Monday, May 9, 2011

What do you want... After 4.2?

We have a rush of 4.2 information coming out and it seems the progress made in 4.2 so far on the development end means that it is going to be coming out a lot sooner then later which I am grateful for.   It only makes sense that it is almost done, it was supposed to be part of 4.1 and they pushed it back so a lot of it had been worked on already.

While I have not downed all content with my guild I am still bored with current raiding.  You do not need to be done with content to get bored, you just need to be bored.  If I never have to kite adds for magmaw again I will be a happy hunter.  I know interrupters that would love to take the day off and just pew pew as well.  To much on the mechanic front and not enough on the fun front.  Not saying it is hard, just saying it is not fun.

I am looking forward to firelands but I do have some concerns but that is not what this post is about.  This is about what we would like to see come after firelands.

We will have downed rags, again.  We will have done our hyjal dailies until our eyes bleed.  We will have nice new gear, all epics even for the most casual of player by now because of the T11 being justice points now, and T12 by the time we move on from firelands.  Even our never used alts will be wearing all epics soon enough.

So what do you want to see?

I am looking forward to War of the Ancients.  I've read a lot about it and it seems like that would be a kick ass instance.  Five man or raid would work for me in the caverns of time I am sure.  From all the stuff I have read it seems as if it would be a raid.  But what sort of raid?  Another short one or a long one.  If it goes by the raid already there, it will be a shorter one so I have no issues with that.

I think the War of the Ancients raid would go nicely hand in hand with another raid, one in the Abyssal Maw.  The space is there, sitting, waiting.  I can see the Abyssal Maw being used in one or two ways.  As a sister raid to a patch that has War or as it's own raid patch.

If they want to keep some sort of pattern then next patch would be the War raid (in place of the 2 zuls in 4.1) and other little small goodies to try and keep us busy.

The patch after that would be the water patch (in place of the fire in 4.2).  That would be the Abyssal Maw raid and Vashj'ir dailies.  I would hate them because I hate the area but that does not mean it would not be a good idea.  Just like they had the fire raid and the fire dailies they would have the water raid and the water dailies.

So far, everything I said I would like to see I think has a good chance of happening.  As we move further I think my desires will be trashed completely because I would love to see the next steps and I know they will never happen, but here goes.

After the Maw raid we will have to go back to the best area, sooner or later, Uldum, but first to the only area without a raid yet, Deepholm.  Deepholm will be where we go to battle that little dragon pest known as Deathwing.

I picture the Deathwing encounter being bland and boring and in truth that is exactly what it should be.  Deathwing is a joke, the Godzilla of WoW.  He runs around huffing and puffing and barely ever blows anything down.  The big bad wolf is more of a threat to the world then this guy is and his raid will prove that.

It will be a one shot raid like the dragon bosses from wrath where.  OS, RS and now DWS.  There would have to be some sort of epicness to it and I can imagine a few good side fights to open the way to him.

Just like the others there will be three bosses you need to work your way past to get to him. 

First boss will be a humanoid type boss.  He will throw magic around like a fool and require lots of interrupts and movement which seems to be the entire concept of this expansion.   Just another boss that is annoying, perfect for an expansion that forgot this is supposed to be fun.  As a raid leader trying to decide who has the best connection to be on interrupt duty and then hoping they have a class that can do it is annoying.  Sorry, side rant there, forgive me.

Second boss will be a dragonkin sort of boss which will occasionally spin, as if someone popped army against a boss that could be taunted, always fun right?  Well now it is the concept of the fight. 

The third boss will be rather epic, more so then deathwing himself.  Why?  Because this is my dream of what I want and part what I expect.

He will be a two headed orge just because I think Cho'gall was cool and I want to see more baddies like him.  He will have adds and adds a plenty.  Every 10% you get him down he starts to release adds and becomes immune to all damage until they are dead.  100 adds each phase. 

Once he gets down to that last 10% he will not become immune but he will release three times as many adds and the adds will continue to come.  You have to burn and control them and him at the same time without getting overwhelmed.  Sounds cool huh?  I sure think so.  I would love that fight.  See, you can have fun fights that are a challenge without making everything about interrupts and kiting and crap like that.  That stuff gets boring fast.

As for the deathwing fight this is how I figure he will be.  There are four plates on his front chest.  You need to destroy all four within 30 seconds of each other.  Once all four are down you will have 2 minutes of DPS time on his heart and then the plates will reappear only to need to be brought down again.  Add a few big boss mechanics like stuff that sucks you up on the ground and lots of bad I have not brushed because I am a dragon breath things.

After he is down he will drop a key that is group loot.  The key, will do nothing.  For now.

The next patch to be released will be with the Uldum raid I am so looking forward to.  This is the big ending.  No it was not deathwing, if you think deathwing was the be all end all of this expansion go back to watching Godzilla movies and maybe you will understand that he was just a monster of destruction like Godzilla and not the real brains of the operation.

We will have released an old god when we defeated deathwing.  He reveals himself only after having his minion of destruction taken out. 

The new raid in Uldum will be like Ulduar as in completely epic.  It will not have normal and heroic modes, it will go back to the activated heroic modes and several levels of them.  Something like there were 4 possible ways to do FL, there will be at least 4 possible ways to do all bosses, catering to all types of players.  Blizzard did say they wanted everyone to see the end game of an expansion, here is there chance to live up to that. 

The basic raiding of it would allow causal guilds to down it in a reasonable time and the unlock modes, and several of them, to allow all guilds of all skill levels to do it on the level of skill they have.  The hardest modes will make any raid that anyone has ever been in seem like they were doing hogger at 85.  The hardest of hard modes will be made to make hard core raiders cry themselves to sleep.  They should be so hard that even if everyone performed perfectly there would still be a huge chance you could not do it.  Lets let those hard core people earn their hard core name just like we are allowing the casuals to raid the basic entry level in simple mode.

My hope among all hopes would be that blizzard makes all raids in this style, ulduar style.  Back to the battles however.

Being we will most likely be doing this for a year, or damn near close to it, the layered content that is heroic would give more people more to do as well.  It will need to be a large raid, at least 14 bosses and perhaps more.  I would love to see a 20 boss raid if they could do that.

The end of the epic raiding experience would be to take down the old god that designed this all and unleashed deathwing on the world.  After he is down, if anyone in your group has the key from deathwing they will have the option to activate a control panel.

The key would open a portal to the emerald dream where, when you enter, you will get into one of 5 different battles, randomized.  Once you defeat the random boss a shadowy figure appears from a distance, seemingly like and orc outine, (not thrall, lets see who can guess who it is) and speaks in a low hushed voice simply saying, you are not supposed to be here... yet.  You are then ported out.

Now there is what I want to see coming up, or better off saying what I would like to see.  The beginning of this I can see happening, the end, not so much.  It would require a lot of hard work on Blizzards part and so far from what I have seen this expansion, hard work is not something they seem to be willing to do any more.

Next expansion, Emerald Dream maybe?  Doesn't mean that from what I said.  Return to outlands seems more likely.

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