Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday Random Thoughts

- Hope everyone enjoyed their feast in game and the Americans outside of game as well.

- I spent my extra time off this weekend playing some Civ 5.

- Not to say I did not play warcraft, but for some reason I had a desire to play some Civ.

- As far as in game goes what a difference a week makes.

- With everyone (at least those that pushed it) already capped on valor and having all their gear upgraded the LFRs were back to nightmare mode.

- As I like to call them, hell FR.

- But not all was bad.

- Goes to show you all you need is four people to have a good run.

- One solid tank, one golden healer and two top notch damage dealers.

- That is about all my group had going for it in part 2 of HFC LFR this weekend.

- Maybe my poor groups have more to do with the fact I do them like 6 AM on a sunday morning than anything else.

- But this group was the average LFR group outside of us 4.

- First boss the boomkin gave me a run for my money on council.

- The tank basically solo tanked it.

- And everyone was at full health the entire time thanks to an amazing healer in all 725 or better gear.

- His gear, and his skill, added up to the fact the other four healers could have went DPS.

- As a matter of fact, the druid that was challenging me was queued up as a healer.

- Same guild as the healer so he probably knew he would not be needed as heals.

- Second boss I set an LFR record for myself on killrog.

- Not like that is hard, it is only the third time I killed it in LFR.

- Did it the week it came out, last week and this week.

- Did 187K.

- Me and the druid with another damage dealer went in on the first visions.

- Went we came out the boss was at 60% health and he melted before the buff even ran off.

- The druid did 148K.

- The tank solo tanked it again and the healer, basically, solo healed it.

- Third boss, I got sucked in first, but with the burst from me and the druid we burnt it on the first feast.

- After it was done he was at 2% and we just finished him off.

- So that was not hell, that was awesome.

- Oddly enough my archie group was kick butt too.

- Not one single "great" player in it, except for maybe the healers.

- The tanks did not move the boss right, people ran doomfire through everyone, you name it the group did it wrong, but our health never dipped.

- I did 19.7% of total damage done, and no one died, the DPS was just that low otherwise.

- But as I said, on the backs of some fine healers it was no problem.

- Goes to show you, all you need is a few good players for a good run.

- One shotting archie in LFR is an accomplishment if you ask me.

- The first and third wings however, they were the perfect example of hell FR.

- I will not even go into details, just lets say we wiped to everything you could possibly think to wipe to.

- I think we even wiped to things I think were not possible.

- I tanked some bosses, I tanked lots of trash, I tanked nearly as much as I DPSed.

- MD and feign death only go so far.

- See, told you survival should be a tank spec, hunters need it.

- Speaking of aggro issues, and high numbers in LFR, I have two weekend stories to share.

- First up an LFR one.

- After iron reaver in LFR one of the DPS whispered me "what are you in, all mythic gear".

- I thought he was being sarcastic, but I replied anyway, "mostly normal and still a couple of pieces from blackrock foundry, wish I had all heroic never the less mythic."

- He said he only does LFR so he loves seeing what people could so sometimes.

- I inspected him and he seemed to have a mix of baleful, world boss and LFR gear, I explained to him how to inspect others.

- I also told him to try and get into a normal, with practice he can do just fine.

- I told him my numbers are pretty much average for a raider, maybe a tiny bit above average.

- I added him to my real ID and told him that maybe one day I can bring him along on a normal run if he is interested, maybe even a few bosses of heroic if we are able.

- He will never be able to come with me, the times do not match, I don't raid at 6 in the morning. lol

- But it was the thought that counts right?

- Next story is from a dungeon, make that two dungeons, two in a row at that.

- My one daily heroic Saturday and my one daily heroic on Sunday.

- Both tanks were wearing that stupid thing that disables me being able to misdirect to them.

- Seriously WTF?

- If you are in tank spec you should not be able to even apply that thing.

- Sundays run was no biggie, it was a geared tank that was holding aggro just fine, but Saturdays run was annoying as hell.

- The tank yelled at me for pulling aggro.

- I said, take of the neutralizer, or whatever it is called and explained hunters generate more threat than any other class in the game by design, we have MD and FD to handle that situation.

- I said, if you are not going to let me MD to you, do not complain about threat.

- I think I was in the right.

- He has absolutely zero right to complain about threat issues if he will not let me misdirect to him.

- This went on for a while, I even started to use the old school game play of waiting for the tank to get some aggro.

- Count to 5 to stay alive.

- I still pulled threat instantly on my first shot.

- After some back and forth the healer just said, don't worry about it, if he loses a mob he will keep me alive.

- Said I was easier to heal than the tank was too.

- After I stopped worrying about aggro and just pulled off the tank, the run went smooth.

- If you can call me tanking it smooth that is.

- A shout out to that healer, thanks for making that run decent, the tank was a jerk refusing to take off the buff and then complaining about aggro.

- Seriously, blizzard needs to chance that so if you are in tank spec you can not use it.

- More so if you are a poor tank, be it due to skill or gear.

- Being you can not judge skill sadly it needs to be a blanket effect so no tanks can use that item.

- All in all, I had some good groups, I had some poor groups, but over all the groups were not as good as they were last week when everyone and their mother wanted valor.

- How quickly things change now.

- Fits the warlords model of one and done.

- It seems like everything we do is done so fast.

- I think the people that stay around like me are a dying breed.

- I think the game is being designed more for people to come and go than it used to be.

- As if they do not want people staying subscribed.

- I wonder why?

- Could be it telling of what to expect in the future?

- I guess we will have to wait to find out.

- The funny thing about the future is the best way to see it is wait for it.

- I tried to pug some raiding this weekend as we got none done.

- We raid Thursdays and being in the US meant most people were away for thanksgiving.

- I was being my normal picky self.

- Funniest one I saw when looking was a "one shot" group looking for more on archie.

- Said they had been in queue for 7 hours.

- I think they should remove the "one shot" line from their advertisement.

- It does not take 7 hours to one shot the entire raid.

- You could not even pay me to sign up for that one, but I must admit, I wonder if they ever managed to get it down.

- I could not find any groups that were on bosses I wanted, mainly heroic tier bosses, trinket bosses or archie, that seemed inviting to me.

- So after about 2 hours of looking I settled for a normal archie for the ring upgrade.

- I got into this awesome groups.

- And no I am not being sarcastic, it was awesome.

- I was inspecting as we assembled and there were some people in full mythic gear.

- One hunter with all 725 or higher pieces, nice.

- No way I am beating him, but this should be a nice challenge.

- We pull and the boss just melts, about 6 of us, including myself, go over 200K on the pull.

- The first doomfire did not live for 3 seconds, if that long.

- If you had never done this fight before and someone mentioned all the adds you would say, what adds.

- They were dead as they spawned.

- We used the zerg first nether approach and the thing died before the last person even hit the ground going in.

- He was at less than 5% when the second nether spawned and everyone went in again and we wiped because of that because the one tank and one healer that stayed out could not survive even if we were out near instantly.

- Opps, we got this next time, just assign 3 people as the sacrifice group to go in on the second and we collect loot.

- But noooooooooo.

- People started to drop.

- Oh come on, this is an easy kill on the second attempt.

- Even if you go get another group it will still require another attempt, why not stay with this group which will get it on the next attempt.

- I don't get it.

- I almost beat that mythic hunter too, I wanted another go at him, but he left too.

- He did 78K and I did 76K, only 0.1% difference in damage done.

- I would have got him next attempt, I am sure of it.

- How there could be too ways to look at this.

- He was either doing very poor for his gear or I was doing very good for mine.

- While it was most likely to former I am going to go with the latter and say I was doing good, just because it makes me feel better.

- We refill, we wiped again, the group did worse.

- More drop, more fill, more wipe, and the cycle repeats.

- Why didn't that first pull group just stay together.

- I swear I will never understand people.

- I try, it is just not possible, people make no sense.

- We did finally get it down after about 6 pulls, I used a coin trying to get the neck with a gem slot, which would be a good upgrade for me, but ended up with the trinket.

- Some people would be jumping for joy with getting their class trinket, but as marksman it sucks.

- I did think of a way to make the trinket better however.

- Being we need to stack up so often, and it loses all its worth unless you are max range.

- So unless you have healers that want extra work of healing you when you are not stacked with others, you are really hurting the group making the most out of that trinket.

- So that is when I came up with my awesome idea for that trinket.

- No only do you get a damage increase the further away you are from the boss, you also get a damage taken reduction the further you stand away from the boss.

- That way it would work wonders, stand at max range, take nearly no damage and get the damage boost.

- That is the only way it would be a great trinket, like class trinkets are supposed to be, great.

- As it is, it is situational at best, crappy on average.

- You can tell no one at blizzard plays a hunter.

- Just look at how they are being destroyed next expansion, but to think this trinket was a good idea there had to be no one that 1) has ever raided and 2) had played a hunter, if they thought this was a great class trinket.

- Novelty trinket is more like it.

- It is more suited to be something that dropped off one of the rares on T2.

- Well, just my opinion, I am sure some love it.

- Heck, I could see a group with a few MM hunters even having them all stay at max range and have a healer float around with them.

- So it does have some uses, it can be good.

- I would just rather a trinket that is always good, not situational good.

- But hey, don't listen to my word for it, I am one picky mofo.

- Why do you think it takes me forever to even find pugs, I am way to picky.

- I have to really learn to break that pattern.

- Maybe in the future, wait for it. ;)

- Have a great day.


  1. "Both tanks were wearing that stupid thing that disables me being able to misdirect to them"

    What stupid thing would that be? I'm pretty sure I've never heard of it...

    1. Neural Silencer, it stops you from being the target of treat redirection or leap of faith.

    2. WTF? why does that even exist? At least in terms of MD; I could understand not wanting to be Leap of Faithed, but MD doesn't move you.

    3. You my friend, never had to deal with a hunter that likes to MD random people just to kill them. (yes they do exist)

    4. As Anon said, sometimes people MD to others just to get them killed, mostly joking around. It is some light hearted good nature fun. We do that to one of our healers from time to time and get a laugh out of it. So she puts it on to keep that from happening. But sometimes hunters do that to be jerks.

      However, as I said, I have no issue with it, just I think that people in tank spec should not be allowed to have it on. Me MDing to them is part of their job.

  2. @Jarnow It is called a Neural Silencer I believe.

    @Grumpy Mate, bring it home about that neural silencer! Sing on, Sing on! I have had that happen more times than it should and inevitably saying, "Hey mate, I'm trying to misdirect to you to help control my agro and any stray adds. Can you please remove the silencer effect?" only warrants a snarky comment or completely being ignored by the tank. Or they take it personally like I said they don't know how to tank and then it gets really childish.

    Last week I commented that I had applied for over 80 pugs throughout WoD and never got a single invite. After a number of sub 3% wipes with my guild in Heroic Archi, I said, let me at least try. Found a group with a respectable ad in the list, requirements 720 and knowing your role and the fight. That's reasonable, but I was at 719, no AoTC achievement. I whispered him and said, "Hey buddy, I am 719 MM hunter who knows priority adds and gotten AoTC for the last six tiers. I also got the mythic dungeon heirloom trinket with extra dmg vs demons. I do my job and take instruction well if RL needs to change my responsibilities for raid need."

    Boom! I got the invite. The group fills up relatively fast and with a group of 26 or 27, we pull. We had two warlocks running 123k and 121k, (both over 740 ilvl) for the fight and my 85k placed 7th on the meters. The lead was professional, respectful as was just about everyone there. Absolutely ZERO drama. So I'm batting 1/80 but what a one!

    On mythic dungeon side, I didn't expect 6.23 to reinvigorate my interest much if anything. Suddenly I want to log in my pally tank and my shaman healer and gear them up. The Apexis event for the weekend, which I from its first announcement poo-poo'd was oddly perfect for this endeavor. Get lots of resources, baleful gear, and crystals to upgrade that gear. Tanking with friends was wonderful and was having the biggest blast.

    Then I went to do the daily heroic (mind you, I've tanked mythic grimrail with some decent people and didn't have much of a problem, one shotting the second and infamous boss. So there I was, in heroic UBRS cleaning out each little culdesac at the beginning, and suddenly all the culdesacs were empty and mobs everywhere. I corral them in and eventually we down them all. I asked in the instance chat to please let me pull so I can be sure I'm handling my responsibilities well. Then the abuse came down like a monsoon!

    What is it with people who think its ok to treat others worse than garbage because they don't have to see that person again? I know there is no answer but there are just some very bad people but....come on! Its 2015 and we still cant have nice things because of RNG people? I'm thankful for /ignore.

    Happy whatever it is you celebrate, Grumpy and his readers.

    1. Congrats on getting the invite, that was luck. I normally do not even try to apply to them if I do not meet the requirements. Or if I do I just tell them know class, know fights, "see logs".

      That 1 in 80, even if it was an awesome one, still does not sound very inviting. lol

      How dare you ask people to let you pull when you are the tank. That is just unacceptable. You should let them mess up everything and then blame it on you for messing up. Jeez, know your place dammit. /sarcasm

      I would personally sooner complain at the person who comments at someone negatively for trying to do the right thing.

      The random grouping + internet anonymity + blizzard having zero rules against it = asshattery all around.

      Blizzard needs to start banning people that treat others poorly like that. And I do not mean ban them outright, but ban them from using certain tools in the game. Like you treat people like dog crap in dungeon finder, looks like you are banned from using the dungeon finder for a week. Second offense, two weeks no dungeon finder. Third, a month, and so on. And make it account wide, not just for that one character.

      Let people take responsibility for their actions and you will see the community start getting better. But blizzard does not have the balls to do that.

      They will gladly loose 5M subs to bad decisions but won't risk a few more for a good one, like making the community a better place for everyone.

    2. yes, 1000 times, yes.

      Blizzard should care enough about the community to invest to clean it up.

      They should also allow the ignore list to be based off of ID. You can send a friend request with a right click (although it's a bit tricky to figure out the first time and should probably be easier to do), so you should be able to ignore by as well.

      Interesting about banning from certain segments of the game rather than an outright ban. Seems to to me to mitigate some of Blizzard's fears that trolls will up and quit rather than reform - they can still play other parts of the game, just not the troll parts.


    3. I love the ban by ID, that is how it should be.

      And that is why I suggest banning people from aspects of the game and not the entire game. It helps stem their fear, that is one part, but the other is that if someone is banned from only one part they will still log in, realize they want to be in that part they were banned from, and then behave when they are allowed again because they do not want to lose that privileged again. In theory anyway, not saying it would work that way, but that would be the hope.

      Either way, it would make trade chat so much more enjoyable. No more anal stuff, no more political slamming, no more racist rants, just game play, fun and trade, as it should be.

    4. I'm quite sure that would have the opposite effect though, those people are the kind of people that would just say "screw you I'm unsubing".

      Until the time WoW become totally FTP, they will never be able to just lock people out of some part of the game due to bad behaviour.

    5. While it is 100% possible you are right you have to look at it from a community stand point. If someone is going to unsub back they were a jerk or trolled or what not and got locked out of one part of the game for a week because they were so upset they could not troll more people, it would be a great thing for the community, don't you think?

      I think the other way, as long as they are charging, they "can" lock people out. Once it is free to play they can no longer do that. If they lock someone out they just go make another account. You can not clean up a free game. It is impossible. But when people invest money in something, they will tend to be better behaved in fear of losing what they paid for. There is no fear of that in a free game because you never paid for anything.

    6. Grumpy, what do you think about introducing the FFXIV system of player commendations to WoW? You finish any Duty Finder content, you get a free commendation to give to whichever player you feel earned it. You take your commendations and buy cosmetic stuff. Would this work in WoW? Would it encourage positive behavior?

    7. I'm pretty sure Blizz can lock ppl up from parts of the game. I remember to this day a guy, guild leader of a silly leveling guild I was in, was spamming trade chat. He was cut off from speaking in trade for two hours. So they used to it, maybe they still do.

    8. @Loremis

      I like that part about FFXIV, as a matter of fact as a new player it made me feel very welcome when I first entered dungeons. People actually wanted me there. And when I did well and listened sometimes I even got a commendation being a newbie.

      Could it work in WoW? Perhaps. There will always still be people that would rather see the world burn. There will still be people that would rather not help new people. But having the incentive, even a minor one, to be welcoming to new players could surely help.

      So would it? Yes I believe it would for some people, that is for sure.


      I think they should do it again. And think they should be pretty proactive about it. It would teach people not to do certain things. Some people worry about "accidentally" getting in trouble, like spamming trade if, for example, your recruiting macro gets stuck and you do it 3 or 4 times in a row. But if the start the bans light, say 2 hours, and they clear your record if you are clean of minor offenses like that if you do nothing wrong for a month, it will be fine I think.

  3. As much as I look forward to getting back into WoW soon, I gotta say, Civ 5 is a great game to play.

    1. And it is so addictive once you get going.

      How many times have you been playing and said "just one more turn"... for an hour. lol

      I hate to admit it, but I have gotten myself caught in the "just one more turn" zone for many hours.