Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Want To Be Aggressive

What is so bad about having aggressive for your pets as an option?

Apparently someone at blizzard thinks it is worth removing.

  • The Aggressive pet stance has been removed and replaced with the Assist stance. This stance will cause the player's pet to attack the player's target. The pet will not change targets unless the master attacks a new target for a few seconds.
This is a  note from the changes in the upcoming 4.2 patch.  I would really like to know why they are removing aggressive as an option.

They have already removed auto target from hunters because bad hunters that refuse to learn how to play their roll correctly were too lazy to learn.

Now are they removing aggressive because too many bad hunters are leaving their pets on aggressive and pulling?  That would be my guess why they are removing it at least. 

How is this for an idea that would fix it?  Tell them to take their pet off aggressive.

People need to learn how to play the class they have chosen, you can't keep making stupid changes that there is no need for just to cater to bad players. 

I learned not to pull packs with auto targeting.  I learned not to leave a pet on aggressive.   I am, by no means, a rocket scientist.  It is not hard.  If I can do it, anyone can do it.

Why did they not add the assist option and leave aggressive alone?  Because it would have been good design to do that.

Why didn't they make it an option to auto target or not?  Because it would have been good design to do that.

How come every time there is something that has two options like remove aggressive and replace it with assist or just add an assist option, Blizzard always chooses the worst option?

I am sick and tired of their stupid changes for no reason what so ever.  There was no reason to remove auto targeting, there is no reason to remove aggressive.

If the players are having problems with them then teach them how to use them.  Don't remove them.  That is bad design.

What is next, bad players are having problems moving from the fire so you are just going to make a new buff that lasts 30 minutes that allows you to stand still in the fire?

The way things are going it sure looks like that is an option Blizzard would consider. 

Why teach people how to play their class when we can just remove any chance for mistakes.  <--- Blizzards new motto.

Coming up in patch 4.3

Tanks now only have one button.
1) Generate threat. (Instant) - All mobs on your battle table will attack you only. Tooltip: Keep pressing this if you are the tank.

Healers now only have one button.
1) Heal all (Instant) - Heal all party or raid members to max health.  Tooltip: Keep pressing this if you are the healer.

DPS now only have one button.
1) Damage (Instant) - Hit a target for maximum damage. Tooltip: Keep pressing this if your job is to do damage.

There we go.

No more need to people to learn their classes.  These changes and the new stand in the fire, its all good, buff will allow everyone to play all content without ever having the need to learn their class.

God forbid someone at blizzard didn't just tell the idiots with their pets on aggressive to stop being idiots and to take their pets off aggressive.  God forbid they actually tried to teach people how to use something so simple as that.

I am not someone that usually rants about the dumbing down of content.  I usually support making things easier.  Easy is good, easy means more people can do it.  Easy means more people will play.  Easy means they make more money off the more people that play.  Easy means they make more content because they are making more money.  I support easy.  Easy is good.  Embrace easy.

There is a difference between easy and stupid however.

Removing something like aggressive on pets because some people are just really bad players is stupid.  I can not support that.

Side note.

If they are going to add assist, then don't make it that they will assist you after a few seconds, make it so they assist you instantly.  After a few seconds whatever it is you are attacking would be dead already anyway when soloing.  Target switching in raids and dungeons needs to be instant, not in a few secondsA few seconds doesn't cut it. 


  1. How often do you actually use aggressive stance? Perhaps I'm just a more cautious player, but I never put my pet on aggressive ever. Maybe Blizzard is removing it because it is rarely used?

  2. PvP, guarding the flag, no rogue has a prayer in hell of getting anywhere near you.

    Outside of PvP I have only rarely used it and I do not PvP much, but that does not mean they should remove it.

    Even if I never used it once, it holds a valid use in game.

    They removed Volley, a great way to sniff out rogues in PvP.

    They removed auto target, a great way to sniff out rogues in PvP.

    Now they remove aggressive, a great way to sniff out rogues in PvP.

    I see a theme here.

  3. So perhaps all the complaining about dumbing down the game for the poor huntards should really have been directed at the crying pvp rogues?

  4. Actually I use Aggressive on my pet in BG's as a hunter. I don't use it in instances though occasionally in open world it's ok. Reason I like it in PvP is the second anything comes close at me, my raptor or spider is on it ragin mad. I like that, it keeps me alive and gives me a bit of room to maneuver where I need to. To have Blizz drop it is pretty sorry.

    I pretty much agree here with Grumpy, they are making it harder on the hunter in the BGs because we had ways to deal with steath opponents, now they cry.
    This is where I got to be a lil angry. Everyone cries huntard because many dont know how to use their class in pvp or instances. Well, Hunter is one of the best multi tool units beyond ranged dps out there. Making them dumber to use is really a way to turn me off of the class altogether beyond being a farmer for mats.

  5. i agree with this post 100%