Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dude, Where are my Stats?

When mists comes, actually when the prepatch for mists comes most likely, hunters will no longer use melee weapons.

We have been told that we should not worry about the loss of our melee weapons, the stats we lose from not using melee weapons will be made up by our ranged weapons.  With the release of a few items leaking from mists I am left to wonder if someone at the design team forgot about the fact hunters can no longer use melee weapons.

Lets look at our current level bow, main stats only, the one most everyone will walk into mists with.

Vishanka, Jaws of the Earth - It has 161 agility and 242 stamina.

Now lets look at our first epic bow of mists, the one we will all be getting from heroics most likely.

5.0 Dungeon Bow - It has 283 agility and 424 stamina.

At first look it seems like this is not all that bad.  The increase is fair, for 5 levels, and it looks like they are not going insane with the stat inflation, they are picking up right where they left off instead of making a huge stat jump.  I like that but that is for another post.

Now lets look at what we will NOT have in mists.

Inscribed Tiger Staff - It has1015 agility and 1522 stamina.

Holy mother of god, I see where those stat inflation went to.  They went to the feral / guardian druids who are now the only ones that can use that staff.

Where is my additional 1000 agility that I was promised when I lost the ability to use melee weapons for stats?

So if it where now, I would effectively have 1015 less agility and 1522 less stamina.  WTF?  I thought they said they would give hunters the stats they used to have on their melee weapons on their ranged weapons.  Did someone not get the memo?  Did they just forget?  Did they think that because they are giving us such a fun ability like stampede that we would be all excited with it and not even notice we have just been screwed out of over 1K agility and 1.5K stamina?

Blizzard, you owe me some stats, really, this is not even funny.  There is no way that hunter weapons are going to end up at 1/4 the stats of every other classes weapon.  Heck, even the bows DPS is lower then the DPS on the staff so it not like they can say "we made up the difference in ranged weapons damage" because they didn't, it is lower.

There is nothing right about this picture.  Nothing at all.

Being it seems what I was aiming for was missed I will just add this question to clear it up.

How did it even make it to the starting test phase without anyone realizing they removed melee weapons from hunters?


  1. I've not been datamining myself, and I remember clearly reading that lost stats would be included on ranged - now hunter only - slots. Wonder if they've rethought this and included it into base hunter stats that increase automatically with levels, like the massive base stamina boost we saw from 81-85.

    As I say, I've not read this anywhere at all, just a thought.

  2. The beta has only just begun. Typically item normalization is something Blizzard tweaks closer to release. Have some patience, there will be many changes before finalization.

    1. I am not complaining. I know it will be adjusted but I can't believe it even made it to test phase like that. Really makes you wonder if anyone is awake over there sometimes.

  3. Does it really matter? DPS will be balanced based on the stats you will have, not the stats you think you have. So you end up 1000 agility less than a druid, your dps per agility point will be higher to compensate.

    1. And what about the 1500 less stamina in PvP? Like that won't matter either?

  4. I can easily foresee Blizzard putting in a multiplier to the hunter's ranged slot so that stats from a bow or a gun count for, say, 1.5x their stated value. A that would ensure.that other classes that can equip a ranged weapon wouldn't get some absurd stat boost as well.

    1. I can't say with 100% certainty but I believe the changes that I originally read where that hunters where losing the main weapon slot and all others where losing their ranged weapon slot.

      If that is indeed the case I don't think they would need to worry about others equipping it as they would not be able to.

  5. Ranged/relics slots are gone for everyone. It balances out. Hunters aren't being singled out with this change.

    1. I know that, I even said that.

      It used to be for hunters and feral druids staff/pole = big stats and bow/relic = small stats.

      Hunters lost staff/pole and druids lost relic.

      Meaning hunters lost big stats and druids lost small stats.

      Exactly how do you figure as that "balances out".

      I am sure it will be fixed being this is just the start of the beta but how did it make it even to the start of the beta with numbers like that?

    2. Loosing 1k agi and 1,5k sta =/= loosing 200 agi and 500 sta.
      I guess it'll be fun start on MoP - just like first weeks of TB and the like. And don't try all that beta cra... thing, with 1M(ega damage) "testers" all bugs and short-sights won't be corrected.