Wednesday, May 25, 2011

20% Is Fine

A set of nerfs to the current raids is going to be coming when Firelands comes out and there are many people crying on the forums about it.

Why should people that get it after a nerf get the title?
Why should people that get it after get the mount?
Why do they get it easy when I had to work for it?

Lets say someone buys Cataclysm today and levels up and firelands is out when they reach 85.  These people would think that because they did not down T11 while it was current content they should not be allowed to get any rewards from it.

This new player, regardless of skill, never had the chance to raid in T11 so you are going to fault them and call them a bad player because they did not down the content while it was current content?  You are aware that makes you a total jackass if you do.

One of the main tanks in my guild all last expansion had some personal life issues that needed tending to so he took off before we started raiding this expansion.  He is a good tank, he was with us for everything else, he is not a baddie because he is not downing content now.  He is just not playing right now.  When he comes back we will knock out all the T11 raids for him so he can get the achievements.  Does he have any less right to those achievements or mounts because something in real life popped up that kept him from raiding during T11?

Why should people that get it after a nerf get the title?
Because the title is for beating it, not for beating it faster then someone else did. If you want to use that theory them I don't want you having the title either unless you where realm first to do it.  See how retarded the "I did it sooner" argument is.

Why should people that get it after get the mount? (guild one)
Because the mount comes from a guild achievement, you do not even need to raid to get the mount, you just need to be in a guild that raids you moron.

Why should people that get it after get the mount? (achievement one)
A 20% nerf to normals will not let someone get that mount easy.  That needs people to do heroic versions.  If someone was not capable of doing normals before the nerf I can assure you they will not be doing the heroics after the nerf because heroics are not getting nerfed.

Why do they get it easy when I had to work for it?
Because you will be doing firelands, why should it matter to you that someone is one raid tier below you anyway?  Are you really that selfish?  You are not doing that content any more so why not let others use it so it doesn't go to waste as content no one plays any more.

People really need to get over themselves.  Everyone pays their 15 dollars, let the people that have nothing else to do raid one tier behind the rest of us and please do make it easier on them.  If it is easier on them they will enjoy it more.  If they enjoy it more they will continue to pay their 15 dollars per month.  If they continue to pay their 15 dollars a month then I keep getting new raids for me to do while they are one tier behind me.  I like that they are nerfing it so people can play catch up.  After all, it is just old content once a new raid comes out.

Are you going to cry that people are steamrolling wrath raids now too?  Old content is old content, it should be steamrolled.  Hell, nerf it even more, nerf it 50% for all I care.  The 359 gear it drops will be useless as soon as firelands comes out anyway.  Nerf if 80%, even better.

In the end, when you think about it, a 20% nerf is perfect.  It makes it a tiny bit easier, but not so much easier that it is like running thought wrath raids at 85.  It makes it just easy enough to allow a whole slew of players into it that where not capable of doing it before.

I like that more people get to enjoy the game.  Why are so many people against that?  Do they really think they are the only people allowed to enjoy the game?

It just amazes me that people would be so upset over allowing more people to play.  Isn't that really a good thing in the long run?


  1. Well, I'm not really happy about this kind of change because while my guild hasn't managed to kill all the bosses on normal mode yet, this is kind of putting an expiration date on our chances to experience them the way they were meant to be. I'm generally in favour of nerfing content over time, but I don't like when it's that drastic because that really tends to change the feel of a fight. I wish they had gone for an ICC approach with small, incremental steps instead.

  2. I know the feeling. I don't think we will finish throne because it is impossible to get anyone that wants to do it. Maybe it will be easier to get people to do it later, who knows.

    I like having a deadline to do it however. We have had a reasonable amount of time to work on it and there is nothing wrong to say you didn't.

    When firelands comes out that is what I will work on progressing with and will pug the previous three to get any bosses and/or achievements I still need.

    The challenge will still be there in heroics, they are not going to be touched. So that will still be something that you can challenge yourself with as the only nerf to them is in the fact you now would have better gear.