Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Touching All The Bases

Blogger had some issues that would not allow me to log in and waste some time being grumpy so instead I wasted some time at work playing games instead of writing about them.  I love GemCraft, it is a fantastic time waster.  Yes, work is that exciting at times that I have nothing better to do then write here.  Hey, it makes the day go faster.

This expansion needs more raid bosses like...
Chimaeron.  Come on, how easy does it get to describe it to people.  Spread out, group up, make sure everyone is over 10K, taunt double attacks.  Go go pug power.  I love bosses like this.  You can pull a group of trade trolls and get this boss down.  I love easy to explain bosses.  It also has the added factor that even if it is super easy it is also difficult enough that it can still put a bit of a challenge on everyone in a sense that they still need to perform well to get it done.

This expansion needs less raid bosses like...
Al'Akir.  360 degree fights go screw yourself.  It is not like the mechanics are hard or anything, it is because it is annoying.  It is like a vehicle fight without the vehicles.  Think Maly without drakes.  Horrible horrible design.  When will they stop thinking that people like this crap. 

Do they not remember the needed to bribe people to do the Oculus and they still would drop group the second they zoned in?  Do they remember they had the dragons scale to gear making it a joke and people would still drop when they zoned in?  Do they remember that when the weekly was Maly most people skipped it that week?  Give it up Blizzard, math does not lie, people do not like this concept, stop using it.

I want more random dungeons like...
This Lost City run I was in.  I walk in on my Shaman healer and the DK tank says to me, you look geared do you mind if we skip CC?  I say, I'll give it a try.  Without a second of notice the DK takes off and pulls the pack on the left side, the guys off to the side training and the big guy in the alley.  We burn them down and he is off to the second pack and the boss at the same time.  Oh crap, maybe I should have said no. 

I popped hero and we rocked it.  I was basically oom after chain pulling up to the boss and keeping everyone alive so I sat to drink and he continued ahead.  I got to him in time to save him and this was the pace of the group.  It was move move move and it never stopped.  By the time we downed the last boss I still had 4 minutes left on the heroism debuff.  That means 6 minutes from the first to last boss.  Maybe 2 minutes before the first boss.  So an 8 minute heroic.  I loved it.  It actually challenged me as a healer and it was exciting.  We need more 8 minute heroics.  It brings back the speed of wrath with an added bonus that if anyone sucked we would have died unlike wrath.  Now that is how heroics should be fast and challenging.  Let me add, the DPS was not amazing either, 12K, 10K and 9K, so it is not like you needed a super group to do this in 8 minutes.

I want fewer random dungeons like...
This ZG I got into.  Apparently the tank and healer dropped and a tank and me ended up joining them on the second boss.  The tank says, I always worry about coming in on an in progress run.  I felt his pain and agreed but I always stick things out.  We start the raptor boss.  No one is switching to the raptor, me and the tank are DPSing it down.  Yes, I am the healer mind you.  One DPS is pulling 9K, what I consider a bit low for a Zul but acceptable, the other two are pulling 4K and 5K.  How the hell did they even get in here?  The tank says, now I see why the previous tank left.  All three of the DPS where dead, we were out of spirits, I knew it was only a matter of time so I hit hero, went to DPS mode and we got the boss down to about 30% before it killed me and the tank shortly after.

They need to find another way to judge people besides item level before letting them into heroics or even more so Zul heroics.  4K or 5K DPS is not even acceptable in 329 item level gear for a standard heroic.  There is no way it is possible to be that bad in 346 item level unless you are trying to be that bad.  Sorry, not possible.  Unless you're the healer.  I pulled 3K and was quite happy with that considering it was not my freaking job to kill the raptor, it was the job of the DPS.

Some dungeons are just good for those...
WTF moments.  I joined a GB run seeing a mountain of bones on the second boss.  Oh joy.  Lets rock it.  two of the DPS, a mage and a hunter, decided to get at range, not really a bad thing, but then then walked down the stairs.  Hey people, don't LoS the healer if you want heals.  Either way, we make our way to the last boss after finishing that one and skipping the third and we wipe.

No biggie, that last one still seems to be a killer for most groups I end up with.  We get at it a second time and the tank says people need to really step up their DPS, the adds need to go down.  I add, for the hunter, that concussive and trap can slow the one on his side.  Just to be helpful of course.  A few seconds pass and the tank says, okay pulling, just as the hunter speaks up and says, I don't have those.

The tank stopped dead in his track in mid run in and turns and says.  What?

You could hear a pin drop.  I don't know, I found it amazingly funny that a hunter made it to 85 and never noticed his traps or concussive.  Apparently so did everyone else in group.  Oddly enough, we downed the boss anyway that try but just seeing the tank go "What?" made me laugh and made the whole run worthwhile.

It still annoys the hell out of me when...
People ask for at least a 355 item level to do a non heroic raid.  Excuse me?  I know you want it easy but it is easy if everyone knows what they are doing.  They are trying to have gear compensate for ability.  Correct me if my reasoning is wrong but I will go into any raid with everyone wearing 340 items that knows what they are doing before I would consider going into one with everyone in 355 items that doesn't.  Item level does not mean you know what to do or even how to play your class.   I've seen more then enough 346 item level people doing under 5K in Zul runs to prove that one.

It always makes me want to quit the game...
When I spend to much time reading trade chat.  I don't know why it is but if I spend to much time reading trade chat I am always left wanting to quit the game.  Something about everyone being retarded, people insulting everyone else, people thinking that they are elite and everyone else sucks, people berating anyone that might ask a question, people thinking 355 is needed for a raid and in some cases even a heroic dungeon. 

Trade people leave me feeling empty inside.  Not sure if it is because of the way they treat each other that bothers me or the fact that I play the same game as them and if I am playing it that means somehow I am as bad as they are.  Maybe having something in common, the game, as these people makes me want to quit.  I hate thinking that in some way I am exactly like them, we are both on this game looking for something to do.  Perhaps I will evolve into one of them if I play to long.  If there were ever a good reason to quit the game, that is it, quit to not become one of them.

It always makes me love them game when...
Something exciting happens and it makes someone happy.  We did a Maly run the other day for people that needed the achievement and for fun.  I decided that we might as well do it on 25 and take a chance at getting someone the Azure Drake.  As luck would have it, it dropped and made someone in the group extremely happy.  I like seeing people happy.  It makes me remember why I play the game.  There are still moments of joy to be had playing, even in older content. 

I wonder why I write here sometimes until...
I am not able to.  When I could not post a new post I found myself bored.  It seems like this has become a way to pass the time for me.  As much of a habit as the game itself has become writing about my thoughts, gripes, and general babble about nothing has become a fun part of the game in and of itself.  Without the ability to talk about the game here, even if only to myself, I think I would have lost interest in the game.

The blog community is basically...
The best part of the game itself.  I've come across blogs that have helped me play my class better, blogs that just talked about interesting ideas and concepts, blogs that talk about lore and blogs that just talk about their daily game play.  I have found them all to be interesting and in a strange way I feel as if I know some of the bloggers better then I know some of my own guild members.

Agree or disagree with them, over all the people in the blogging community are the best part of the game.  If only more people would spend their time blogging instead of trolling trade the game community would be so much better.  There are no forums I have found that did not always fall into hate filled venom after a few posts.  There is no server I have been on this did not seem to want to destroy anyone that was unfortunate enough to ask a question in trade.  The blog people seem to be a step above the curve when it comes to being people and not just players.

Now to go catch up on some reading.  Have a great day.


  1. It's funny, but I always stress about Chimaeron more than most fights, trying to properly time getting everyone healed up before pushing him through to phase 2. I've never been in a pug who's attempted him, mind you, only in guild groups, so it's entirely possible I'm overthinking it and worrying about it too much, haha.

    Also, I love when you can interpret people's reactions by what they say and their character's body language. Newbies are always fun to watch slowly keyboard turn as they look around for whatever they're after. I think that tank's reaction would have been priceless.

  2. Trade making you want to quit the game...damn I've thought that so many times. With long queues and reluctance to risk falling asleep at the keyboard doing digsites, I've taken to hanging around Stormwind doing...nothing. Besides getting annoyed by trade chat.

    Reading blogs has kept me interested in this game, more interested than the recent content, there are so many great blogs out there that make my day go faster and provide food for thought...and it's nice to know you're not the only one thinking xyz about an issue or class.

    And I might not always comment, but I always read and enjoy. Keep it going bloggers.

  3. @Rades -

    It was classic for sure. Call it part of the role player in me but seeing it from that sort of standpoint in mind made it so much funnier.

    @Raffles -

    Thanks for reading and thanks for helping me not feel alone about the idea of trade making someone want to quit. It is a cesspool, I swear.

  4. You must have some amazing healers trolling trade on your server, because Chimaeron is no laughing matter from a healer's PoV. (Not complicated and kind of fun, but extremely twitchy and you'll probably need to make adjustments to your UI just for this fight.)

    That Lost City run you liked actually sounds like a nightmare to me. :P If it's one thing I really hate in my randoms it's being rushed.

    And there's a reason I have trade chat turned off on most of my characters. It makes the game so much better. :)

  5. @Shintar

    It might be because I only PuG DPS. I always use guild tanks and healers. Never, ever, ever pug a tank or a healer. That is asking for trouble.

    I leave trade on because sometimes between all that dribble there are some things I look for.

    I am also one of those people that actually answers people with real answers when they have a question. I whisper it to them, I do not post the answer in trade. Someone has to be a decent person.