Friday, February 17, 2012

New Item Slots: Accessory

With the emphasis being on PvP in MoP I started thinking about how to add a little spice to it.  I love patterns which is why I love raiding.  Once I see something I can start figuring out where I will position myself, when I can use my cooldowns, so forth and so on.  That, in my opinion, is really what separates the good players from the great players.

PvP does not have those patterns because people control the character you are fighting but it is not really all that different.  The more you do it the more you learn how to react to things you see.  Visual triggers if you will.  Where for raiding it is all about maximizing what you can do while dancing the dance PvP is about reacting faster to the other person.

While there are no patterns in PvP, unless you fight the same person over and over and they don't change things up, there is a skill set that is somewhat the same.  Instead of preplanning your attack against a raid boss knowing when to use your cooldowns, you preplan what you will need to beat certain classes.

If you are a good PvPer then you know what classes have what abilities and you adjust to fighting those classes by keeping your fingers over the keys that are bound to the relevant abilities.  Blah, blah, blah.  No need to go any further, if you have stayed reading for this long you know what is required to be a good PvPer or you think I actually have some point to make.  Time for the point.

New Item Slots: Accessory

Each player would have three accessory slots which you can put accessories in.  Accessories would all have abilities, either timed, on use or triggered and would all have resilience on them.  By having resilience on them only it will be known that they are meant for PvP.  While some of the trinkets abilities would have PvE uses they would never be make or break for the PvE environment.

Some trinket abilities would be as follows.

Equip: Whenever you fall below 20% of your maximum life all debuffs and DoTs will be removed and you become immune to any new DoTs or debuffs for 5 seconds.  This ability can not be triggered more then once per minute.

Equip: As long as you remain over 90% life you can not be the target of any CC abilities.  If you are under 90% life and CCed as soon as you are healed to over 90% it will break the CC.

Equip: Whenever you are hit by a critical strike the player that landed that hit will be slowed by 70%  for 2 seconds.

On Use:  When triggered the next melee attack that hits you will be reflected back for 100% unresistable damage.  1 minute cooldown.

On Use:  When triggered the next magical attack that hits you will be reflected back for 100% unresistable damage. 1 minute cooldown.

On Use:  Teleport yourself 50 yards from your current position.  Direction is random, if no 50 yard direction is available you will be teleported to the furthest possible distance.  1 minute cooldown.

Equip:  Whenever you take damage you gain 20 resilience.  This effect can stack up to 50 times, 20 second, refreshed on hit, buff duration.

Equip:  Whenever you are hit by a magical ability for damage you gain 100 resistance to that school of magic for 5 seconds.  This resistance does not stack or refresh.  You can have more then 1 resistance on you at a time.

Equip:  Whenever you are CCed the person that CCed you is also CCed by the same ability for the same duration.  This ability can not be triggered more then once per minute.

Equip:  Whenever you are slowed the applicant of the slow takes 1000 x duration of the slow in unresistable damage.

Equip:  If you are hit by three critical strikes of any source that causes damage in a row your mana, focus, rage, energy, and chi are filled and your runes refreshed.

On Use:  The next damage you take will add a bubble on you as a shield to protect for the amount of damage instead of taking the damage.  The shield will last until enough damage is done to remove it, until you leave active battle or until this ability is off cooldown.  One minute cooldown.

Equip: Whenever you land a killing blow your main stat is increased by 30% for 10 seconds.

Equip:  If you die your corpse becomes a bomb.  3 seconds after death all enemies within 10 yards take damage equal to 30% of their total life.  If you explode in this manner you can not be revived in any way.  If you kill 2 other players by your explosion you will return to live with 10% health.

The possibilities are endless on what could be done with accessories.  It would bring skill in PvP to a whole new level.  You might know the class you are facing but you won't know the accessories they are wearing.  At least not until they are triggered.

In arenas you can have all your accessories lined up and ready to switch at a moments notice as soon as the match begins.  Not only would it add a whole new level of skill, it would add a whole new level of unpredictability.   Where raiding is predictable PvP is not and with these it would not be even more so.

Some of these accessories would probably have to have it say spell or ability "from a player" because if not they would become way to powerful for PvE.

While the accessory slot would be basically for PvP only that does not mean we have to leave PvE out completely.  There could be PvE accessories as well if they so wanted.  They could also add a whole series of accessories that are for cosmetic purposes only.

Could you imagine the fun things like the orb or the money in a ball being accessories instead of being trinkets?  It means you can leave them on all the time and trigger them just for fun.

The accessory slot could really be a great addition for PvP and for everything else.


  1. Actually, they could make similar abilities the point of pvp sets. Or "on-use" for parts of pvp set.

    +resil +base stat set bonus is plain lazyness.

    But that would be too much work (even if less work then additional slots), and they seem to be too tired to do anything that requires real work...

  2. Annoying Comment system is annoying.

    The Grumpy Gnome is an amusing read.

    I am a bit puzzled at your moaning about Trail account characters though, without the option to Lock XP and no AH access they're not going to be very geared compared to other toons.

    One would think toons with Enchanted Heirlooms would be more of an issue, it's certainly from what I hear and remember.

    But admitted Twink-players running Trail accounts do have a far better knowledge of the game and their toons than e.g. your average Heirloomed klutz, so yes, we can be annoying to the later as Trail accounts are apparently supposed to supply people with cannon-fodder, not real opponents.

    Have fun on playing your Gnome, Gnomes are indeed awesome (it wouldn't be a stretch if I said I wouldn't bother with WoW if it wasn't for Gnomes)