Friday, May 6, 2011

Thrones, Boy Scouts and Dead Trolls.

Throne of the Four Winds.

I can see this being this expansions Maly.  Not because it is extremely hard, just like maly wasn't, but because it can be extremely annoying.  Hit the jet stream wrong, god knows where you will end up, we had one person spend part of fight in the center.  Twice. 

We downed the Conclave on only our second Thursday giving it a try and even if we wiped more then a couple of time, each time we made it within 20 seconds of beating it.  It was always a matter of better timing.  Now that we got the timing it should be one of those things we can do all the time for 5 minutes before the real raid.

The reason I say real raid is because the loot here, while awesome fill in gear, really seems lackluster.  It even shows up in the guild news without any stats on it.  It seems like level 359 green loot and it should be green.  Item level has nothing to do with it.  It is green loot based on how the stats are displayed on it, plain and simple.

We will give the final boss a few tries one night but it is not a fun fight.  We gave it a few attempts after we cleared the Conclave so at least everyone has a feel for what to expect now and will better understand the videos and strategy guides when they do their homework but personally I hate the whole concept and the size in general.  I have my camera so far out that I appear like an ant and I still can not see the whole of him. 

What the hell does blizzard think, that the bigger you make something the stronger and more imposing it will seem?  Please let me educate them a little bit, no it doesn't, it makes it annoying.  Personally I love the three bosses.  Unlike the other two raids, there is so much room to play with on the three.  In all the other raids it seems like there is no space to do anything.

Either too small or too big.  They really need to adjust sizes in the game.  Or maybe it is just me.

The Boy Scout Motto.

Be prepared.  Sometimes I think I carry to much junk around.  Other times I think of it as always being prepared.  It seems no matter what anyone needs I seem to have it in my bags at all time.  Forgot your type of food?  No biggie, I just happen to have some in my bags.  Need some dust to change glyphs, I have a stack.  Forgot your flask, no worries, I have them all.  You name it, I have it.  It really wastes a lot of bag space.

Guess that is part of being a raid leader and forgetting that I can leave all this stuff in the guild bank now and summon it should we need anything.  I have to get get used to that, we have had it forever and I never use it.  Old dog, meet new trick.

Dead Trolls.  Part 1.

I landed in a ZA run that was already in progress yesterday which is usually not a good sign but I saw the timer with 9 minutes left when I came in so I knew it was must not be that bad being at least one boss was down already.  The where in the middle of a battle when I came in and it ended up in a wipe.  I run up just in time to down most everything but two mobs before the wipe.

We came back and downed those and then downed the third boss with time still left.  It seems two here down, not only one.  Awesome, this might end up being a bear run I jumped into.  Would I even be eligible for it being I was not here for the first two?  I guess that explains why they where still running like crazy when I first ported in.

We missed the forth boss by about a minute.  Oh well, it was close and pretty darn awesome for a pug.  I was pulling 19K, second DPS was pulling 16K and third was pulling 15K.  Tank was doing over 10K too even on single target.  That kind of shows you the DPS needed to do this.  Not sure who the DPS was that left or was kicked before me, but maybe if I where there from the start it would have made up for that 1 minute we missed by.

Either way, we finished the instance in 18 minutes after I joined there.  Even if you two bosses where already down that is still pretty damn fast.  The new instances are so much easier then the original heroics in this expansion.  That is for sure.  But like everything else this expansion, it is all about the DPS.  Good DPS makes for easy heroics and raids, bad DPS makes for a life of hell, even if you get it done.  I am looking forward to a lot more sub 30 minutes heroics.  It is about time it is getting back to a more reasonable time per run.  Lets get them down to 20 minutes and I will be a happy elf, well, maybe not happy but a less grumpy elf.

More Dead Trolls.

This is more of an oops.  Since they took auto shot away from hunters and I made my macros for them I have noticed some things work just a tiny bit differently.  When questing I just spam shots and keep moving, very efficient, the way I like to do everything.  Things die so fast so what I hit does not matter, it is dead before it gets to me.  So I never pay attention to what is targeted like I would in a raid or heroic, I just acquire target and kill like a good hunter should.

Apparently that also holds true for trolls of the horde variety.  A flagged troll came into range and my new auto target macro auto targeted him and I mowed him down before he could even get to me. Helped I noticed I hit a player and immediately went into PvP mode.  I unloaded, dropped a trap, disengaged and finished him off before he ever got in range.

It seems that my new auto target macro, unlike the built in game one that was there, targets any valid target, even a PvP one when you are not flagged PvP.  I do not like this.  I think it is wrong to attack a flagged target if you are not flagged yourself.  It is a dirty tactic and I do not support it.  Hence why it was an oops.

I ended up killing three players just because they happened to be the next thing in target range.  At least the other two I was flagged and they where flagged.  Even if I did not target them intentionally they had fair notice being I was flagged so I do not feel bad. 

I do feel bad for that first troll however.  He never saw it coming.  I downed him so fast I do not even know what class he was.  All I know is he must have been melee because he spent the whole, last few seconds of his life, trying to get in range of me but failing to do so.

BTW, finally got my four piece bonus by getting my forth PvP set piece.  Not going to get the fifth, now to buying offset pieces.  So I've got the trinket and the four piece set.  Yeah, I move really slow gearing for PvP, I do not really PvP all that much.

BTW2, Arena Time.

The arena tourney is opening.  I can't wait.  Now to find myself two partners for the pet that understands I am not all that great but love doing the arena tourney, it is a great learning tool and it is a hell of a lot of fun.  Anyone out there want to meet on the arena realm and work on threes for the pet and possible competition depending on how well I pick up hunter PvP in arena's?  I PvP as a MM Hunter or a Disc Priest.  Have little to no experience PvPing as anything else.  I am not really much of a PvP player over all.  For me it is just something to pass the time when bored.

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  1. I quite enjoy the Conclave of Winds fight but I agree that the jet stream is a little haphazard. It's tough just missing a kill because half your team end up missing the platform on the way to killing the last of the trio.

    As for the loot, I'm not a fan either of how it is random and how it's ridiculously hard to track or look up, even if the stats ARE good (One variation is actually my BiS belt, and amazingly I got it on our very first kill). They really should have made them actual individual items, even if they were still randomly distributed.