Monday, March 26, 2012

Mondays Random Thoughts

- Have you ever seen an NPC and wish your abilities worked like theirs?

- Like those hunters in the last HoT dungeon with their disengage that must have a 2 second cool down?

- How about all those mobs that have a deterrence that no matter what you try it will only hit them for 1.

- My hunter wants those talents.

- I am so jealous.

- Sometimes I think that they get ideas for our new talents from talents they give bosses.

- I watched the videos of the panda's emotes and some of them look pretty cool.

- I hear people saying a lot of bad things about the female panda but I think they are cute.

- They look a lot better then the female worgens, that is for sure.

- I think I know the next new races that will be added.

- Horde will get ogres and alliance will get those new fish people.

- Somewhere in the back of my mind I keep thinking that in a few days blizzard will say april fools.

- Playing the long con on us about the pandas.

- I know it is not a joke, but sometimes it really seems like this is a joke that got away from them.

- Looking back at things you have to realize they are always planning two expansions ahead of themselves.

- So much in BC told us that deathwing was coming.

- So much in wrath told us that pandas where coming.

- So we need to look around cata for hints of what is after that.

- I suggest taking a look at the swamp of sorrows for hints.

- What can you find that might give us hints.

- There were so many hints in wrath about panda that we over looked but I found another one yesterday I had forgot about.

- The fishing daily in dalaran gave me a fantasy portrait of a panda as one of the things in it.

- I had forgotten about that one.

- Go check out ulduar for some early images of the inhabitants of pandaria.

- Funny how we never notice things like that until after the fact.

- With all the titan warning systems dismantled now you have to wonder what that means.

- Do you think that they will notice they are not getting any consistent information being sent from azeroth?

- Do you think they will come or send someone/something to investigate?

- Do you think that might be a hint of what is to come?

- At the point we are at in the game the fun of speculating about the next expansion is about the most fun to be had in game.

- At least for those of us that enjoy that lore stuff.

- For as bad as things seem in the game mechanics, design, and balance wise you have to give credit to the people that write the back story.

- They have been doing a bang up job.

- Now if only the people that write the main story where even half as decent.

- I think the reason most people did not find killing deathwing exciting was because deathwing himself was boring.

- Killing arthas was awesome because he was awesome.

- Deathwing was just another dragon, nothing special.

- I am still awaiting the return of Gul'Dan.

- Mark my words... he is coming.

- I really thought the mists expansion would be his expansion.

- And from the looks of things, I might still end up being right.

- He might have a small part in Garrosh going all medieval on everyones ass thing.

- I've already figured out how the Garrosh fight is going to go down.

- Look at the facts we know.

- Garrosh is going to go crazy and do some really bad stuff that people on both sides will not be happy with.

- Vol'Jin has been and still is the smartest military tactician in the game.

- Vol'Jin wants Garrosh dead.

- Vol'Jin has reached out to the alliance for assistance before, even recently.

- He can get both groups on a single effort and has the smarts to plan it.

- We will go in and fight Garrosh and he will pull an arthas move on us by wiping us out all at 10%.

- Vol'Jin will do what a good shadow hunter does and sneak up on a wounded Garrosh and finish him off when he least expects it.

- Vol'Jin will not become the next leader of the horde, but he will land the killing bow.

- It all makes too much sense.

- Vol'Jin is the only person in the game right now that has the military knowledge to organize a massive undertaking like that and he is the only person that can get both the alliance and horde to work with him.

- Mark my words, this is how it is going to happen.

- And mark my words even further that Gul'Dan will have played a role in some way with the corruption of Garrosh.

- Don't give me that Gul'Dan is dead BS either, this is a video game people, nothing is forever.

- Not even death.

- I'll leave it at that for something to chew on.

- Have a great day.


  1. Metzen already stated that Thrall gets the killing blow on Garrosh.

    1. I had not read that anywhere. Must be behind.

      Don't ruin my fun...

      My idea is better than letting Thrall be the king of yet another expansion.

      I think I have had enough of the Thrall is god love fest. I understand that the entire world of warcraft evolves around thrall but they really need to chill out with him being the savior of everything BS.