Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm All Over The Place

I did a few more normals on my Rogue while trying to polish my rotation and reaction speed and I can tell I am getting better but I am also all over the place.

Lets take the four bosses at the end of HoO. 

The chick I did 4K on, yes, that low.  Hence the reason I am in a normal.  Why so low?  I do not know.

The plant guy I did 12K on.  Yeap, still in mostly all greens and did 12K.  Being he does not have a damage bossing phase that means I am capable of that and should be getting closer to that normally.

Then the portal guy and I did 6K.  No real target switching but lots of running around and a few times of moving from the bubbles, still should not have effected my damage that much.

The the last guy, I did 10K, we never made it to the bonus damage phase.  We downed him before he could make it.  He never cast anything either, lots of interrupts in that group.

If you average it out I did 8K over all on those four bosses, that is a lot better then most of the people I run into in heroics can do yet I still only consider that normal ability.  For me however, that is still an amazing failure and proof I do not know how to play a Rogue all that well yet.

I can deal with that one 6K fight.  That is something I can understand.  It was a lot of running around him and I need to get used to fighting on the move like that and there is a phase where I can not do any damage because of the bubbles.

What bothers me is the 4K on the female one.  First off, there is no moving involved for the most part.  I only needed to turn for the radiance and that was no problem, timing it I made sure I was at low energy when I did so I could be regenerating energy while my back was to her.  Switching to the other versions of her should not have hindered me either as they are right there and I really did not need to move much to get to them.

I can blame it on the shield, that absorb does lower your damage.  I think I do less on that fight on my hunter too and I know damn well I am doing it right with that character.  I am questioning myself with this character however because I am just learning.

I did pick up a new thrown weapon, justice pants and the BoE 353 hands from the new Zuls that a guild mate got for me for 200 gold.  Now I have no excuse.  I have two good pieces, and another decent piece.  Only half my gear is green any more. 

Even without gems and enchants (I will put them on the gloves and pants, anything 346+ I start gemming and enchanting) I should be pulling 8K easy at item level 329.  At least now I am an honest 329, an honest 331 now actually. 

If you can not pull 8K+ at 329 without gems and enchants, you are doing it wrong.  I will keep running normals until I can do 8K in my sleep.  I feel as if I am getting closer to that but I still do not see myself as being heroic ready yet.

You know, sucking as badly as I do on my Rogue has helped breath a little life into the game for me.  It is a challenge for me and I enjoy it at the moment.  I am sure it will pass, but for now, the challenge of getting better on my Rogue is kind of fun.

One thing I think I need to look up is AoE stuff.  I know Rogues lack there, but on AoE battles it sometimes feels like I should just sit back and let everyone else do the work.  Why even try when my DPS, no matter how good I do, will be half the tanks. 

My AoE does no damage, and everything dies so fast I can't get any combo points up to make anything count.  I am sure there are good Rogues out there that might be able to give some tips there, please, feel free too.  I've done okay figuring out the rest but I am lost on AoE fights and unlike a lot of people you run into in pugs I am not insulted by people giving me advice.

Either way, now I am getting better gear, I am getting more comfortable playing it and I've even stopped getting the need more energy message as often as I had.  My DPS is all over the place, now is the time to tighten it up.  I'd say a second week of normals and I should be done with that.

I am thinking of making myself the leatherworking 359 belt because I have all the items for it but it would feel weird having a 359 belt when most of my gear is still 318 or lower.  I'll do it anyway.  From what I read it is the best in slot pre raid for a Rogue and being I do not plan to raid with this character it is basically best in slot for me over all.

I think part of the reason my DPS is all over the place is the lack of hit.  Perhaps in time as I get some more gear I will not be subjected to the random number generator which could be influencing my DPS some.  Only time will tell.  I'll knock out a few more normals today as week two of learning to play a Rogue begins


  1. Try combat. Assassination numbers were low for me across a few builds, switched to combat and went up a few thousand. Perhaps combat just suits my playstyle better, but I found it simpler - Sinister strike, keep Slice and Dice and rupture running, eviscerate any other 5 point combo if you get one. I usually blow cooldowns as soon as they're available to me.

    Sure, your long fight single target numbers might be a bit lower, but for burst/multi target (blade flurry is 100% winsauce for this) I find myself doing easily over 20k with blues/a few epics on trash packs, 10 on bosses would be a very bad day. With Ass. I was struggling to get 10.

    To me, Assassination is too reliant on bleeds and poisons, building up stacks of poisons for a well timed envenom – with a skilled player with good timing its easily the top theory-crafted DPS spec. Combat is out and out physical damage and I find that more reliable in more situations, as long as slice and dice is up, you go decent damage. Shun the Assassin, embrace the Swashbuckler.

  2. When I first started my Rogue I was combat, I think I switched to assassination in the 60s or so becuase combat seemed to be low for me.

    I'll have to take a look at going back to combat and see how that works for me. I do have some experience with it, albeit from a long time ago with less abilities back then.

    Thanks for the tips. I am still in the horrible stage of playing a rogue but I am making efforts to try and get better. I've been having fun with it so far.

  3. You probably are of course...but just in case (I see this a lot in Pugs) you're putting poison on your thrown weapon for more AoE, right? The ammount of pugged rogues I see without poison/with the wrong poison combos is insane.

  4. Yes, Instant on main, deadly on thrown and off. I am also so afraid of it running out that if I have less then 15 minutes and there is any downtime where I have a second of doing nothing I always refresh them.