Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Call to Arms - One Week and Dead Already

The call to arms was created to get tanks and healers to queue so it would make the wait shorter for DPS.  We all had fears on all that could go wrong.

So far it seems that we were all right.

Healers that do not have healing specs? Check.
Tanks that do not have tanking specs? Check.
Healers that do not have healing gear? Check.
Tanks that do not have tanking gear? Check.
Healers that think they are doing everyone a favor?  Check.
Tanks that think they are doing everyone a favor?  Check.

We all saw that coming, everyone but blizzard saw that coming.

Another thing we all saw coming was the fact that this was just a tiny bandage on a huge wound.  It would not last long.  We all knew that, blizzard apparently didn't, this was their big be all end all answer to the tank and healer shortage.  Who would have thought it would have died so fast however, not even us bloggers who gripe about everything wrong or right.

Based on my own numbers, just checking each day.

Day 1 CtA DPS wait time:  12 min, 18 min, 15 min
Day 8 CtA DPS wait time:  32 min, 35 min, 31 min

Same day of the week, same time of day checked.

Do you know what my average wait time before CtA was as DPS?  I'll gladly tell you.  35 minutes on average, sometimes faster, sometimes longer, never past 40 minutes.

One week in and already the system is heading the way everyone expected it to.  I know I am actually surprised, I knew this would happen but I did not expect it this soon.  After one full week queue times for DPS are basically in the same place they where before CtA.  My guess was two or three months before we saw this.  Wow was I wrong.

One thing I did not see any blog post about, something every single one of us missed, was the DPS that are going into these dungeons being worse.  We expected worse tanks and healers, no one expected worse DPS.

We all were scared of bad tanks and bad healers we forgot that the "good" DPS would also roll tanks and healers and if they are a "good" DPS they were capable of at least being a decent tank or healer if they applied themselves the same way they did to DPS.

This left us with only the bad DPS to queue with us now.  Not to mention we are suffering from lower dungeon syndrome now.  That is when you have people pick up and leave group for no reason at any given time.  You see that often in lower dungeons.

I've only seen people drop group mid boss fight, still alive, with everyone doing their job and success was assured.  Why do people do that?  I've seen people DPS for a few pulls and leave.  I've seen them come and go left and right.  The performance is horrible, and being they are people that do not have a lot of time, they tried the dungeons thinking the dungeons would be faster now with the CtA in play.

That did not happen, so they just leave group.  The average ability of the damage dealer since the CtA has went into effect is amazingly low.  All of us blog posters, the ones that loved it, the ones that hated it, which one of you would have thought that one week after the CtA was released that the two biggest problems would be the DPS in the runs and the wait times back to where they where before.

I know that I did not call either of those.  I totally missed the boat there.

I was too busy complaining about bad tanks and bad healers and people getting loot they do not deserve for doing their job that I totally missed the fact that this effectively made the LFD system worse by fewer good DPS joining the queue because they are now tanks and healers leaving us with only horrible DPS to do damage while we try to get our new baggies.


  1. I hate to say it but based upon my guild's experience, you are right on the money. Pally Tank showing up in complete Ret gear....and a crap shield. Healer show up in a Shadowspec.

  2. I've noticed the influx of bad DPS as well. However, I have been enjoying the CTA bonuses on my Healer and enjoying instant(!) queues as DPS. Instant! Perhaps you had bad luck, and obviously not ALL my DPS queues are instant, but man I am loving it so far. (Except for the bad DPS making us hit Heroic boss "enrage" timers that I didn't even know existed. That's frustrating.)

  3. They have enrage timers? Wow, I always joked the enrage timer was the healers mana bar.

    Those test numbers are from Tuesdays, 4, 6, and 8 server time both times.

    If you noticed, 6 is always higher for some reason.