Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A True LFR Fix

As I mentioned in my last post, the LFR is in need of a loot fix and the water cooler post by ghostcrawler that mentions how they suggest to do it is pretty much more of the same, another problem.  Changing one problem with the system into another problem with the system is not exactly what most people would call a fix.

First things first of course, my fix removes the whole luck factor from the LFR when it comes to loot.  As anyone that has read here before can tell you I am not a huge fan of the luck system.  I won't get deep into it but I believe that people should earn their gear and not luck their way into it.  My solution allows for that.

LFR Tooth Collection.

I call it a tooth collection because that is what just popped into my mind.  You collect war trophies off the bosses, teeth are as good as anything else and would take up a lot less space then carrying around dozens of bosses heads.  Whenever you defeat a boss in the current tier of the LFR you will loot a tooth off the boss as proof of the bosses demise.  Simple as that.  There will be no loot drops, there will be no rolling, all you need to do is bend over and loot the boss.

There we go, the LFR loot system has now been officially fixed.

A vendor that trades in boss teeth will appear in each city that will allow you to trade your teeth collected from the bosses into items.  You will only be allowed to get one tooth per boss each week.  For my example of how this would work I will use the dragon soul raid which consists of 8 fights.

The vendor will sell everything that would have dropped off any boss in the current tier of the LFR.  Tier tokens would cost 10 teeth.  Weapons would cost 12 teeth.  All other items would cost 8 teeth. They would always use the pattern of (how many bosses that tier) for most items, (how many bosses that tier)+2 for tier items and (how many bosses that tier)+4 for weapons.

When a new tier of LFR comes out all the gear that was available for sale is cut in half and put in a different vendor so people can always go back and get it for transmog purposes if they wish for half the price.  All remaining teeth you have from the previous LFR bosses become broken teeth that can only be traded for one thing, reputation tokens which can be used for any faction for 10 reputation.  Not much, but this would be something and it would make sure people to not stockpile tokens.  Off topic, blizzard has a horrible track record with tokens, like dalaran cooking tokens, why just abandon them, do something with them, hence the reputation tokens.  Something small, but at least something.

Here is a list of some of the reasons this option would be a good option to go in my opinion.

1) This would mean that at best you would be able to get 1 item per week which would fit neatly into blizzards idea where they said they did not want people to gear up too quickly.

2) This would mean no drama about "the bad guy" winning gear like we currently have or "how come only the bads win" that will come when the changes come, even if blizzard thinks it won't.

3) No gear envy because someone got something you wanted, you can work for it and save up to get it yourself.

4) The kick system would have a lot more impact when used.  If you need to kill bosses to get the teeth you will not get the loot people might try to pretend they are trying so they do not get kicked and they can get all the teeth they need.  Often when people do not need anything from the bosses they will slack off, this would mean that all bosses matter, even if they do not drop loot you want.

5) You don't know what someone else is getting which means less drama.  No complaining because the boomkin won the agility ring because they will never win anything, they will buy what they want with the teeth they earned.

6) No offspec drama.  Again, you earned the teeth, you can trade them in as you wish.

7) Being you can get the lowest items with one full clear of the current content doing it as a group once again has a true feeling of helping others, unlike the new system would where everything would still be up to luck and if you won you could not even trade it to them to help them gear up.

8) When the tier gets old you can trade in the teeth for something.  Sure 10 reputation per is not a lot but for the many people like me I might continue to run it just to get more tokens I know I will be able to trade in later for PvP faction reps because those are the only three I never maxed and those teeth will add up over time.

9) The I got what I wanted so screw you attitude will be less prevalent when the loot does not drop directly from bosses.

10) People will be earning their gear instead of just getting lucky.  No more, "I got the 5 piece set already" after the first day coming from people.

11) People will be earning their gear instead of getting unlucky.  Lets face it, there is nothing fun about running the same instance 20 times and never seeing what you need drop and then that one time it drops you lose it.

12) It would give more incentive for people to do full clears being you would want to beat all bosses to get as many teeth as possible for the week thus creating more content for people to do in a way.

13) You can make the bosses a per boss queue with no valor attached what so ever to it, perhaps only a gold reward attached to it if you wanted to.  So when you queue up you are queuing up for a random boss, not a random half raid.

14) Having it on a per boss basis makes it even more casual.  You can do one boss today, three tomorrow, and the rest on saturday if you feel so inclined.  We all know blizzard is making all efforts to make the game more casual friendly and this works for it.  In and out in 5 minutes.  Does it get more casual than that?

15) Being only current tier would offer teeth and the others reputation tokens once they have been demoted from current tier people might still do them for fun or for rep runs if they are the type that likes to get exalted with everyone.

16) Being nothing drops from the bosses people would be less likely to kick someone just because they might roll on something they want.  Yes, it happens, I've seen it.

17) Being nothing drops from bosses people would be less likely to kick someone that won something they wanted.

18) Being nothing drops from bosses people would be less likely to kick someone just for being excited they won something.  It happens, I've actually see this one a lot.  Woohoo I won something.  F you.  Kick.  I feel bad for people that get kicked because they are having fun playing the game and wanted to share their excitement.  Maybe I am getting soft in my old age.

19) People will be less likely to AFK being it is not a long and drawn out event, it is only go in and kill the boss and collect your teeth.  Not saying people still wouldn't because we all know they would but it might be less likely.

20) The really casual or worried people could decide to only queue for the bosses they feel comfortable with, which does keep a lot of people from queuing to begin with, because they are not comfortable with a fight.  They can still get gear but at a much slower rate because they choose not to work as hard to get it right away by killing all the bosses.

21) It gives a real advance at your own pace feeling instead of a will I get lucky today feeling.  You advance as fast or as slow as you are willing to work for it.

22) Getting loot would feel more personal because you can pick and choose what you want to get and when you want to get it.

I am not saying my idea is the best idea but my idea does remove the number one problem with the looking for raid and that is loot.  If no loot is dropped there can be no loot drama.  Even with their redesign their will still be people complaining in raid chat that the person that won someone off the boss did not deserve it, there will always be jerks like that.  This removes loot from the equation and I assure you if you can remove loot drama from the LFR the LFR will immediately be a better place for everyone involved.

Heck, I am all for any system that makes people earn their gear.  Having to kill x amount of bosses to purchase and item is earning it.  Winning a roll is not.


  1. I like the "trade for any faction reputation" segment with broken teeth.

    1. I would like to see more factions that take work to get up like they used to. I was so sad going through the old world on a new character this expansion and seeing they give thorium rep away like it is going out of style. I liked the real achievement feeling of working for it.

  2. Here's why they won't do that:

    Aka "Skinner Box."

    People actually feel more motivated when they feel they could possibly win loot every time and when they're afraid to miss a week rather than knowing they'll get their next item in x boss kills.

    That's why boss drops are RNG, and why Valor was designed to act as a "back-up" in case someone had *really* crappy luck.

    1. Excellent point, people really are programmable. Wish I had a link that I read some years back about success in video games that point out both that, and my idea, as two way to keep people coming back.

      While most people are perfectly fine with RNG I am different from most. I am motivated when I see a goal. I am not a gambler by nature so luck means nothing to me.

      I would rather earn something then let luck be the deciding factor. That is where my views come from, my own opinions of course.

    2. Oh, and I agree with you. Just that the chance of an immediate reward is more promising than a guaranteed eventual reward for most people.

      Particularly if you want the gear solely to get gear rather than seeing it as a tool.