, etc but shows as having never once downed hodir.

- How exactly is that possible?

- Ulduar has a whole slew of fun achievements.  I like going back just to get them even now.

- Some of the achievement are actual achievements too.

- I hate those achievements that are achievements for doing it right.

- Like its not easy being green.

- An achievement for not getting hit by things you shouldn't get hit by to begin with.

- That is not an achievement.

- What has the game fallen into when doing things the way they should be done gets you an achievement.

- Ready for raiding is another one like that but then again there is something funny about that achievement at least.

- It really isn't an achievement to do it right but it is funny to think that doing it right makes someone ready for raiding.

- Some ulduar achievements are actually achievements.

- That is because you are doing things to make in intentionally harder.

- Like saronite in the morning, leaving the vapors up is intentionally hindering you making it more of a challenge.

- Now that is an achievement.

- Maybe its not easy being green should have been to have every member in the party hit by all those things and survive.

- Now that would be an achievement.

- It would really put all the stress on the healer, but to have everyone get hit by everything and have no one die, now that is an achievement.

- And it would really make sense to say its not easy being green because it is not easy to get hit by all that crap and live, nevertheless have everyone hit by all that stuff and live would be a real achievement.

- I like doing achievement runs for fun.

- With all the alts I have there is always someone I can bring to get achievements with if I am not needed to help on one of my other characters.

- There is something about the "ding" of an achievement popping up that I love.

- I think that is why I love alts more then anything else.

- A whole new chance to get new achievements.

- A whole new chance to do raids.

- My main hunter might have done it a 100 times, but my alt hunter hasn't, so it is all new and all exciting again.

- Not to mention I get to see all those achievements pop up.

- I love that.

- And that is another reason to love ulduar.

- One raid, 30 achievements minimum on one run.

- I love bringing alts through there.

- And you can go back again and again and again because there are dozens more achievements.

- Some achievements are just downright impossible to get at the same time.

- Can't choose steel, mo and burn at the same time can you?

- It takes at least three visits for that one.

- I like achievements.  I like the pop ups.  I like that some take many trips to get.

- I guess that is another reason I like ulduar so much.

- Speaking of ulduar, there is nothing more exiting then sharing ulduar with someone the first time.

- Every time I do a run with someone that has never been there before all you hear is oohs and aahs.

- It reminds me of my first time through there.

- They look at the raids they see now and wonder, why can't they be like this.

- After seeing the scenery of ulduar you can realize that they spent a lot of time on it, they loved what they where doing when they made it and it showed.

- We need more raids like ulduar.

- People would not mind waiting 9 months between patches if they had 9 months of ulduar to do.

- 9 months and I might have finished it when it was out and not old.

- We where on mimron, the other 3 keepers where down, when ToC came out so sadly we only beat ulduar when we where out gearing it with ToC and ICC gear.

- They say they will not do something like that again because so few people got to see the whole thing.

- Excuse me blizzard but I don't mind.

- Anyway, the reason I did not see the whole thing is two phased.

- One being I am in a casual guild and two being that you released ToC three days after you released ulduar.

- Okay, three days is a huge exaggeration but you get the idea.

- If we had more time with ulduar as the top raid we might have finished it.

- Might still have never seen Al, but that is fine.

- Al could be saved until we over geared it or over leveled it.

- Nothing wrong with a casual guild only getting there at 85.  Nothing at all.

- I did get to see it in wrath, but I did not beat it until 85.

- I am completely fine with that and I would hazard a guess that most of the players would be as well.

- We had so many different achievements to do.

- We had some great scenery to see and always introduce new people too.

- We had a huge raid that actually felt like a raid.

- There was only one mistake with ulduars design.

- We did not have enough time with it to really truly enjoy it as an end game raid.

- At least we can still go back and do it for fun, which I love to do.

- I've got 2 new hunters at 85 that have never been there.

- I have a new DK and a new priest that will be ready for their first time there as well soon.

- I am going to enjoy every minute of it when I go.

- There is one thing I was thinking about when doing these old raids that has me wondering.

- With the change to all melee interrupts becoming 15 seconds there are a lot of bosses I hope they change or they will make even old raids hard.

- Can you imagine nef in BWD without being able to interrupt those guys on the stands?

- I can see it now, level 90s wiping on an old raid because they can not interrupt them.

- You know how we get talent changes before the new expansions come out?

- I can already see 85s in all DS heroic gear wiping on that fight once the talents change.

- Makes you wonder if there is anyone in blizzards office that pays attention to these things and asks these questions.

- I am thinking of making another achievement whore character just for fun.

- I love having something to aim for and I really love when I can do it solo for the most part.

- I've four manned all the hard modes of ulduar but there is no way in hell I am good enough of a player to solo them.

- But that still makes them fun.

- Have to love the high life totals we have now when doing older raids.

- It makes things once thought impossible possible.

- I hunter tank some stuff in ulduar.

- Would be even easier if we still had our old agility converting to dodge thing with the huge agility we have now.

- That and aspect of the beast and I would have more dodge than a bear druid.

- I think a hunter tank spec is long over due.  Let our pets tank or let us tank.

- If I make another achievement whore it would probably be a hunter.

- I am thinking of transferring one of my hunters to the server I have my priest on.

- The hunter I would transfer is inscription and jewelcrafting.

- Would be ideal for my priest.

- My priest is enchanting and it is really expensive starting on a new server.

- Will be nice when I can have all the key things I need for end game that I can make myself.

- With gems, enchants and glyphs all self provided life is good.

- A guild will usually provide the flask, so that is not much of a worry.

- But that would defeat why I have my priest where I have my priest.

- I wanted the starting all new feeling again.

- I got it.

- Too bad I am on a server that sucks for leveling players.

- I am always short on cloth being you level so fast so my tailoring, and in turn my enchanting, are lagging behind.

- I buy the cloth when I can off the market and have been selling everything that is not nailed down to try and make some cash.

- Still it is hard on that server.

- 60 gold for a stack of mageweave, I will never catch up.

- On my main server mageweave is 5 gold a stack.

- I'll make due, I wanted the feeling of starting new and I got it.

- While I might have the experience to work the market and to make it work I can imagine how hard it is on a new player being professions lag so badly like that.

- I feel really bad for the new players and honestly can not say that if I started now I would have continued playing.

- I could not even afford flying at 60.

- I loved it.

- Yeap, you heard me right.  I loved it.

- I actually ran around on a ground mount questing.

- It is taking me twice as long to level as it normally does, but I am loving every minute of it.

- So it will take me 4 days played to get to 85 instead of 2.  Big deal.

- I am more concerned with gemming up when I hit 85.

- More on my priests adventures can be found on the grumpy gnome, linked on the side, a blog made for his leveling only for fun, if you are interested.

- I can't wait until I hit 85 and start to run everything again.

- Lots and lots of achievements every step of the way everywhere I go.

- That is why I love leveling alts I think.

- I also think I said that already.

- Is there an achievement for that?

- Have a great day all.


  1. As you get closer to 80 I will make sure to schedule a guild Ulduar. I love that place even though it was not my first raid... it was kind of my first raid as a raid leader. I spent lots of time there only killing the first four bosses, but it felt great. I still don't have the 25 man mount on my main.

    I love achievments as well :) even though I try to do them only on one toon.

    I have never played on a high pop server so some of your leveling woes are very foreign to me.. that is how it always has been for me or sometimes even worse.

    1. Oddly enough my main server is a low pop server which is why I find the pricing odd really. Usually things are over priced on a low pop server and not the other way around.

      That would be awesome. Ulduar was not my first raid but it was the first raid I truly loved.

      I started raid leading for during ToC, that is when that part of my WoW life started. Funny part is, I have not really liked a raid since I started raid leading. Coincidence?

    2. Not really, there was a shift in the leadership of the game developers for WoW when ToC came out, and the new Game Director had a very different vision for how the game should work from the previous one.

      Have you considered jumping on with one of the cross realm raiding teams? They run ulduar weekly.

  2. Funny, I feel the opposite way about achievements: they should reward people for playing well. The last thing WoW needs is more incentives for people to play badly and ignore mechanics IMO. :P

    And I have to say that while I agree that Ulduar is a great raid, I also distinctly remember it feeling like a bit of a drag already by the time ToC came out. And I hated how our raid leaders always pushed for random achievements on earlier bosses before we'd even downed Yogg. It wasn't all sunshine and roses then either.

  3. Er, Grumpy, our server is listed as a medium population server and has been for as long as I can remember. Now it may be towards the lower end of medium, but every time I change servers it is a medium pop server.

    Anon, Grumpy's GL

    1. I play on other medium pop servers. Our server is not medium pop regardless of what they label it.

  4. How will cross-account Achievements affect all this for you?

    For me personally, it's one more reason to not resub as it's another nail to the replayability of the game, and of course takes away the fun of having e.g. Level 10's with the Noble Title.

    Would be nice if they let a deisgner who genuinely likes levelling and alts design those parts (same as Alliance lore in Quests btw), instead of the current situation of letting those who DON'T like a certain aspect of the game 'call the shots' on that aspect.

    1. It would be good an bad for me.

      I would hate not being able to run through places like ulduar and get a million achievements on a new character. So it is bad there.

      However, I have no intention of doing all the holiday events on all my characters so I would love if that and the drake and the flying, was spread over all my characters.

      Good and bad.

      The good for me outweighs the bad however. One of the reasons I hate tanking or healing is because it means not playing my main. If the guild needed a tank and I could tank someone and still get the achievement on my main I would not mind as much that I am not playing my main. I am still helping my guild, I am still seeing the content, and my main is not missing out on any achievements while doing it.