Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

-  I love holiday events.

-  Having a few things going on at once, lunar, love and darkmoon, makes for a lot to do.

-  It gives you a taste of what could be.

-  I think the game needs more holiday type events and more limited time events.

-  Darkmoon is the first week of each month.  What is to stop them from making second week events, third week events.

-  Even if my main finished all the holiday events over 3 years ago I still have fun with them on alts even if I do not intend to complete them all.

-  Having a new mount for 270 love tokens does give me a reason to do it on my main again.

-  Events give people a reason to log on.  It makes the game have more of a do it now feeling..

-  Didn't get Kingslayer?  No rush, you can still get it now.

-  Didn't get the new mount from the holiday event, wait until next year.

-  That is what game events have over anything else.  The get it now or wait a year.

-  I think that is why they are fun, a sense of urgency if you want to finish it.

-  Coupled with the fact that nothing gets removed.  So you did not get the achievement this year, you can next year.

-  So everyone can get everything all the time, which pleases most, but it is limited time thing, which makes it a time where you must play the game.

-  Unless you are in a world/server first guild, nothing about raids is must play gaming.

-  If I don't do it now, I can do it any time in the future, even when I over gear it, and still get all associated achievements.

-  Not exactly a compelling reason to do it now, is it?

-  Events are do it now gaming.

-  With the new month upon us and the darkmoon faire coming back there is another round of me trying to figure out how to steal that darn pony.

-  I've tried the mount and run technique.  No dice.

-  I've tried the standing at the exit port all innocent and clicking it when they least expected it.  No dice.

-  I've tried making a port and mounting and going through.  No dice.

-  I've tried having a warlock summon me while on it.  No dice.

-  I've tried someone using have group.  No dice.

-  If there is a way to steal that pony I am going to steal it.

-  Big characters should not be allowed on them.  Tauren, worgen, etc, darn they look horrible.

-  They are for gnomes, goblins, and dwarves because they look awesome on it.

-  In time they will make an in game one I am sure.

-  Will probably be an addition to the mounts for sale at the faire.

-  To keep people doing it they need to keep giving them a reason to do it.

-  For someone like myself, who is already exalted, the mounts and pets are the only reason I am doing it.

-  Once I get them I will never step foot in there again, except for the arena from time to time.

-  That is why they added the new mount for this love is in the air event.  To give people like me a reason to do it.

-  Found myself a nice farming spot for lovely charms.  Managed to get 238 (or 23.8 bracelets) in 1 hour worth of farming.

- Add that to having a treasure finding potion on and I got a bunch of volatiles, enough cloth to open my own clothing store, a few hands full of ore, an epic jewelcrafting recipe, 12 green items and assorted junk that when all sold made me 800+ gold.

-  Not bad for an hour farming when making money was not my objective to begin with.

-  When all was said and done if I sold everything I got we are talking about 4K gold made.

-  Loved the results so much I went back and did a second hour.

-  I now have enough cloth to cover the entire planet.

-  Twice.

-  More importantly, I have a ton of charms to either sell or do my dailies with meaning the new mount will be mine, no problem.

-  I don't think I will ever ride it, pink is not really a hunter color, but a mount is a mount and I want it.

-  I think the funniest thing would be seeing a big imposing tauren warrior in massive armor riding a pink tailstrider into battle.

-  The boss will die of laughter, no need to tank him mr warrior, he died watching you ride up.

-  The only thing I could actually see looking good on that mount is a female gnome with pink pigtails.

-  I would be willing to sex change my gnomes just for that reason alone.

-  Not sure why, but every time I see something silly I always think gnomes.

-  Maybe because gnomes are silly by nature.

-  Have a great day, good luck getting the rocket.


  1. Please tell where you farmed... I'm having horrible trouble being a healy priest with a healy off-spec :(

    Also - you can buy the pink birdie and sell it on the AH - they were up for 50k plus on my server today.

    1. I saw they where not BoP, that is great if you want to make money.

      Not sure a healer could do it at my spot. I usually get 7 mobs at once but with a hunter I MD to my pet. Every so often my pet still dies. So it is a hard place to farm. Being a DPS spec that is over geared is helpful.

      I only run disc on my priest, so I know how it goes, but atonement spec for questing is super powerful really. You might be able to drag out one mob at a time but there is no saying you will not get more and it will be a problem then. The respawn rate there is insane.

      So insane I went there with a group of 7 guild mates and we went dead center thinking we can handle it and almost got over run. Two people even died and that was with a dedicated healer in the group. They where spawning faster then we could kill, never mind having the time to loot. lol

      For you, if you never finished the quests in the temple of the moon in uldum, go down stairs where there are 1/2 dead elites. You can kill them, the ghosts as well, and they respawn super fast.

      Hint, drop a dot on the ghost and then attack the elite, most of the time the eleite will one shot the ghost as soon as you aggro him but being you have a small dot on the ghost you get credit for the kill and get loot from it.

      For a healer farming this is a great spot because, they do not attack unless you do, so no accidental big pulls.

      If you did the quest, they will not be down there, sorry. But that is the best farm spot without huge risk. My spot is huge risk and I don't think any healer speced a healer would last 5 minutes there.

    2. Thanks :) I went farming for charms in Icecrown cathedral with a warrior friend and got about 40 while he was collecting grisly tokens, but it would be nice to have somewhere I can use the potion for extras :) I was picking mobs off round Malorne in Hyjal, but it was taking a long time. Looks like I need to butter up a load of guildies :P

      I like to make life harder on myself completely and don't usually even run atonement spec - I'm such a pacifist priestlet.

  2. Please share the farming spot.

    Mine yields more charms/hour (about 540 at last count), but no loot, so it depends on what you are looking for. It's the Slags on the way to Furnace master Ignis in Halls of Lightening. The mobs have 15K health and respawn every 10 seconds, and there are 2-25 of them. You can barely keep up with the respawn rate and the conversion rate is about 40%, so every five kills you should have 2 charms.

  3. Verlock Stand in Deepholm. The throggs up top have an amazing spawn rate. They nerfed them really early on because I used to farm epics from them back when Cata first came out so they no longer drop epic items but they still drop epic JC and Enchanting patterns and more cloth then you could ever know what to do with.

    The issue there is finding a nice spot for yourself. On my hunter it happens to be a different spot then on my bear or mage or anything else. Mage is actually best for it. Mount up, run along the entire platform to a safe spot, frost nova, burn down 60 at once. Have invis as your oh shit button ready. Be careful to make sure where you bring them is a place they do not respawn, because you will never be able to loot them if they start respawning, they respawn way too fast and will over take you in a matter of seconds.

  4. I can do you one better. As a geared hunter, I can easily kill the first boss in Throne of the Tides. Then I go back below, and take the left turn, the short gauntlet to Neptulon.

    As long as you don't kill the last two elementals at the end of the gauntlet, the watery area in the middle will continue to spawn elementals with 3K health. I am specced so that my Multi-shot costs 40 focus, but a kill returns 50. So i have infinite focus. I just stand at a spot where I can just spam multi-shot and it covers the entire spawning area. The pet is on defensive so if anything gets through and attacks me, I can ignore it and the pet kills it in 1-2 hits.

    1,600 charms in 1.5 hours.