Thursday, March 29, 2012

I am the Minority

In recent posts about the new loot system it occurred to me that over all I am in the minority when it comes to the concept of loot from raids and how I feel about it for a variety of reasons.

While I might be as upset as the next guy that was topping the healing done or damage done meters when I lose out on loot to someone that basically did the gaming equivalent of standing in the corner picking their nose I do not rant and rave about it.  I might complain because that is what I do being a grumpy elf and all but I am not going to go all psycho about it like it seems the vast majority of the player base does.  I have never once, nor would I ever, insult someone in raid chat because they did bad and should not have won.  Not my style.

See, I am the minority.

I am also not a supporter of loot assignments, although that has nothing to do with looking for raid but it does have something to do with organized raiding.  Many guilds use different things to judge who gets loot.  I do not like any of them.  Point system?  So because someone is new they can't win, that is just flat out wrong.  Loot council?  Hell no, it doesn't get less fair than that.  If you are in good with the people that assembled the group, you get loot first and if you happen to be in the group that set it all up you get it even before that. 

I could never even be on a loot council because I would never give anything to myself.  I would always say, I'll get it later, because I would feel bad taking something for myself.  I go by the old standby.  If you played a roll in the kill you are as equally eligible as anyone else no matter if you have run every day for 2 years or this is your first day, no matter if you where top damage that took no avoidable damage of lowest damage that kept standing in the bad.  You all are equals when it comes to loot.  You just might not get an invite next time if you are one of the bad ones.

See, I am the minority.

I do not think that I should be getting loot that others could use if I am on an alt.  Even if my alt happens to be currently filling a role and is going to continue being in the role for the foreseeable future I will usually pass on loot to someone that is on their main character and in most cases I will even pass to someone on their main even if their main only needs it for off spec.  If I have a real problem piece I have been having issues with then I might roll otherwise my alt is my alt.  While I would love to gear it up I think of it as an alt only and will never fell right taking any piece of gear from a guild mate that is on their main.  LFR is different however, that is for gearing up.  If I need it for main spec, even on an alt, I roll need.

See, I am the minority.

When I am in the looking for raid and something drops for my offspec I do something that is generally unheard of in there, I roll greed.  While one might argue that I need it for my offspec so hitting need is not wrong I do not agree.  My offpsec gearing up is something I might desire to do but I do not need to do it so I do not need the gear. It is more a case of I want it to make my life easier in gearing up my offspec, which neatly fits the definition of greed if you ask me.  You might further argue that the need+ system will take care of that for me and you would be right however I still do not feel comfortable rolling need on something I want for greedy reasons even if a provision was made in the game for it.  It is something I might have eventually warmed up to but being it is not going to be around much longer there is no need for me to.

See, I am the minority.

Now for the big one that shows I am in the minority.  The luck factor.  Some people love to fight bosses and hope for their gear to drop and then hope they win it.  It gives them a feeling of excitement.  It is something that a large portion of the player base lives for.  Killing internet dragons and looting them for goodies. 

When they do win something they feel excited.  I don't.  Seriously.  I don't feel excited in the least, most of the time, if it is a mount or something I might.  I'd be happy to have the piece I was looking for but that is it.  I see no more joy in killing a dragon 40 times to get what I want to drop than I do in going to a vendor to buy it.  The end result, to me, is the exact same, I got what I wanted and I am happy to have it.

Perhaps the main reason I think like that is because I would kill the bosses in the raids even if they dropped nothing.  I play the game for the challenge and fun.  I do not need to be rewarded with welfare loot that drops from them.  I was going to kill them anyway so anything that drops off them is extras, it is a freebie, I did not work for it, I did not earn it.  Like I said, I would kill the bosses even if they dropped nothing because to me, that is why I play.  To slay internet dragons.

I would rather work for my gear through a collection of points like valor which is something that takes time to assemble enough and you actually work for it than to get my gear as drops from bosses.  I would rather a system where I earn my gear in some sort of good old fashion grind so I can go and kill internet dragons for fun with the gear I worked for.  Not the other way around, where you get gear from the bosses to make killing them the next time easier.  Work for your gear earning it somewhere to make killing it easier next time.

See, I am the minority.

So you see, when it comes to loot I am different from most people and it makes me wonder why.  Personally, as always in my own opinion, I think the way I feel about things is rather logical.  So why is it so different from the vast majority of players?

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  1. Anon, Grumpy's GL:

    I wrote a tome in reply to this, but it was way to long. Shorter version is I don't care how I get loot so long as I can play with my guildies. It can be vendor, AH, crafted, or dropped; so long as I obtain it legit, I don't care about the source.

    Also over the last 7 years+, I have given away more loot than I can mention cause some other person would want it more or could actually use it better. No big deal whether the person asked, or I was prompted to give away legit rolled gear to someone else by either my own will or some other guildies' suggestion.

    So I think I am an even tinier minority than you...