Monday, May 23, 2011

Rating Your Raiders?

My guild is expanding, not so much because we were seeking to but because of the guild finder.  The officers talked over it and we decided that as a casual raiding guild that we would be more then happy to invite anyone that is interested as long as they understood that there are no set in stone raid teams.

We expect everyone to be willing to sit in as well as sit out and we would attempt to rotate.  As long as they agreed with that we have no problem with giving anyone a test run in a raid or two.  I will make my raid leader like judgments on them and handle whatever needs to be handled as well as I can in as polite a manner as I can.

If they do not like that, there is the door, don't let it hit you on the way out.  There are millions of people in this game, no matter how good you think you are and that you deserve a spot, you are replaceable, hell, so am I.

This leads me to where we are now.  We will be having three 10 mans, all for different raids going and a forth starting soon for late night raiders.  This way, if need be, some people can double up of they want to.  We also are attempting to add a 25 man in but so far it seems to be that we can not get that many people on at once.  Fair enough as I see it.  10 mans give me more ability to see individual actions better anyway and we are still having issues with two 10 mans being different people.  If it were not for doubling up we would be stuck at 1 and a half.

So now I am making a mental list on rating my raiders.  Progression might very well stop for a while as we try rotating people in and out and I have to explain the fights to new people every week.  Not exactly what I call fun but in a way it is as well.  It feels a hell of a lot better downing something with people that never downed it before then downing something with people that have been downing it for months.  Hey, I've said it before and I will say it again, we all get out joy out of the game in different ways.  I enjoy that.

Why criteria do you really need to weigh people on?

1) What people do when things happen to them.
2) What people do when things happen to people around them.
3) How well people remember their  position and return to it.
4) How well people remember the go to points.
5) How well they interact with other people.
6) How well they rotate cooldowns.
7) How well they know what to do without me having to tell them.

If you notice the damage, healing and threat are last on my list.  The reason being is all of that can be fixed easily.  The more attempts you make at a boss, DPS goes up naturally, heals respond more in an as needed mode and tanks learn when they need to build threat and when they need to save butt.

Oh what I would pay to have a group of the same 10 people every raid day.  For progression we really only run one (or two) nights a week for 2 hours.  Not exactly a world beater pace, but it would be moving along a lot smoother if we had people that actually wanted progression as much as I do.

Those fun raids where people are beating a boss for the first time I consider it me helping them or me on an alt.  On my main, I want more.  It seems I am the only person that reads strategy guides, that knows fights, that actively want to down a boss sometimes.

Thanks to guild finder however I might be able to get more without moving from a casual guild.  As I have been seeing we have gotten a lot of people with excellent instincts.  People that would be great for a progression group.  Now to be able to rotate in progression as well as rotate for fun.

Now that makes things a bit more fun but boy oh boy do I have a ton of new raiders to get into raids and watch what they can do.  I am just sick and tired of explaining every fight like it is the first time ever doing it.  That is why we are looking to do three 10s a week now.  To fit in all those people I need to look at.

I really wish I could get a group of the same 10 people to work with each week.  To bad I never see that happening.

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