Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Random Thoughts

- I finally won the fishing tournament on my main and it was exciting.

- When I caught the shark I actually got nervous about it.

- I kept thinking, someone is going to beat me, someone is going to beat me.

- I hit my hearth, switched to cheetah for a speed boost and ran to turn it in, before anyone else.

- The achievement popped up, I got my brand spanking new BoA ring, and it felt great.

- My blood was pumping, it was exhilarating, and I was actually excited.

- Damn, this is what I play the game for and it has been so long since I felt that good about it.

- The game needs to find a way to add more moments like this.

- After an adrenaline pumping moment like that you are left asking, Now what?

- That is the one bad thing about exciting moments like that.  Once they pass there is no place to go but down.

- I had been waiting until I won that before I went out of my way to try and get the one that did not get away.

- That is the last one I need for the meta achievement for fishing.

- I've caught near 15,000 fish on my main.

- At an average 10 seconds per catch that means I have spent 2500 minutes fishing.

- 2500 minutes is 41 hours and 40 minutes spent fishing.

- For the one that didn't get away that fish is doing a darn good job of getting away.

- On my main at least.

- I have an alt that I never had fishing on that I decided to pick up fishing just to do the daily with.

- He trained fishing, bought a level one pole, picked up the quest which was to thunderfalls, and went to go catch some fish.

- First cast, having just learned fishing, bing, achievement attained, the one that didn't get away.


- Another character, same story, never fished before, took the thunderfalls quest, at around skill level 15 just from doing the fishing dailies, bing, the one that didn't get away popped up after a couple of casts.


- You think it stops there?

- My mage, who at least had fishing for a bit but it wasn't high, grabbed the thunderfalls quests and bing, achievement again, you have gained one level and your fishing skill is now 38.


-  Another character got it around level 80 fishing.

- Still don't have it on my main but I have it on four other characters, none of which even have the 100 fish caught achievement.

- This is one of those cases I am looking forward to achievements being shared across accounts.

- There are a few achievements I have on alts that elude my main no matter how much I try.

- The one in HoO where you have to kill the four mini bosses in a certain time?

- I have it on all my tanks because I tell people, do not touch the throggs, we are going from boss to boss, I will handle the throggs, you kill the bosses.

- My main has not met a tank that was capable of doing that yet.  So no achievement for my main.

- The moonguard one where the healer can not be hit?

- Every time I heal that with my priest I get the achievement for the whole group.  As a priest it is easy.  Well timed fade, knowing what heals to use and when, making sure to never use any HoTs that could tick and get you aggro, as a priest, this is super easy.

- I have not met a priest, or any other healer, that could do that yet in any of the randoms I have done.

- I have so many achievements on alts I do not have on my main.

- It would be nice to see them shared, to some extent.

- I know what some will say about those achievements, go with guild and get them.

- That is like cheating, where is the achievement in doing something I know I can do.

- Doing them with random people is half the fun, it makes it a real achievement.

- I do it with guild when I give up on random people and just want to get it done.

- That is, if I can find people that want to do things like that.

- Not everyone is into the whole achievement run thing.

- I love that stuff.

- I'll run to get it myself, to get it on alts, to help others get it, just to hear the ding achievement pop up, just to have fun.

- I like doing that type of stuff.

- It is better than fishing for another 41+ hours to catch something it feels like I never will, that's for sure.

- Have a nice day.


  1. HUGE Grats on your Fishing Win. I failed again this weekend but I will continue knowing that every week it's one less person competing against me :D

    BoA Ring /jealous :D

  2. For the Moonguard achievement you can get it with just a great tank. Have the healer go to instance entrance and wait, then when you are at the boss the healer runs to you. Once you initiate the boss you will get the achievement.