Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Feel Broken

The last week I've felt as if my Hunter is broken.  I blame it a little on the auto targeting being gone but even at that I instantly picked up moving to tab.  I had always used tab to begin with so it was not much of a change really.  The main difference for me was when questing for the most part.

When questing I would just hit arcane shot and it would target and kill.   I also always used auto targeting on trash when I knew my range would never hit anything else.  Smart hunters did not pull because of stray shots, it is that simple, there was no need to change it.

Before the change I would almost never make a huntard pull.  Since, it has now happened twice.  Lets see, over 4 months since Cataclysm came out. Zero huntard pulls.  Since the chance to auto shot to stop huntard pulls.  2 Huntard pulls.  Nice work blizzard, once again fixing something that was not broken.

Add to that, with the auto targeting it never targeted a CCed mob unless it was the only mob there.  Tab seems to always choose the worst possible target first.  It will always choose the CCed target and it caused me to break my own trap yesterday.  Come on now.  I do not do this crap.  I am a much better player then that.

But that is neither here nor there.  Why I feel broken is my DPS over all.  On average I would do between 17K-20K DPS.  Since the patch I am doing between 13K-16K.  That is a 20% loss in DPS.  Was there an undocumented change I did not know about?

Sure, 13K-16K is still way more then anyone I ever see in randoms on my healer.  If I get one person over 12K every 20 runs it is amazing.  So it is not like 13K-16K is bad at all, it is not.  When you have been doing much more without any effort what so ever and using no cooldowns 13K-16K is bad however.

I did two Zul runs yesterday, one of each, and from doing them I noticed a clunky feel.  It was a little beyond clunky actually.  For example, when I would cast steady shot it started the steady shot and then shortly after started the GCD.  When did that change?

That is where I first noticed the problem.  I started looking at my abilities to see what was up.  It seemed that my GCD as not starting when I hit something but shortly after I hit it.  I'd be willing to guess this is where my 20% disappeared to.

All my instants also feel clunky as well.  When I used to do an ability it happened instantly.  Now I click 2, wait a second, 2 goes off.  That is not right.  Sure, it might not even really be a second it is more like half a second.  From doing to two runs I've come to the conclusion that I am losing half a second on every shot I make.  Over time, that adds up.  This is not a one time thing I noticed.  It is a constant thing on all shots.  I guess I noticed it first on steady being that has a cast time and it was more noticeable at first.

My latency is fantastic, no lag what so ever.  I have not forgotten how to play my class.  I have not tinkered with my rotation, I have not messed with my gear or my stat balance.  I even noticed a display error on my haste.  It is adding 3% to the number, but that 3% is not really there anywhere.

I feel lost.  It is not the change to auto shot.  It is just like nothing seems to be working for me any more.  I'm broken and it feels horrible.

If anything I would have to guess that with the patch it changed a setting in the background that I need to change back.  Maybe that is the cause of it.  The problem is, I have no clue what the setting would be that I need to look for.

I could just be happy doing 13K-16K and still leading every single heroic I get into but it is not about being top DPS, it is about being the best player I can be.  The best player I can be is better then that and the best player I can be does not pull and does not break my own traps.  I am just not feeling right about my character right now and it is not a fun feeling.  Feeling like that is what is making me make mistakes.

Whatever setting was changed that made me lose that half a second on everything I do has really messed me up.  Who would have thought that such a tiny number like half a second could have such a noticeable change in game play.  Maybe that is a sign I play my hunter way to much, when I can notice a small thing like that, something that most people would never even notice.


  1. Maybe check the custom lag tolerance setting to see if it's been reset to a default value?

  2. There was a change in 4.1 whereby spells that are keybound trigger on key-press instead of on key-release. I think there is an option to revert to the old way if it is causing you issues.

  3. I'll check the key issue, that might very well be it. Thanks anon.

    I'll have to take a look at the lag as well. Thanks theanorak.

    Playing around with macros for auto targeting seems to have fixed some of it. It was as if start attack macros seemed to be messing me up a little. I was basically back to normal yesterday but it still felt a little clunky, could be the lag tolerance or key press like you guys mentioned, thanks again.