Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shammy Time

Okay, my Shaman has now reached the level where I am going to have to start looking at doing things in less of a haphazardly way.

Normally, for most of my characters I do not worry about enchants, gems, etc until I reach a self set threshold.  For this expansion it is item level 346.  Before that I do not really care if I enchant my gear or gem it or reforge it within reason.  Even at lower level gear I made sure to reach my first shaman haste marker.

Now that I only have a couple of sub 346 pieces left I have to start thinking of the big picture.  This is not much of a problem.  Enchanting and gemming is easy with 2 maxed enchanters and 2 maxed jewelcrafters.  I have over 200 rubies so even if I will replace something popping in an intellect gem is not going to set me back any.

So being gems and enchants and reforging is not an issue for me why am I even posting this?

Well, two reasons.  First is easy  I need to respec to get my spirit link totem.  I really want to play with my new toy.  I can pick up a cookie cutter spec and play with it and then refine it as need be so that is not a problem.

The second is because I do not know what I want to do with my professions.  I leveled with mining and blacksmith.  Yes, odd for a shaman but it worked for me and worked well.  However, mining serves no use to me now what so ever.  A tiny bit more life for what?

I need to find another profession to pick up and need to drop mining now if I want to be more effective.  I am not crazy into the whole min/max thing like many are but I do not like to waste space.  I have three maxed miners, the other two are tanks so it makes some sense for them.

If I were thinking of the min/max I would not be toiling over this.  Jewelcrafting here I come.  Add to that the fact that a jewelcrafter is like having a license to print money.  How do you think I ended up with 200 rubies even after selling 500 of them?  Buy ore, prospect ore, make uncommon gems, vendor them, triple my gold for my time.  It is nice to make 8K while just BSing on vent for an hour doing nothing.  To bad it is not that easy any more since they changed the sell values but it is still easy.

So if being a jewelcrafter is so gosh darn ahead of the pack as in the best min/max I could get and a constant money maker why don't I just go with that?

I plan to use this healer as my baggie healer.  That is a healer that only queue's up for the free baggie.  I am going to need something to do while I am waiting for healers to get their call to arms.

It fits with the same reason I always tell people of pure DPS to pick a gathering profession and put their wait time to good use.  I want something to do while waiting.

Mining is okay but like I said the stamina does nothing for me.  It is a great money maker for sure.  Herbalism is a great money maker as well but it really offers me nothing what so ever and quite honestly my shaman does not seem like the type that would go around picking flowers.  It does not fit her.  Skinning is just a joke really.  It is the only gathering profession you need to work for.  I like flying around looking for dots on my map while waiting in queue, I do not want to work.

So gathering professions are out.  Lets look at what else is there. 

Engineering?  If I was planning to PvP I would consider it but being I already have a maxed engineer and engineering really offers nothing special I don't thinks I'll go that way. 

Tailoring?  I have two of them already as well and they really do not offer a great bonus, at least I do not think so. 

Leather working is not even an option either.  Have a maxed one, that is all you will ever need of them. 

Alchemy!  Well here we go, we have something that might be good.  Cooldowns are always a good way to make money and the trinket is a great starting trinket.  However I already have three alchemists and the trinket is a good starter piece, we are past the starter phase.

So it is between Alchemy and Jewelcrafting.  I am leaning toward jewelcrafting because at least with that I can always do the whole buy ore, prospect ore, sell whatever it is I need to sell to make money thing while waiting for the call to arms whereas alchemy has what?  Press a button and I am done with what I can do daily to waste time.

Looks like I just talked myself into Jewelcrafting.

Or should I just keep mining and gather while waiting so one of my other jewelcrafters can do the prospecting?

That has some merit really.  I don't play DPS characters often which means I rarely wait in queue and in turn that means I have not been gathering much of anything at all not to mention both my other miners are tanks with instant queue and call to arms always there for them (not that I would do it on a tank until I get to the point I could almost solo them and having horrible players behind me won't matter).  If I ever decide to run with them I would have no time to gather being I would always go instantly.

So, I am back where I started mining or jewelcrafting.  Ahhhhh.  What's an elf to do?

I guess for now I will leave good enough as is so to speak.

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