Monday, March 19, 2012

10 Reasons I am Excited About Mists

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10) Stampede
- Oh my god, total fan boy hunter moment here.  Hunters are going to be able to call all 5 of their pets AT THE SAME TIME.  I feel as giddy as a school girl   I love hunter news and I love cool hunter news even better.  Sure it will probably have an army of the dead type of 10 minute cooldown but who the hell cares.  5 pets.  Did you hear that?  5 pets all at once.  I'm going to call them everywhere just for fun.  Can you imagine 5 rhino pets being called all at once in the auction house.  Yes, your pets can be used for evil now too.  There is just so much good about this that I want the expansion now.

9) 11th Character Slot
- I am so glad I do not need to choose which 10 of the 11 classes I want to have.  While I liked the original idea they mentioned of just removing the limit completely on a per server basis I can surely live with this.  At least on the three servers I have one of each I will still have one of each and that really matters to me.  I am really excited to see that for once they listened to the players and actually felt for the geeks like me that just have to have every class on the same server.

8) Scenarios
- Any way to speed up the randoms grind is welcome to me.  Being able to do different things and some things like this without the need of tanks or healers makes everyone an equal.  Three DPS doing it will be instant queue just like tanks and healers have had since, well, forever.  Being three of anything can be used the only thing that would make any queue time is three people not being on that enter the queue for it.  What are the odds that three people will not be wanting to do it for anything more then a few minutes at most?  I might not care of the scenarios, only time will tell, but I do love that the built in penalty for rolling a pure has been removed from the game.  What took so freaking long?

7) New Talent System
- For as much as I complain about the lack of choice with it I do like the idea.  It should make class balancing a lot easier and it removes the need for me to have multiple specs for the same thing on one character.  I've many times had two specs that where the exact same spec with minor differences, now I can actually have two different specs because there are no minor differences I can choose to make.  It just made my life easier.  I guess I can live with that.

6) AoE Looting
- Another make life easier quality of life thing that leaves me only to ask one thing.  Why did it take so long?  There is nothing not to like about this if you ask me and if you are reading this I'll take it to mean you asked me.  At least asked me about the 10 things I am excited about.

5) 7 New Zones
- At least they upped it from 5.  Heck, 10 would be even better.  Having choices is always a nice thing and more zones should give us a little bit of that.  I am glad they realized the two mistakes of the cataclysm zones and fixed them both.  5 is too few and not being connected is horrible.  So we will have 7 connected zones.  Now that is much better design.  You can't teach an old dog new tricks, they tried a new trick with cataclysm and it did not work, so they are going back to the old trick.  Maybe they will learn that there is a reason people like the old tricks, they are better.

4) No Squish
- There is good and bad to this.  Bad is that stats will still, even more so in mists, mean more then skill just like they have all through cataclysm.  Stats skew the number / ability ratio when it comes to output.  The good thing is, a skilled person with all those stats will really be able to do some amazing things.  I can not wait to see what bosses I am going to be able to solo with 25000 stamina and 26000 agility while doing 350K DPS.  I am not as skilled as the hunter that killed arthas solo recently, but with numbers like that, you know I will be beating him solo just for the fun of it.  You can have some fun with stats soloing content.  So those huge numbers are good for something.

3) Loremasters
- A faction that offers the history of the game through quests and reliving some of it?  I'll buy that for a dollar.  I am all over this baby and can't wait to delve into it.  This seems like a fun addition and being it seems like there will be nothing connected to it like gear or titles or mounts or anything it would be something I could do in my free time just for fun and not feel as if I am compelled to complete it ASAP.  We need a lot more content like that.  Content that you can do at your leisure and not feel like you have to complete it the moment it comes out, now that is good content.

2) Account Wide Pets
- While account wide pets do not really excite me the fact that they are going to be there opens the door for so many other things.  I can't wait for account wide achievements too.  Lets face it, if I get an achievement "I" got it no matter what character I am on.  So I was playing my priest when I did it should not matter.  Account wide pets opens the doors for changes like account wide achievements.  Heck, the only reason I hate running on any other characters is because I want the achievements on my main.  If I can run it on my priest and get the achievement on my main then I will not mind if I am forced to tank or heal to help the guild whereas now I get bitter that everyone else plays their mains and I am stuck on my alts helping everyone else get their achievements.  To put it in perspective, my main (hunter) has still not completed 2 raids this expansion (BWD, FL) whereas my other characters, a few, have achievements from them.  I just want them on my freaking main.

1) Garrosh
- I have been wanting to kill him since he took power.  I have wanted to kill him since day one on all my alliance characters as well as all my horde characters.  I roll trolls just to hear Vol'Jin talk about sticking a knife in his back because I would love to see that.  There is no reason to like him no matter which flag you carry and he was put into the position to lead for one reason and one reason only, to be killed.  I am going to love killing him.  For an expansion that was supposed to have no bad guy they found one that is ten million times more exciting then deathwing and someone I actually want to die.  I can not wait until the day comes that I stand over his dead body and pull an arrow out of his heart and wipe it on my pants before putting it back in my quiver.  It will be a glorious day for all the citizens of azeroth, horde and alliance alike.  Now that is something to be excited about.

That's it for the 10 reasons I am excited.

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  1. Your excitement is palpable!
    It is shared.
    I am definitely looking forward.