Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- I think I have finally figured out what is the worst part of the LFR, for me at least.

- I raid for fun.

- LFR is not fun.

- LFR is for loot only.

- The loot distribution is horrible.

- So if it is not fun and the people that deserve the loot can't get it, what use does it actually have?

- Did it on my priest during the week.  I've had the three piece set forever and can't get a chest or hands.

- I bought the offset valor pieces for the time being but wait, patiently, to get the pieces I need.

- My priest is an alt raider so does not get in a DS run often, but that does not mean I can not do my best to keep it reasonably geared should it be needed.

- Ball boss, healing meters end looking like this.

- Me, 28K HPS 6M healing.  The paladin, the 2 shaman and the other 2 priests combined, 6.3M healing, 22K HPS.

- Those are only estimates being I do not remember the exact numbers but the fact remains.  I did more healing then all the other healers combined.

- Yes, combined I beat 5 other healers in HPS and almost beat them in healing itself.

- Priest token for hands dropped.

- The priest that did 2,700 HPS wins them.

- Sorry but it needs to be said, broken system is broken.

- Don't give me that random is random BS.

- There needs to be a minimum requirement for people doing their job and being allowed to roll.

- There needs to be a minimum expected based on the gear level of the person that is there.

- They can make the minimum really low, extremely low.

- And I am sure that minimum would mean a healer with at least 372 item level would need to do more then 2700 HPS even if it was set extremely low.

- At least the paladin and one of the shaman picked it up for the next boss.

- Because the DPS kept letting all three slimes hit the boss and there was no way in hell I could have solo healed that one too.  Not in a million years.

- We three healed that one.

- Heroic version LFR.

- I must say for as annoying as it was to be with such a huge group of failures, that was a little exciting.

- Both tanks kept dying.

- I could not keep them up alone.

- Oddly enough, a mage ended up tanking the last 20% and I kept the mage up no problem.

- Why is a mage easier to keep alive than a tank?

- Only in the LFR folks, only in the LFR.

- The priest did really rock it this time however, got up to 6K HPS.

- I am willing to bet it was just him keeping himself alive however.

- I like the LFR loot idea I have seen thrown around.

- If someone beats all 8 bosses they get to choose 1 item that would have dropped.

- At least that way I would get at least 1 item a week.

- 12 weeks in a row my hunter did not even have something to roll on.

- Can someone say broken again?

- It is not possible for 12 weeks, 8 bosses per week, usually at least 4 hunters per raid, for not one piece of gear drop that a hunter could roll on.

- I can accept random but the odds of a streak like that have to be roughly the same as getting struck by lightning, twice, after getting bitten by a shark, all in the same day.

- Then when I finally did have something to roll on a hunter that just autoshot the whole fight wins it.

- My hunter has three pieces of the set.  All 397.

- The way the game is I am going to need to get the 4th as a 397 as well because there is no way I am going to win it in LFR.

- I am just not bad enough.

- I really need to learn to step up my playing bad.

- Because I really fail at playing bad.

- I am getting to that point again where no matter how I try the game is not appealing to me any more.

- Time for another update.

- For me it seems like once every 3 months would be the perfect update schedule.

- We need new content faster.

- 3 months seems to be when I really start to get bored, big time.

- If the game where better to begin with and things like the LFR loot system where not so horrible I could get more game play life out of it.

- I have a bunch of 85s that have never stepped into the LFR.

- And I have no intention of doing it with them either.

- It is bad enough I complain about characters I use not getting loot.

- I don't want to have to complain about alts I am gearing up just for something to do also.

- If I have no chance at winning something then there is no need to do it.

- LFR is for loot, without loot, it is useless.

- I raid for fun, LFR is not raiding.

- Anyone that thinks that LFR is raiding has never raided.

- Simple as that.

- Maybe I should just give in and become one of the bad players.

- Maybe I should start going into the LFR on my warlock.

- I am sure I can really suck on that character.

- One problem, I would feel bad taking loot I don't deserve.

- I would probably trade it to someone that could actually use it.

- The healer doing 2700 HPS can't actually use the hands, they do not know how to play their class so any benefit they get from it will not be used to its potential.

- I could have used them.  While I am average at best, I am leaps and bounds better then someone doing 2700 HPS in 372+ gear.

- I think the game has something built in that tries to give it to the people it thinks need it the most.

- I think the word need has a different definition for me and the designers.

- I look at the person doing badly and think they need to learn to play.  I do not think they need gear.

- I look at a person that is doing at least reasonably well that does not have the gear and think, they need it.

- Look at it from a DPS standpoint, because numbers are easier to crunch for DPS.

- If a piece of gear will increase the DPS of "Class A" by 1000 who do you think needs it more of these two people.

- Both have the exact same gear.  Same gems.  Same enchants. A maximum potential of 28000.

- One is doing 24000 and one is doing 13000.

- Which one needs it more?

- The game says the 13000 "Class A" needs it more because he is doing less.

- I say the 24000 "Class A" needs it more because they will get the most out of it.

- This is where the design philosophy of helping people in the game with gear fails.

- People put to much emphasis on gear and not nearly enough on skill.

- Gear can not fix someone with no skill.

- Once blizzard starts making it so people like the 13000 "Class A" can not get the gear because they can not pass a minimum ability check the loot system will be 1000 times better.

- A nice pop up that tells the "Class A" that they are ineligible to roll on the item because they were not even capable of doing 50% of what the potential for their current gear is would be nice.

- Something like, learn to use the gear you have already before you worry about getting any more.

- If I have one wish for MoP it would be that the game starts going back to basics.

- Put more emphasis on skill and less on gear.

- Having gear go up by 2 or 4 per main stat each tier would help with stat inflation also.

- And it sure as hell would help with skill making a much larger difference.

- Heck, screw skill mattering more, screw annoying loot rolls, screw everything.

- Just release content faster and people would always have something to do instead of dwell on everything that is wrong.

- And trust me, there is a lot wrong.

- Have a great day.


  1. I hear you. It's happened to me so many times.

    I just stopped running LFR altogether after a resto druid who cast a TOTAL of THREE spells (3 Rejuvenations) during the entire fight won the healing trinket over all the other healers on Hagara.

    It wasn't the sole cause; just the last straw really. Loot isn't the only issue; running LFR makes me feel like I'm swimming in a cesspool of combined Trade and forum troll sewage.

    The community needs a lot of help or moderation, and a lot of feasible ideas have been put forth, but it doesn't seem to be on Blizzard's list of priorities at all.


  2. A friend of mine is in a solid raiding guild. He used to PuG my Rogue but since my Priest hit 80 in LK and now in Cata he PuGs me for heals instead if they need one. My first personal rule is I will NOT roll against anyone of the same class and role while I'm in that group. The sheer reason is they raid far more than I do and I feel they need it more than I do (gearscore be damned).

    Having said that, and while I haven't had the chance yet, check out Twitterland Raiding. Perhaps better luck and fun with them?

    1. I have considered that but you need to use real ID for that and until they fix real ID so I do not have to share my real name with people I don't know I will never use it.

      Let me choose a screen name for real ID and let me choose to always appear offline so I will only contact people and they can not bug me, and then I will use real ID and do cross server raids.

  3. The problem with performance-related rewards is that they're extraordinarily hard to judge and it's not obvious where the line should be drawn; for DPS players, it would simply lead to worse habits than those that already exist.

    But, yes, LFR is broken - unfortunately, the developers consider it a wonderful success so it's unlikely to be changed. It's a way of dishing out free loot to non raiders, so the best to hope for is that they don't shove actual raiders into the queue.

    Alas, that looks like a continued design intent, too.